All things in between

Torture. I come by my views on this this subject rather easily. My positions are a slam dunk to predict. Torture is wrong. I see it as a black and white issue. No gray area. A walk in the park.

The fact that we treated our prisoners of war humanely until such time as they could be fairly judged for their crimes regardless of how heinous, has for centuries been a matter of justifiable pride and distinction for all of America’s people. George Washington insisted even.

It’s also, merely by example, saved untold numbers of our own troops from unimaginable abuse and suffering.

George W. Bush repeatedly utilized every venue including live television, to tell the American people and the citizens of the world that the United States, it’s military, it’s various agencies et al, do not torture. That is a purely distilled and unmitigated lie. He knew we were waterboarding and he knew, for example, that America had executed Japanese soldiers for the exact same practice.

This blog should end here. That’s really all anyone needs to know. We had long since defined torture, we acted directly counter to that very definition and then our highest elected official lied to us about it.

The damage done to our reputation in the world is incalculable. The fact that it wasn’t the first jumbo jet of a falsehood to be uttered to Americans and the world by Dumbya, his Vice President, subordinates etc. is all the more glaringly shameful. His assertion that Saddam had engaged in an effort to obtain yellowcake uranium from Niger in a State of the Union address was another Triple Whopper with extra cheese of a lie. George Tenet knew it and so did Colin Powell.

That very language had already been removed from a speech delivered by Dumbya just weeks earlier at the behest of the CIA and Tenet.

They fucking knew. All of them. And they lied and tortured and obfuscated anyway, to an end that would see hundreds of thousands of innocents dead and millions of lives affected in ways you and I cannot imagine. The dirtiest bunch of motherfuckers to ever hold power in this land.

Cheney himself whined ad nauseum to convince us that Iraq and Al Qaeda were mingling dicks.

“Sometimes heheh ya gotta CATAPULT THE PROPAGANDA heh hehe hhe heh heh”. “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.” “…when the final history is written on Iraq, it’ll look just like a comma…”

Just how wrong was Obama about some people clinging to their guns and religion? There’s a whole mess of you doing just that these days. Firearm and ammunition sales are through the goddamn roof. Threats on our President are far beyond any before him. The same ones so fond of posturing hypocrtically as outraged at the release of official government documents detailing snanctioned torture because it gives the enemy a heads up, despite a simultaneous declaration that we will no longer be engaging in such egregious acts. Moot point you fools.

Pawn to queen, bitch.

Here’s the biggest rub for the great unwashed. He’s right, he’s justified, he’s black and you are scared shitless. Meghan McCain says “Old School” Republicans Are “Scared Shitless”. I believe she also called Rove “creepy”.

Ignorant, stupid and afraid. The right wing has managed to convince you that your guns are at stake when there’s no evidence, not even a whiff of policy ideas even being floated to support that. Not because we don’t desperately need better gun control, but because Obama isn’t stupid. He realizes this concept is nothing short of a sacred talisman to stupid rednecks and the last thing he needs is for you to be any more pissed off or afraid.

It’s his third rail so everybody just chill.

All you assholes that “teabagged” on April 15th don’t understand that you’ll fare far better under Obama’s plan than any scenario the right wing ideologues have in store for you. Do you understand that the richest one percent in this country own fifty percent of the money and assets? That ratio by the way, exists in no other civilized nation on earth. We are as alone in that as we are in not having our basic medical needs taken care of by the taxes we pay.

Might be because we spend at least ten times more than our nearest competitor on weapons. Ten times. Almost forty percent of the entire world’s outlay.

He’s not doing this specifically for you. He’s doing it because he understands that no healthy Republic can exist and be competive without a robust and content middle class. He seeks to restore an infrastucture that rewards a hard day’s work with an honest days pay.

He’s looking to give you a shot at educating your children for a fair price as opposed to them be excluded from upward mobility despite individual scholarship and to prevent them from being disqualified for reasons sustained by an unfair healthcare system or family health tragedy. He wants this because he understands that America can only compete if our young are educated and healthy. As evidence, these very notions have been deliberately compromised over the last eight years and it follows that Americans are dumber and less healthy than ever. So now our economy is in the shitter and the world hates us.

Without these two very basic ideals, health and education, things that I believe are congruent with the inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, America will slide into oblivion.

His goal is to re-level the playing field for all of you.

If that’s Socialism, if that’s some sort of nefarious redistribution of wealth, I’m all for it, because it was a facist plutocracy that got us here.

