John Turturro looks a lot like Prince Charles from the side

Man I’m in a ditch. Can’t seem to get out of the lower gears. Like a dream where I can’t sprint. Things taste funny and I barely clean up after myself. If only I could postpone Christmas. It rushes at me like a sheet of plywood caught and flung by a desert gust.

I think I should be some kind of Special Agent. I’d be very cool.

I’d still like to live in the forties. When you slammed the phone down in those days, everyone knew it.

I admit, I’m scared of chicks.

America is the only state to ever utilize nuclear technology as a weapon against another state.

The world was far more young then. Humankind had no paradigm available for such technology and it’s use.

We still don’t.

There’s been some championing of nuclear as energy of late. Help me out here. Have we come up with a way to deal with the waste that I don’t know about? I’m guessing we haven’t or I’d know about it. Understand that nuclear power is about as dumb an idea as can be without an efficacious methodology for dealing with the byproduct. The waste. The toxic fucking waste with a half life that lasts thousands of years.

Clean coal. Two words. No evidence.

If you wanna talk to me about this kinda crap, be prepared to blow me.

Moving right along. McCain can’t bring himself to vouch for Palin. Not because she’s stupid but because they both are.

Gas broke it’s eighty six day drop today.

Gun sales are all we can hope for.

Looks like meat’s back on the menu.

What exactly are we up to?

She said “Hang the rich.” -Robbie Robertson

Yeah, oh well.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • waterfall:

    The red snapper your X, refers to it as Giftmas. That was the cutess thing she’s ever said, that I would be aware of! What does the new, but browner Demi Moore,have to say? What’s all the terror of Christmas about…,don’t they have thrift stores down in L.A.? I’ve picked up some kick’n used coffee pots and hair straightning irons. They sell used rolls of gift wrap that have never actually been used, also Recently two new albeight second hand cream colored sweaters. One had a slight odor most likely picked up from being parked on the shelf next to other lightly soiled sweaters. So I hand washed it with Dawn liquid dish detergent. It’s like new, now! I use that Dawn to get rid of fleas and mites on animals. Its a liquid Blu color, if you slip into a crab infested pair of dungareens in the dressing room, and then you began to itch, down there well hell the Dawn will cure your crotch right up too! At least I think it will. I try to remember to wear a bathing suit bottom ,when I know i’ll be trying on clothes. I own no undies, cause I had a crush on JIM Morrison, back n’ the day. I was big on getting Brazillian wax treatments down there, it keeps you feeling fresh, and ready! It could be a lovely gift, for your new intimate Demi Moore! My mind is SEXY’R than I thought It was. I hit the airport last night, and ,before they allowed me to board my flight they pulled me out of the security line, and made me hand over my shoes. Then they insisted I could only board the airplane wearing these cheap plastic Chinease flip-flop slippers. They claim that I’m on a terrorist watch list for calling W, Dumbo so many times! Not to mention my reference to Dick Cheney as the very scarry ghost!

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