H1N1: I wanted to tell you…..

that you really shouldn’t waste your time getting in a lather. While it’s true that pandemics happen, there hasn’t been a serious one in this country for almost a century. Since that time we’ve learned lots of valuable things about sterilization and transmission. The media, for better or worse, gets the message out there.

Wash your goddamn hands.

I can only imagine the need to distract the great unwashed from the jacked up economy is the impetus here. As of this hour there are 367 confirmed cases of The H1N1 worldwide. Excellent name. Can you say andromeda strain? 146 in the US. No deaths here. Yet. It’s rampant though, 13 cases right here in California.

Good God!

Somebody get Chicken Little on the blower.

What we have here is SARS and The Avian ridiculousness comingling for the average American’s need to be frightened about something. A symbiotic relationship between the Great Unwashed and the media. When I first began to understand media manipulation, I had no idea people would become addicted to it.

I never saw that coming. The unslakable thirst so many people in this country share for the odd but primal need to shit their pants over some completely nebulous circumstance. Sheeple.

The regular garden variety flu kills like 35,000 a year in America.

So yeah, it’s a scam. An agitation. Sand in the Vaseline.

What confuses me is they’re so fearlessly tactical and obvious. You’d think folks would be wise to it by now. It’s so overt. But no, and not the contrary. These sons and daughters of our nations first infrequent bathers, they are as complicit as they are ignorant. They love this shit. Michele Bachman, champion of rounheaded Republicans, tried to pin it on Obama. She was circumspect of course. She’s not so stupid as to drool in public.

Wanna make a billion dollars? Get Bachman and Palin to do a lesbian porn movie. Monster truck events would be empty.

Look at it like this; I’m right, or we’re witnessing the most immediate threat to mankind and civilization. Either way, what are your plans?

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Betty:

    “The regular garden variety flu kills like 35,000 a year in America.”…

  • Betty:

    “The regular garden variety flu kills like 35,000 a year in America.”…excellent point.

    I did a blog about this outbreak being related to the nasty pig farms in Mexico, if you’d like to check it out…link

    I think the media is trying to keep the attention off the pig farm.

  • admin:

    You might be right. Link didn’t show up. Is it on your myspace?

  • Betty:

    yes, it’s on myspace, try clicking on the word link, should work

  • admin:

    Ah, ok.

  • admin:

    How is it you can put a link on my page but I can’t?

  • Betty:

    uhhh, I don’t know. Probably some little detail that you’re not doing. I used the “add a link” function in my blog, and then copied it in HTML and pasted it into my comment. When I hit submit it worked. I didn’t know if it would work so it was trial and error.

  • Tony:

    I plan on eating regularly, washing my hands after I shit, exercising, sleeping, and not rubbing up against strangers who appear flushed and who are coughing and sneezing like mad.

    In other words, doing what I do normally. That, and not freaking out at something that’s killed less people than workplace accidents.

  • admin:

    Common sense. Thanks for reading.

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