Oh wow

I’m just still in awe.

What has happened here is awesome. Forgive me, there is no better word.

I’m so pleased to see America do the right thing. In big ass overwhelming numbers. Historic margins. Dumbya had the retarded sense to declare a mandate after he stole a very close election. Yo Dumbya, check this mandate.


What exactly is up with Biden’s hair? Musta been humid.

Look what we did. Just look at it. They threw a trailer park of kitchen sinks at him and he prevailed with volume and velocity.

Never ever lost his cool. Not once. Flawless run. Every crisis dealt with aplomb. Not a step wrong. Amazing composure and dignity.

He’s just so fucking cool.

I’m pretty sure we don’t have to worry about him getting caught recieving a hummer in The Oval. We will never know. Michelle is pretty smokin.

The arc of history.

We all have limitations and we do well to own them. There is less than one in a million who don’t. Our man is one of those. He’s already shown us that.

He is the literal exception to almost every rule. By name and by face alone, one would imagine he had not a hope in hell. I am so impressed.

He’s our next President, bitch.

I can’t wait.

I’ll tell you why. It’s not his experience or lack thereof. Not his many accomplishments. Not his consistent countenance in the face of adversity.

It is his obvious intelligence and his ordinary life before his rapid acceleration. Despite his ears and the color of his skin, it is his humility.

In my mind, it is the difference between him and every other politician I’ve seen in my life. He’s a good solid man with a beautiful family. He is fierce. This man is not here to fuck around. There will be no Katrina size clusterfucks on Our Man’s watch.

It is astounding to put this man in the same sentence as George W. Bush. The idiot and the savant. Sounds like a pretty good one act play.

The reason I’m so in awe has everything to do with difference between the absolute moron who’s been the titular head of our country and therefore the free world for eight fucking years and the man we elected by absolute storm yesterday.

I kept asking why this was a contest. Turns out it wasn’t


Drinks for my friends.

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  • Janice:

    So you were up late too last night, eh?

    I fell asleep eating Haagen-Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream in honor of you. Now I have to get my bedspread cleaned. Closed my eyes for a commercial during Dave Letterman and that was all she wrote.

    Drinks but no ice cream eating in bed for my friends.


  • flifishun:

    I’m still getting a lump in my throat every time I think about it.
    Our rep in the world isn’t going up with this election, its making a quantum shift, and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet!
    The end of reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis is at hand.

    More champagne!

  • Mayberry Machiavellis….You made my day with that one! LOL!

    I think I probably got about 3 solid hours of sleep…and when I went into work…it looked like everybody else did to….the wind shifted and that stench called the Bush Administration is leaving the atmosphere that it’s polluted for the past 8 years….

    I want a Mai Tai!!!

  • It’s enough to be good. He understands what that means and wants to help U.S. and the world discover this. Spread it around. Healing.

    Humility is so attractive and feels so safe. He knows to get good people around him and TALK to them. CONSIDER what they say – there are experts other than him, although he is a very intelligent man. His intelligence is actually demonstrated by those actions and considerations.

    A countenance we can look at with a cadence we can groove to.

  • admin:

    “A countenance we can look at with a cadence we can groove to.” Well said. Thanks for reading.

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