And it was you people, the great unwashed, that allowed it, that bought into it like a bunch of blind drunks at an ignorant festival. I don’t care about your God or your fear of Gay marriage or your communist/socialist boogeyman. I’m tired of listening to you about it because you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Most of you could no less define those terms than the government under which you now live, which is a plutocracy, that you seek to pummel into a theocracy. You don’t understand at all that your last andministration was the closest America has ever come to to a facist regime.

You don’t know because you’re too consumed by archaic notions like creationism and resurrection. These things are your own business and we don’t seek to impugn you or ridicule them until you push them on the rest of us. I don’t care, I’m agnostic.

If I were a gay mormon Republican I’d be furiously suicidal.

You don’t understand that they seek to distract you with these things so you don’t bother to get out a fucking dictionary and start looking this shit up.

Please people, yes, there are many trees in the forest, but their is a forest and you’re not seeing it. Your people got us here. Even now they sit on the sidelines lying to you about everything.

Here’s a perfect example. Fox News is in an absolute lather because Obama failed to drop Hugo Chavez with an uppercut both times they encountered each other. See, Venezuela produces a shitload of oil. That’s pretty cool. Know what else? His entire country runs on next to none. They don’t use gasoline. Wouldn’t you at least want to talk to this guy?

Drinks for my friends.

p.s. I’m just now watching The Daily Show. I swear.

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  • Kelly:

    Great post. You hit on a lot of things that have been on my mind the last couple of weeks. I feel pretty strongly that there needs to be some consequences for the torture program undertaken by the Bush admin. I have been disappointed by the signals put out by Obama’s administration that seem to indicate a reluctance to pursue this but was relieved somewhat by Obama’s statement yesterday saying he would not rule out prosecution of higher level participants and that he was leaving that to the Justice Dept. Which is as it should be. For those who feel strongly on this issue, call/email your congressional leaders, sign Moveon’s petition, sign someone’s petition, but keep the pressure on. We can’t let this one pass.

  • Ralph:

    Once again liberals show why they cannot handle the truth.
    For the record I think that water boarding these savages was a great thing.
    We got a lot of valuable information out of them.
    Water boarding is pussy torture.
    Many US citizen’s very existence and fact that many US citizens are still alive is due to the information gathered from these animals that were intending to kill more Americans.
    The information that was gained from these so called torture sessions saved many, many lives.
    The USA never did ANYTHING close to what the Japanese did to US, British, Australian as well as countless civilians in WWII or the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War.
    That the administrator of this blog thinks so is really sad.
    I suggest you look at the history of the prison camp treatments in those conflicts and most notably, the Burma Theater of operations in WWII and the Bataan death march.
    It is ridiculously shallow to make such comparisons.
    Not one of these savages that the USA interogated lost any teeth, any eyes, any fingers any genitals like the ones who were tortured by the Japanese, the Viet Cong or the German Hun bastards during WWII.
    That you and the all who are the left think that now we should put the very people who protected you in irons or worse, is also very sad.
    It is a banana republic mentality at best and a French revolutionary mentality at it’s worse.
    The left will not be satisfied until they have executed every last person who disagrees with them or has them imprisoned.
    You and the left are so angry and hateful of anyone who disagrees with you.
    Your transparency is quite evident when you speak with such vitriol about “The great unwashed”.
    Your contention that we should all just shut up because we are going to be so much better off under Barry and we are all too dumb to know it is quite telling and frankly, frightening.
    Americans, real Americans do not wish to be “Taken care of” especially by any left-wing socialist totalitarianism.
    We, (those whom you call, the great unwashed). Wish to take care of ourselves.
    We wish to be left alone.
    We wish to live in true freedom.
    Not the kind that the left and Soetero are ramming down our throats
    A gun ban is coming and it is evidenced again at Soetero’s 180 degree turn around on this whole torture issue.
    The guy is a complete and utter liar and a fake. He wants to be a dictator. He wants the USA to fall and be destroyed.
    I’m continuing to buy ammo and firearms as are my brethren, the great unwashed.
    Any sane person should do the same and as quickly as possible.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph you’re starting to really bore me. We got nothing out of those guys of any value with torture and it made us exponentially less safe in the world.

  • Ralph:

    1000’s of lives were saved because of it.
    Facts, just facts.

  • Ralph:

    Liberals are all and only about hindsighted 20/20 vision.
    This is all a bunch of nonsense.

  • admin:

    Talking in circles. Your first assertion that lives were saved is unproven and only posited by a world champion liars like Darth Cheney. I refuse to believe a word even mumbled by that pasty faced charlatan.

