We are not Gods. We are ants.

Every few seasons there occurs one of the most baffling and almost exclusively American phenomena. Some furious, disaffected asshole goes on a rampage with a gun(s) and kills a grip of unsuspecting and otherwise faultless saps for no reason other than a self perpetuating hate and a far too loose access to lethal weaponry.

The answer lies in preventing the asshole from acquiring firearms.

Invariably they are oppressed, fundamentalist, disenfranchised, extreme right wing idealogues that are sometimes racist, white supremacist or religious zealots. Heads up as to why the the problem is so uniquely American.

They come in clusters, these incidents of horror. Monkey see, monkey do. Whackjobs being more impressionable and susceptible and all that.

The answer lies in preventing assholes from acquiring firearms.

We are but spectacular fools. I tell you this because there’s an ethic that allows this sort of chaos and it’s the same one that the far right enjoys thoroughly as a catalyst for instilling fear and hate among the great unwashed.

Unbelievably stupid.

I’m a liberal for serious lack of a better definition. I don’t want to take your goddamn guns away and neither does Obama so shut the fuck up. The second amendment is just as solid and safe as it’s ever been. It’s only the brazen fomenting on the right that elevates it into an issue at all. It’s methodology 101 for whipping the ignorant into a “from my cold dead hands” frenzy.

It makes me sick.

A curriculum that includes a ‘pro life’ agenda, a God and country syllabus and a ridiculous culture of fear and loathing featuring communism, socialism, fags getting married and an inevitable social decay so profound that men and women will cease to marry or reproduce, thus bringing about America’s eventual surrender to all things evil like gooks and/or the French.

They encourage you to shoot people because you may soon no longer be able to.

It’s a distraction. How does it feel to have your strings pulled?

If you’re feeling that tug from the puppet master, you’re a dickhead.

The answer lies in keeping the human cartoons from getting their hands on AK47s.

There is however, an even dirtier bottom to this. Almost always it’s the social retard, the guy who keeps to himself. That guy that can’t seem to hang. He was quiet they say, or he kept to himself. When pressed they tell you he was a little odd. There’s a myriad of reasons these people exist in this unique American society.

Could it be be we are cruel, judgemental, superficial and far too materialistic? Racist, biased and unsympathetic? Rubbed raw but simultaneously lacking any capacity for compassion?

Could it be we just can’t stop being afraid? Could it be that there is nothing to fear but fear itself?

My fellow Americans, it is a distraction. Feel free to move about the room.

Thought I’d check in to see what condition our condition is in.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • U ? Authority:

    Why the United States arming the world, and disarming U nited States ?
    “An Armed Society is a Polite Society”[Unkn}. Jackass with an AK 47, well least U can shoot back.
    Two instead of ten.

  • admin:


  • Ralph:

    Obama has surrendered this nation to Islam. He bows to the Muslim leader but not to the queen of England.
    He tells Europe that America is arrogant. He despises the USA.
    He is the most radical left wing ideologue to ever have such power.
    The USA is no more.
    It is done.
    All thanks to this Sorros supported jackass of a president.
    Buy ammo, ammo, ammo.
    Sell anything you can to buy firearms and ammo. Arm yourself, arm your family.
    Obama has sold us out.
    The USA is dead and Obama means to kill everything that remains remotely germane to the USA.

  • admin:

    Sheezus, take a pill dude.

  • Pandy:

    And Ralph jumps in to illustrate your point very, very nicely. 😀


  • admin:

    He does that at least 🙂

  • Twaddle:

    There was a lass who had no sense of humor,
    So her co-workers started a rumor.
    She came in one day,
    And blew them away,
    Proving it was a brain stem tumor!

    Nothing like a well placed, bad limerick…

    If pro- life was about life, and not control, would there be a line on death row in Texas? The same fools also are the first to advocate for our right to kill for there ideology all over the world… sigh.

  • admin:

    Hypocrisy on parade.

  • Kim:

    “The answer lies in keeping the human cartoons from getting their hands on AK47s.”

  • Misty:

    Michael, You and Ralph have said it all here. I’ve been away, but luv what you have to say here. This article makes me worry less that the S.F. Chronical may become extinct. We really aren’t even ant’s, we lack that type of cohesiveness. Just last night, I was wishing for an intraplanetary invasion from space aliens. You know a higher evolved species, that can take charge. And just slow down the stupidity of mankind, and the proliferation of our species. Lets all try to channel the spiritual belief, and acceptance that we need outside interference from a higher source. It’s a beautiful, planet many amenites, but we keep fucking her up!

  • What is really unbelievably stupid is that you presume to know that every mass shooter is a “right wing racist white guy” when, in fact, most are not. The shooter in upstate NY was Vietnamese, most of the others were just men feeling frustrated about economics so they killed their families then themselves. Racist?
    No. Right wing? Hardly. Dude, get your head out of PMSNBC and FIND THE TRUTH. I love how self described “liberals” always talk down to Americans and think that those of us in “flyover country” are the great unwashed.

  • admin:

    Tell me what state you’re in. I’ll prove it.

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