In defense of altruism.

I was in a Popeyes Chicken the other day and there was a was paraplegic parked in front of the self serve soda fountain. A young dude inked up and seeming less than coherent. You never can tell.

We ordered the new chicken bowl. It sucked. Full of gristle and bone. I actually couldn’t finish it. I was disgusted. I have a slightly broken molar bottom left that has a jagged edge. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I discovered a giant wad of chicken cartilage lodged in it, so I spat it onto Vineland Avenue as I sped away.

We waited at an unwiped table for too long for a tiny shitty bowl of gruel. During that time the guy in the chair asked for my help in fastening his watch. I think he said, “Hey Bro, can you help me with this?” I didn’t mind. I helped him. It ended up on the inside of his wrist and I wondered if he wanted it turned around so it sat on top. He told me no.

I started thinking about him and imagined he was some sort of gangster who’d gotten lit up pretty messy.

I met a guy the other day that within just a few minutes was lifting his shirt to show me ugly scars from being stabbed by some guy on meth that owed him money.

People are strange wherever you go.

Today I sold a piece of audio equipment that was pretty close to my heart. The Cranesong STC8, was the most brilliant stereo buss compressor I’ve ever used. Last stage before the two track. I liked to plug the output of the console into it, the Cranesong, and then it into the half inch via XLRs. Nostalgically melancholy. Oh well, I’m up $2k.

Those of you I offered it to privately should be ashamed you didn’t bite. It went to a good home. A passionate engineer from Mexico who’s company is called Pigsound because he likes a fat sound. I left him in the lobby with the gear while I went back up to my apartment to get a business card. I let him know I trusted him so he knew he could trust me. I came back down with my card. Then he paid me.

We bonded a little. It was a lucky day for both of us. It is an exceptionally musical piece of gear that will now be making Latin music. I checked him out. He’s got talent. Cool studio. Nice gear. My advice to Fernando is more tubes. A certain amount of harmonic distortion is a good thing. Don’t forget that very bottom toggle switch, it’s key.

I told Fernando I’d call him to make sure he was happy. Maybe then I’ll ask him if he wants to know about distortion. He doesn’t need my input but I could show him a few things. Distortion can be anyone’s friend. It’s merely electric dissonance. Dissonance makes the heart grow fonder.

A beautiful woman has given me sincere advice that I have no idea what to do with.

For the first time in months, I have rent before it’s due. Cool.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Astrochronic:

    I am a bit of an ameture recording engineer. Or I should say I was 10 years ago. I even recorded a track for a band called “Howie” that got played on the local FM station a few times and got 11 positive calls. I recorded it on a Yamaha analoge 4 track in a loft over his garage. Then I sampled a line from “Full Metal Jacket” at the end, where the drill instructer is yelling something about grabassing or something. It worked really well.

  • U ? Authority:

    Call Cash for Gold,
    economy stupid, I’m told,
    can’t dig, just to old,
    next left, out in da cold.
    peace prayers best thought to U and Yours. ?

  • Congrats on having your rent before it’s due. Always a good thing.

    There’s some kind of comfort in consistency & a certain amount of strange people make for great blogging material.

    Do you visit other’s blogs? *Ahem* 😉

  • admin:

    I need to, I know. I will.

  • listen bubba… I AM ashamed that I’m poor. xo

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