    Then you choose to prattle on and on about the atrocities committed by others onto ours. And your point is? I never disputed that. I merely pointed out that we executed soldiers for committing the same acts we have. Try to stick to the subject.

    Then there’s the pridictable rant about the left wanting to execute everyone who disagrees. Sheezus. Like I said, pull Ralphs string and you know exactly the nonsense he will spew.

    “He wants to be a dictator. He wants the USA to fall and be destroyed.” Your new nick-name is Chicken Little.

  • Ralph:

    They were not the same acts as I said.
    Not one terror suspect was dismembered. Something the Japanese, Viet Cong and Germans all did with glee and abandon.
    Also I said once you need to resort to school yard name calling and so forth, you’ve lost the argument.
    Really I do admire the way that you are willing to be putting your opinions out.
    But name calling and fowl diatribes that seem to be your retorts are not becoming of someone who has a good level of intelligence as you do. Whatever dude.
    I’ll be Chicken Little if it makes you feel more secure.
    No problem. I will continue to refer to you as Mike, no matter what you call me.
    That you trust Soetero with abandon and not believe anything else is your decision.
    Once again, whatever dude.
    All I know is the the USA was not attacked at all after 9/11. That is a fact.
    You can try to dispute it, spin it or deny it but that facts are the facts.
    And yes, I do believe Soetero has destroyed this nation.
    I see it every day.
    This country is dead.
    Bush set it up in the sights but Soetero has pulled the trigger.
    It’s over, this country isn’t worth warm spit anymore. It’s very sad but frankly, I have to try to not give a shit.
    I along with all of the great unwashed are buying as much ammo and firearms as possible.
    I fully believe I and many of the great unwashed, will be executed by the rising left wing totalitarian dictator, Soetero in a year.
    It’s coming and I will be ready to at least go down fighting.
    Call me whatever suits your vision of reality. Just know I am not part of a minority opinion.

  • admin:

    Now you’re going to pretend offense because my posts aren’t for grade schoolers. That’s rich.

    Good luck with your armageddon.

  • Ralph:

    No they are quite apt for grade “schoolers”.
    Frankly your immature and myopic rants are quite the shining examples of what happens when someone like yourself decides to be an emotionally driven ideologue.
    Whatever dude.
    Check this out if you are so inclined:

  • Betty:

    Good post Michael!

  • admin:

    Thank you dear 🙂

  • admin:

    I’m familiar with your link and Alex Jones et al. He may have something to say, I’m not didmissing him out of hand. He’s more than a little shrill. He may be onto something with his 911 theories, but he’s a bit of a self aggrandizing blow hard.

    Perhaps you could take a moment to enlighten us as to how my posts are emotionally driven ideology and myopic.

    Have a nice day Chicken Little.

  • admin:

    You know what? Everytime I ask you a direct question or call you on your bullshit, it’s the last we ever hear of it. It’s time for you to man up DUDE.

  • Ralph:

    All one has to do is read them.
    You make sense only if one agrees with you and in order to do so one must suspend a great deal of reality, common sense and most importantly, turn a blind eye to the study and science of human nature.
    You are an emotionally driven ideologue Mike.
    That you’ve found how to sprinkle slight vestiges of intellectual forays into mired facts and figures that are the basis of the left wing intelligencia’s master plan of mediocrity and applied ignorance is quite common amongst those on the left and their haranguing diatribe styles of communication.
    The difference between us is not just politics, but it is indeed, intellect. You are quite uncomfortable being brought to bare the the things you write while I am indifferent to the rants and name calling of someone who would resort to such school yard antics as you’ve4 exhibited over and over again and try to masquerade them as something powerful and meaningful when you’ve been shown irrefutable facts and also possibilities.
    Remember Mike, anything, ANYTHING, is possible.
    While I take into account the possibility the Soetero might be a good thing for this nation. There are many questions that just go unanswered and are allowed to just “Be” from those on the left.
    I for one am almost 90% certain this once great nation is dead.
    If that’s not man enough for you then I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see who’s right and who’s wrong.
    But I and the majority of the USA will not just blindly follow someone like Soetero who has such a questionable and indeed frightening agenda.
    You see Mike, I refuse to be a leftist lemming like you.
    Am I refuse to dance to the monotone-ed, ill composed songs that n emotionally driven ideologue like you and the left are constantly trying to blare into mine and the rest of the USA’s collective ears.

  • Ralph:

    Oh yes, and you may continue your immature name calling now.
    It is quite amusing.

  • Ralph:

    I’m going out now to target shoot with my new sniper rifle. Bye!
    mortem !!!!!!

  • Kim:

    Ralph: Knock yourself out dude.

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