Undue and undo to you

Fall flat so as to consult Oliver Platt.

Bake awhile and take awhile.

Introduce yourself to Joe. Don’t trust him. He will know.

Undue and undo to you

It is after all, all that you knew.

Whatever he says cannot be new.

Not to you.

She hides.

Pretends it’s about the color blue.

Patented, patent leather blue

This opportunity to tell you a thing, at least two.

People who stare don’t care

Then there’s us, me and you

We look away

Too much ado

We cannot survive the blue blue blue

Well, that’s my shotgun attempt at rhyme. It is what it is. I leave for home the day after tomorrow. I doubt I’ll write from there. You never know. I want to wish you all the utmost warmth you can find with family and friends etc. Our darkest days have yet to come but there is light. Not all of us are our finest, but so many of us are.

We deserve to take some measure of pride in what we’ve accomplished. It’s pretty goddamn cool. It’s a start. A start. The mountain is insanely, unimaginably high. We stand the remotest chance of coming together. You my friend must be willing to embrace a few rotten mouthed neocons if only to keep your enemies close. Get used to the idea. Embrace it.

NO FREE LUNCH. No such thing.

They have us so afraid. So many Kool Aid fiends.

Almost anyone will steal from you, lie to you or kill you. It’s just not true. Many people are not what they seem. There’s an assload of sociopaths. Check out the current administration.

Then, think about the people you know you can trust.

So there it is. Don’t be stupid.

Nobody gets away with everything forever.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • waterfall:

    Nevada; Keep your eyes peeled for whats going on up and down there, o.k.? And Thanks for the sage advice, the rhyme was heartfelt, I’m sure we’d all agree. I have pretty much everything I need, don’t want anything but quality time, with loved ones. By the way, Keep your eyes watching out the window when you fly over mid-Nevada. You know how suddenly a plane will roll for no apparent reason, your able to watch the ground and then you see the sky. The Pilots must be trained to do this so as the public doesn’t get startled. It happened to me last week, just as I spotted several strange round landing/launching sites, way up in the middle of the Nevada’s High desert. Soon after the sky turned to night, with sparkling stars. Then about 20 minutes before I landed at McCarran International, a bright star shot thru the window near my left shoulder, then across the isle to the right of me, then back out the window, shooting sparkles thru out the sky, it was an awesome site! It sprinkled snowflakes, and glittering light, surrounding lots of shiny people all over Nevada. I can’t wait til you get home. And, I’m still waiting for the story of those streets, that you can’t traverse, back home, The story?

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