The Human Shitsmear said he wants Obama to fail

I’m referring of course, to Rush Limbaugh. I know it’s old news but…….

I had the pleasure of viewing “Right America Wronged”, an HBO documentary examining American Conservatives during and shortly after the last election.

Within just a few minutes I was treated to charming vignettedotes like these:

One man was asked if he felt two Americas were emerging and he said, “There’s gays and there’s working people”

When asked what the most important issue of the campaign was, several responded with a mix of abortion, homosexuals and fear of losing their guns.

“……..We’re gonna let this world know there is only one God, there’s only one way to heaven and ya better sit up and ya better take notice and ya better start listening.”

“I hope there’s enough Christians in the world to save us.”

One campagne worker who claims to be working for God, is dismayed to discover an Obama yard sign. She then discloses in a whisper that the house belongs to two lesbians.

The whole time they bray toothlessly about the ‘liberal media’. It is the second month of the third week of the year of our Lord, 2009.

A dumptruck full of bowling ball mechanics. Sheezus.

Yes, I concocted the word ‘vignettedotes’. Mark your Aztec calendar. It’s pronounced Vin-yet-a-dotes.

What is so compelling is how overtly and thoroughly the McCain Palin campagne utilized American churches as a surrogate army for their message. I was aware of this but not at all cognizant of how pervasive. A message that pivots on abortion and The Gays. A man inside a First Baptist Church at a lectern shaped like a cross urging the congregation not to vote for Obama. His message is one we understand all too well. Abortion and the nomination of every judge in the orchestra on up to the Supremes and Diana.

The irony is, to my dismay, Barack Obama is demonstrably more pious than McCain.

Recently Bristol Palin said on television that abstinence was unrealistic. No shit?

“Set me free, why don’t you babe”

Second issue but hardly least, is of national security and American troops in Iraq; that they won’t be safe under an Obama administration and neither will we. These people unaware that of the two, it was Obama with the wisdom and a promise to get our men and women home as soon as possible. If you rednecks are worried about your people over there and you can read, you might be a little less worried than last year.

And the idea that the more we do over there somehow amounts to less they will do to us here is goddamn stupid. It’s the exact opposite. 180 degrees out. You think they can’t spare ten dudes to light us up? What if we had an extra couple hundred thousand battle trained soldiers back on our own soil? You guys are dumb.

Somehow they’re not getting the memos. Maybe they can’t read them. Buy a vowel people, or learn what one is. I can’t apologize for my flying spittle here. I thought about this. I’ve been sitting on this blog. The people in this documentary embarrass me. I’m not over reacting when I tell you I was embarrassed to be white. These people are fucking idiots. It was horrible to watch.

I came away with reinforced belief that our differences are far more about class than race or any other factor. What lies between almost all of us is socioeconomic. Keep your hands on your undies lest they bundle up. Race is huge. Obviously class and race are mutually inclusive.

The very real issue of racial discrimination in America still has a full belly and a big head of steam. It has torn us apart in bloody and spectacular ways. It still does. What rips hardest at us today is the disparity between rich and poor. I know minorities are disproportionately poorer than us white folk. Class and race are symbiotic.

The top one percent own eighty percent of the world. It’s that simple. It’s that bad. Worst in history. America is not courting socialism, it is rushing , meth and steroid lubricated, towards a medieval caste system.

Looks like there’s going to be a troop surge in Afghanistan, I’m not sure I like it but maybe it will save some American lives. Too late for much more than that. Seventeen thousand troops will not fundamentaly change this game. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the Hydra, a Wild Card and Rogue Nuclear State all in one. But wait! There’s more! Act now and you get one billion pissed off Indians with nukes just to the right on the map.

India, allegedly the world’s largest Democratic country, along with China, are making giant strides in the implementation of humans as currency.

They said it’s all gonna end over there anyway. If the region from Iraq to India was anywhere near like it is now, in terms of mind wrenching turmoil, conflict, poverty, war, slavery, death hatred and desperation, back then it was a pretty safe bet. I think most authors of the First Testament were in the area at the time. They must have known something we still know now.

This effort has to be economic, diplomatic, adroit, intelligent and humane. Notice I didn’t say transparent. Forgive me, but that’s just stupid. Not gonna happen. Don’t even ask for it.

Several men at a Nascar event are asked whether they’re ready for a black President. They all admit they’re not.

A man is asked what he thinks of Obama. “I’m not too partial to blacks.” The interviewer is incredulous, “What do mean? C’mon this is 2008, you can’t say that.” His reply, “Why can’t I say that? I’m in the South.” He also didn’t believe women should have the right to vote.

Asked who he’s going to vote for, a man says, “I’m gonna vote for the white man, McCain.” The interviewer asks why, “I ain’t voting for no nigger”, he says turning away. He stops and faces the camera to repeat himself.

They say he’s a Muslim, a terrorist, he’ll swear in on the Koran, he’s not full blooded American. Didn’t salute the flag, doesn’t wear a flag pin. He’s a socialist, comparisons to Hitler, 666, he’s the Anti-Christ. The whole time they moan about the liberal media.

Don’t ya hate when you vomit so violently it comes out your nose? Sometimes you puke so hard you poop a little. Sometimes you fill your britches.

What astounds me most is yet another irony. Those people who wail so vehemently against ‘The Liberal Media’, those who are so adamant about their side of the story not being told, are the most egregious victims of media bias and manipulation in this country. I mean, if you had to guess where they got all this disinformation, all these lies, what would you say? Where would you point? Fox News. They even said as much.

It’s not like they read.

Where do we go from here? By the scale of all human tragedy this certainly isn’t defcon four but it’s beyond that greasy turd in the punchbowl. It is tragic.

Can they be helped? I doubt it. They certainly aren’t willing to be helped. They’re already marginalized. I believe them to be a lost cause. Not worth the time or the trouble.

It’s all about the children.

I’ve decided that CSI Miami has the best visual production on television. Brilliant set design, costumes, locations, lighting, cinema photography……………..and the worst acting, writing, script, plot, storyline I’ve ever seen. A very high watermark on the television without substance as a vehicle for mindless entertainment scale. I like it as background without sound. I only watch it with the sound off.

Drinks for my friends.

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