A misunderestimation

You know, I’ve been kicking this guy forever. Honestly he’s got it coming. Ridiculous. A “maroon” in the words of Bugs Bunny.

I would teabag him in a heartbeat. Brand a giant L on his forehead. Shave his eyebrows. Shit in his bed.

If he would simply show some remorse. Some regret. For the hundreds of thousands of deaths, nevermind ethnicity or country of origin. The suffering, carnage and profound horror. He’s an idiot and a sociopath.

Flippant. Nonchalant. Arrogant. Clueless. Never any indication that he’s fucked this whole thing up worse than anyone in American history. It’s like he’s not remotely cognizant of how how bad things are and how directly culpable he so obviously is. It is astounding. His ignorance is breathtaking.

He has soiled the institution. What country or individual now has any confidence in the President of America or it’s people? The answer is none. They hate us.

What the electorate did in response is exceptional. Not because Our Man is half African American, notwithstanding that fact at all. We overwhelmingly launched this man into an office that has been transformed into a mere titular head of the free world. We did so, in part, because we hoped he could reverse phase and morph it once again, into the most important and prestigious position in the world.

We are trading the dumbest guy in the room for the smartest. We have done a very good thing.

Did you see the the smirky snarky little bastard on Larry King tonight?

He says he sleeps well at night. Don’t know about you, but rent keeps me awake pretty regularly. Senseless death does too. Weird huh?

Unbelievable. Surreal. He’s sleeping ok. I’d be contemplating suicide. It’s one thing to screw up a job. It’s another to be responsible for lives lost by virtue of sheer hubris.

The truth is, he was the worst public figure for the job. He manifested as the worst person ever at that job.

He says we don’t torture. No pause whatsoever in our treatment of prisoners. From Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay. Live on Larry King he said that. That statement, translated into truth, can mean only one thing. George W. Bush thinks you are stupider than he is. Somebody get me some whiskey.

Look under Stepford in the dictionary and there is a picture of Laura Bush. If you watch his eyes while she talks, he’s like a ventriloquist. He’s got his whole hand way up her ass. Her mouth was crackling dry, like a dog in the company of only strangers. Nervous and afraid. Fear and loathing.

“big national outfit”, “cold blooded killers”, “seize up”, “big time”, “my favorite color is blue and I love enchiladas”, “thank ya darlin'”

He doesn’t know if we’ve ever even come close to finding and capturing Osama. Seriously, says he doesn’t know. Sheezus.

A stark disconnect with acres of landscape in the between.

Obstinate on the subject of pardons. Methinks he has more controversy yet up his sleeve.

By the way, he says, “I have enjoyed it (being President)”.

I would like to link you to Helen Thomas for a retrospective on this Presidency. I’m lame so I’ll have to ask you to cut and paste but it’s worth it. She is one of the best journalists still alive. She rocks: http://www.truthout.org/011309B

Dumbya is 180 degrees out, the kick drum and bass disappear. Me, I’m still at 90. Do the math. It’s only 25 percent. 50 for Dumbya.

Drinks for my friends.

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