Time to talk

I’m no economist. Neither are you.

There comes a time to trust our leaders and the attendant experts. That time is now.

We are bleeding jobs from our asses. Understand, even if your job is safe, this phenomena is about visit to hardcore suckage on you.

There is an imperative, an overwhelming reason we elected this man. A major component of that reason is that we learned the hard way that the previous administration, it’s policies, philosophies and rhetoric could not on any level be trusted. We came to understand that not only were they clueless, they were lying to us and they never, even briefly, had our best interests at heart or even in mind.

Another, full to busting reason for the clear and unmistakable support we saw fit to lend this man Barack Hussein Obama, is that he talks to us. Not like children. He talks to us, I sense, the same way he talks to Congress. He’s not here to fuck around. I thought his press conference last night was magnificent. I did not doubt his conviction. I’m confident he has our best interests at heart and in mind.

As near as I can figure, the fight over the stimulus bill centers on spending for programs that hover somewhere in the neighborhood of two percent of of the whole goddamn thing. Well, that and more tax cuts as opposed to spending on objectives like infrastructure. Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other stuff we use everyday that crumble like moist chalk as we we speak.

We do know, those of us with mind enough to pay attention, that tax cuts to the wealthy are not the answer. They are in fact, disastrously short of efficacious for anything other than the prevailing trend for concentration of wealth in this country. Trickle down economics is a lie. History from the Reagan era until now bears this out in full technicolor.

Trust the assholes that espouse this as remedy at your peril.

Senate and House Republicans embrace this archaic ideology the same way they worship Reagan. Like a bunch of homo worker bees around the Queen. Forgive the analogy, I’m no homophobe, but methinks the drones doth protest too much. I can’t help but believe that it’s way of life for them that’s enriched their wealthiest constituents and thereby kept them in power in one way or another for decades. Legislative, executive and to some degree, judicial. It’s all they know; it’s served them well and they are loathe to walk away from it.

I suppose I can’t blame them from an undiluted empirically, analytical perspective. It has after all, worked smashingly well for the greedy power hungry fucks for a very long time. They simply don’t see it the way the rest of us do. In the light of day, the emperor is buck naked with an infinitesimal puss leaking phallus and hair festooned man tits.

The dipshit Republicans can’t get enough of that.

It’s Bedtime For Bonzo.

Drinks for my friends.

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