DeWittagain again

DeWitt writes:

“Fighting on the internet is like competing in the special olympics; even if you win, you’re still retarded. This is not third grade; I am an adult.
Do you never tire of being the schoolyard punk?

Perhaps you lack the ability to understand complex language, so I will be as simple and direct as I possibly can.

I come to MySpace to have a few laughs and exchange ideas with friends. You are not my friend, and I have no intention of making you one. I have no interest in exchanging insults with you or any other Obamunist on the internet. If you and the rest of your fascist ilk want to fight about it; go ahead and fight amongst yourselves. Let me know how that turns out. If you don’t like what I post, good. I wouldn’t want to think I had done anything to make your existence on this planet less odious.”

My response:

No, you’re wrong.  You post this kind of deliberately irresponsible and obviously incendiary bullshit in public and you deserve at the very least to answer for it.  This is no mere lunch conversation among friends.  You put it out there.  You want to say what you have to say?  Own it and understand that there are people like me out there who will call you on it.

It’s not the first time you’ve resorted to the simplicity of labeling me a “schoolyard punk”.  It’s one thing I can honestly tell you I’ve never been.  If anything, I’m an intellectual bully.  I hate stupidity and I loathe your lazy pronouncements and casual, convenient under informed straw man tactics.

You call me a fascist.  That’s just empty and ignorant.  A definition:  “a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.”

Hello?  Is this thing on?

I’ve got to put somewhat of a disclaimer in here.  My angst is not directed exclusively at you.  It’s your kind.  You are a symbol of the ignorance that so plagues and infects the national dialog.  It pisses me off.  Under informed, ignorant and irresponsible.  I hold no hope of changing your mind.  You’re too far gone.  My goal is to hold you to the light so that the open minded understand that you are see through.  Transparent.  Your logic is archaic and your positions are absurd.  The world has left you behind because your acuity has lapsed into boilerplate neoconservative ideology that is obsolete.

On a directly personal note;  you say, “Perhaps you lack the ability to understand complex language, so I will be as simple and direct as I possibly can.”  This would be funny if it weren’t so absurd.  I’m not merely here to tell you I think you suck.  I explain myself and my objections in detail, in language far more detailed and nuanced than anything you have ever begun to approach.  That explains why you won’t engage me as well as anything else.  You’re outmatched.  Overwhelmed.  Afraid.  You are a coward who lacks the courage of your convictions.

My advise to you is to leave the game.  Once you can no longer adequately defend yourself and your opinions, it’s time to leave the game.  Shut up and walk away.

You are bad news Dewitt.  You poison the waters of what needs to be a healthy, progressive and proactive debate.  You Sir, are the problem.  Go away.  At the very least, do us all a favor and resign yourself to regaling your fellow ignorant flat earthers with your stupid opinions and reckless vitriol.

I am here to encourage and foment forward thinking and action.  I genuinely hope for America to replace her standing as a progressive, compassionate and generous force on the world stage.  In my mind, the opposite of what she’s been and how she’s been perceived for the last eight years.  You contribute nothing.  You detract.  You are destructive and contrary.  You have no hope.  Get the fuck out of the way.  Leave.  Please.  Let us get on with it and please shut the fuck up.

Drinks for my friends.

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