CPAC-Cpap-C minus-sea monkeys, My fellow Republicans…………

The Republicans have been putting on quite a show lately.

It is with limp wristed Liberal delight that I watch a cavalcade of blowhard conservatives stumble over their own dicks. I should point out I’m wearing my frilly liberal blouse to give you a better visual. No boots but a handsome silver tiara.

RNC Chair Michael Steele used the words “Ugly” and “Incendiary” when discussing Rush Limbaugh on D.L. Hughley this weekend.

Did I mention my artfully encrusted codpiece?

It speaks volumes about the current state of the Republican party that Michael Steele says what he thinks in a candid moment about Rush Limbaugh and then back peddles, getting tangled up in his own phallus while attempting a mea culpa for the pleasure of the notorious Human Shitsmear.

Weak and stupid.

Some suggest we only launch against the Shitsmear for the sake of ‘strawman’ tactics. Villify Rush and prove our priorities have nothing to do with substance and policy. Nope. Ring the buzzer. We are here to expose him for being full of shit. He’s a loose lipped caricature stomping the stage to regurgitate talking points and rigid ideology back to the great unwashed like a carnival barker.

He is here for the stupid. The base.

Rush Limbaugh wields more influence and therefore more power than any single other Republican. Think about that. He’s not a journalist, he’s not a pundit, he’s not a politician, he’s an entertainer. When a disingenuous, hypocritical bloviating drug addict speaks…………..wandering clueless Republicans listen.

Then there’s the notion that Republicans can contemporize conservative ideals by by applying them to “….urban-suburban hip hop settings.” -Michael Steele/The Colbert report. The show went on to include Michelle Bachman (R. MN.) telling Steele that “You be the man”.

Sheezus. This is fucking pathetic.

After nothing less than renting our once proud nation asunder, the Republicans are desperate to remake themselves in any way, by any means possible and put as many miles as possible between them and their wreckless sins of avarice and division.

News flash. The likes of Limbaugh and Coulter cannot possibly lead you people out of these woods. They are your problem, no chance of them playing part in a recipe for the magic poultice. Their baseless vitriol, the fundamental components of which are hate and fear, will only further poison your message and perception. We are encouraged by them to view all Republicans like racists still clinging to the mantra of seperate but equal.

The Human Shitsmear obviates that you just don’t get it.

You people are idiots.

Drinks for my friends.

3 Responses to “CPAC-Cpap-C minus-sea monkeys, My fellow Republicans…………”

  • David Lee 3:

    Rush Limbaugh is a fat sack of partially dehydrogenated horseshit.

    Visually & ethically he’s about 50 lbs of shit in a 10 lb bag.

  • Now, now, now….don’t go insulting shit….:) He’s more of an amorphous ball of hot air in a really cheap suit.
    When I saw his speech at CPAC, and saw him bouncing up and down…I had the impression of Nero…thankfully without the toga (shudders).
    It’s like watching the wicked witch melt…not a pleasant sight…but you can’t turn away from it…
    I’m amused by the fact that the Repugnant party is being pimped by Limbaugh…every time one of them says something negative about him, and apologize later, I just want to yell out “way to keep your pimp hand strong dawg!”
    I’m amazed at the stupidity….but sadly…not surprised…

    I’m gonna have some Jamison…it’s been one of those days….

  • admin:

    I’ve got Bushmills, Crown Royal and Johnnie Walker Blue.

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