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They are sprinting. The entire executive branch are running like there’s only a few hundred yards in front of them. They tackle or block almost everything in the way. The pace is impressive. It won’t, it can’t last forever.

Our Man will see some time on the bench. I will worry, along with Paul Begala, if they’re still running this hard in six or nine months. For now, they are impressive.

Don’t talk to me about minutiae. What they’ve done here is hit the ground running. What they’ve done in sixty plus days is impressive even if only for the sheer volume of work spent and tasks accomplished. If you disagree with every single policy issue, you still must admit that these folks have been burning it hot at both ends.

They are on this economy like sauce on wings. As far as I can tell it’s bold. Code for risky.

So many second guess. They example past economic scenarios that I can’t help but wonder might be obsolete. This is serious business. So many of them are full of shit.

It’s not like the Republicans have even floated a turd. I half believe they actually served us the turd, smoked and on a gilded platter. Cocktail forks and horseradish. Champagne they’d pissed in.

They just might have Huck Finned us into this Presidency. If that’s the case, I wonder how long they knew they had a turd on their hands. Gingrich knows. So does Frist and Santorum. Pricks.

On the other hand, I very much like what Obama has to say. Long term thinking our leadership has been bereft of for eight years. Education, energy and health care must be part of any plan for long term, not necessarily prosperity, but lack of abject poverty and widespread toothlessness.

You know what? This guy is talking to us. He’s taking questions. You know what else? He’s fucking smart. This guy has a command of facts and information that is dazzling. He talks to us and tells what he knows and he knows a lot. He does questions in a way that give you more than just an answer, but some background as well. Reminds me of Clinton, a President who was nearly impossible to stump unless you asked him where his dick had been.

Man, I’m so grateful to have a President who can answer questions without dodging and then go on to actually illuminate the average American. He is sharp and he is good. Masterful.

Dumbya could not have handled a tenth of this.

He took all comers, from Ebony and Politico, to ABC Radio, Washington Times, Agence France-Press, Univision, Stars & Stripes as well as CNN. A tour de force in terms of Presidential press conferences. Lungs full of fresh air and intelligence. Awesome.

Goddamn this guy works hard. He is so smart and I am so proud.

If they don’t applaud his acumen in the reviews tomorrow, we will learn something about the measure of our post election contemporary press.

I understand this guy is hanging his ass in the wind. He’s riding the lightning but he’s not kidding. Barack Hussein Obama is not here to fuck around.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Twaddle:

    “Reminds me of Clinton, a President who was nearly impossible to stump unless you asked him where his dick had been”


    If there aren’t mistakes made in this massive undertaking, I will start going back to church, based on the divine intervention in the economy. The main thing is that shit is getting done, and fast! It kills me when those on the right talk about the deficit, now, after the 8 year plummet that led us here. Theirs was for a 2 wars that did little to advance our own (or anyone elses) democracy. Ours is for the people that struggle to make this country, day in and day out.

  • Ralph:

    Yeah “Shit” is getting done and that is exactly what it all is, “Shit”. Nothing at all good or positive. This country is going down.
    Freedom is an anomaly in a historical sense. It is not the norm in a historical sense for the common man to have freedoms. It is this country’s penchant towards the perverse self adulation of the individual’s so called “Wants and needs”, (“needs” being completely a term demented by for lack of a better term yet, the reasoning of the socialist mindset that determines just what, “Want” is to these sorry assed people), is the bane an ruination continued of this nation.
    Socialist totalitarianism is what “Nancy’s Nigga” is all about.
    There is an ever increasing majority of people who are waking up and in doing so, despise this piece of shit excuse for a human being that is presently being allowed to destroy this nation.
    This is a good thing. This is hope and the only hope that this nation can believe in.
    It is a good thing to despise what this bastard, no good fuck is doing to this country.
    It is the only hope we have right now.

  • Misty:

    Right Mike, not only did the Republicans piss in our beverages, they also laced all our food with Diesel fumes, and idiot Bush used the media to place shit in our ears.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph are you sure you’re not just F U Mike in drag? Come on dude, where’s all the anger coming from? Those of us on the left have been watching the country go down in freefall for 8 years and never did I have so much venom toward those responsible. “Nancy’s Nigga”? Really? Wow.

  • admin:

    I thought the same thing………….

  • Ralph:

    This country has been going down for a long time.
    The new deal, then the great society, then the whole Carter administration’s debacle then Reagan and Bush senor’s rape and plunder then Clinton’s giggle brained hillbilly bullshit, pulling the pants down so that Boy George W could grease the skids for what is happening now which is the deliberate and forced ass rape by this no good banana swilling monkey we now have as our “Leader”.
    What about O-butt-fuck’s treasury sec saying he’s “Open” to a world currency? Do you actually think he’s not on the same page as the alpha ape?
    George Soros is in control of this whole showand his trianed chimp is doing a good job fooling pea brained idiots.
    It’s all about power. Soros, O-butt-fuck, little Nancy, they are all the same bunch of lying gangsters that have occupied the Washington power base since Ulysses Grant decided to allow the south to be raped and pillaged by northern carpetbaggers. That was actually the start of the present situation because it was when the prosperity of the southern states was halted and the power and money was taken away from them by forcing them to be a part of the United States and not allowed to succeed which is what should have happed slavery or not, thus setting the stage for the creation of the federal reserve to be the mouthpiece of the world bank’s intentions of it evil world domination which is blossoming before our eyes with the alpha ape as the public face of this evil and most malevolent process.
    You and the rest of the left wing “Statists” are coming into the crosshairs of folks who wish this country to continue, not be “Changed” into a socialist prison camp which is what you and the bastard who runs this shit hole of a blog, apparently wishes to see happen.

  • Kim:

    Yeah they are all out to fuck us. Sheeezus. Have you listened to yourself? It’s all a lot of name-calling and blaming and hate. Give us a different plan then. You say you want the country to continue and not be changed? So, you’d like to see unemployment continue? More banks fail? Peoples’ life savings disappearing? Ralph, in case you don’t know………….it wasn’t working dude. We need something that works.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph (AKA FU Mike): I’m all for discussion of ideas and difference of opinion, but it’s difficult to have an intelligent conversation with someone so intent on offending the other participants. All the racist bullshit is a real turnoff too. And all that southern prosperity you talk about with so much nastalgia was paid for on the backs of slaves. I live south of the Mason-Dixon and i can assure you, people like you who wax poetic about the good ol’ days are in the very small minority. If you can’t enter the conversation like a grown-up then go wave those confederate flags on some other blog.

  • Ralph:

    The real offence is the rape and pillage of the country presently by this president.
    To hell with you high and mighty pseudo-offense. Grow up.
    The US constitution needs to be followed not destroyed which is precisely what all presidents have been attempting to do since Alexander Hamilton.
    O-Baaa-Mao is taking to new accelerated levels though.
    He is the vilest creature to ever inhabit the white house.
    Try reading http://www.marklevinshow.com/liberty-and-tyranny-section/
    “Liberty and Tyranny”, Mark R. Levin’s new and most excellent book.
    It pretty much sums the whole thing up in inarguable point for point terms. That is if you really wish to know truths about this nation, it’s history and the US constitution.
    It would not surprise me at all if most here are not interested in facts.
    I don’t what fu mike means. It must be sort of leftwing code talk I’m not privy to so that being said I don’t want any of it.

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