A conflagration

Larry Flynt and Joe Francis lead the charge for a five billion dollar government bailout of porn today.

Joe The Plumber goes on his way to Israel.

Fuck me runnin.

Only in America.

The headline should read: Clever Porn Kings Mock Government Bailout While The Epitome of Stupid America Visits The Most Explosive Region In The World.

A really good phase shift is totally unpredictable. Usually sounds pretty sweet though. Not this time.

Goddamnit. We really suck. Really. Today, January Seven two thousand nine, the year of our Lord, will live in infamy. You people are killing me. Some of the smartest guys in the room are Porn execs. No disrespect intended, I hold Mr. Flynt in the highest regard. Like him or not, he is an outstanding American; one who’s paid a heavy price for his convictions.

Now, Joe The Plumber shouldn’t be allowed to visit Vegas even. His name is Sam Wurzelbacher, he’s not a plumber, he’s a loser. If I were from Ohio, I would have to object to this idiot representing my home state in the beautiful but strange enviroment of Las Vegas Nevada.

What happens in Israel, does not stay in Israel. His idiocy will be on the world stage.

I don’t know what to make of this Blair House thing, but it occurs to me that there was obviously gonna be a new sherriff in town, seein as how there weren’t no incumbent in the contest. See what I mean? They shoulda knowed it would be disrespectful.

Dick-in-Bush are cranky.

Sarkozy’s over there with everyone else except Dumbya. Dumbya’s done. He left us more fucked than even I imagined. He’s spanking it to brush clearing and mountain biking. He’s launching a bootlace over drinking again. The worst President in our history and over fifty million people voted for him the second time. He can’t wait to get oot of there and play with Legos again.

A quick Dewitt update:

“You’re still in third grade punk. Your obscenities declares your ignorance. I don’t engage in debate with schoolyard punks who think they sound tough if they can say all the “cuss” words in the English language.

If you wish to have a conversation with adults try talking like an adult.”

“You know very well that my use of expletives in well written and thoughtful rebuttals et. al. does not declare my ignorance. I’m far better informed and probably a great deal smarter than you.

Your characterization of me as a “third grade punk” or schoolyard punk” is laughable and transparently disingenuous. Despite my “cuss” words, I out write you and out think you.

You my friend, are afraid to answer for your irresponsible vitriol. You are hiding. Defend yourself or you are a coward who only shows up long enough to take cheap sleazy shots and then run away.

Your positions and ideas are far more vulgar than any obscenities I may choose to utilize.”

I’m a pompous bastard. I have a real bug up my ass for this douchebag but that’s a little embarrassing. Ah well, fuck him. He’s a penis whipped drink.

The night is young and I’m feeling desperate. I’m guessing the world is about 57 degrees out of phase.

Drinks for my friends.

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