Sojourn to the Several Eleveral

I actually discovered a Der Wienerschnitzel today that has beer on tap. In Burbank right there on Alameda and Olive. Fuck me, that’s genius. C’mon!

So we’d been drinking, we’re outta smokes so we so we go down a flight of stairs and we’re out the door and in the 7-11. It’s right next door. The guy behind the counter is new. First time either of us have ever seen him. Jesus Christ look at this guy’s hair I say to my girlfriend.

His hairline started just above his eyebrows and he’s got the thickest black pompadour I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t help it, I clock these things and they crack me the fuck up. I think of the phrase “shock of hair” and nearly piss myself. It looks as though it’s bursting from his skull. Ever seen the cover of Bad Music For Bad People by The Cramps?

In other news, I think about this whole hemp/marijuana issue and I’m disgusted. You know, the solution to a considerable amount of our problems could be contained in this right here. Oil, fuel, textiles. It’s one of the strongest natural fibers known to man and a renewable resource that can be turned around as often as every twelve weeks. So far we’re talking about a crop that wouldn’t get you high if you smoked a bale of it.

Production thereof originally outlawed by virtue of the influence of nineteenth century oil and paper magnates. Think William Randolph Hearst and the Rockefellers.

Then they demonized the weed by distributing propaganda where evil black jazz musicians smoked it and raped clueless unsuspecting white women. That shit happens all the time. Everyday. Whatever.

Did I tell ya I’m addicted to Viennna Sausages?

It’s completely ridiculous. All these people facing foreclosure need merely to be given the opportunity to renegotiate their loans. Forty years instead of thirty. An interest rate that isn’t usury. The bank still makes it’s money and people get to live, plant gardens and mow the goddamn lawn.

Frustrating because it’s so simple. Gimme a fucking break.

Four years ago today we found Tondaleo Bean The Negress dead on the floor. Today I was given a picture of her in a handmade frame. It was a sad day in general. I absolutely adored that cat.

Drinks for my friends.

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