Hello, is your mother home?

I think it’s great Sarah Palin got a book deal. I mean, maybe rednecks and backward ass country fucks will learn to read.


Let me tell you something else. Friendships are about honesty.  Not tactics.  Loyalty, not gamesmanship.  As selfless as possible. We live once as far as we know,  so integrity should be integral. I hate not knowing, but finding out really sucks.

I’ve been in a few fights.  At first, I sucked at it.  I got my ass beat.  Later, after my father explained to me that it wasn’t the toughest, strongest, biggest or most skilled that prevailed in man to man, it was the meanest, I did a little better.  Held my own.  My old man was a serious brawler and he didn’t want me to fight.  He begged me not to.  He also told me that one of his worse beatings was at the hands of some guy he thought was a sissy.  The truth from a man one eyed after a bar fight before I was born.

I had no interest in it.  I’m not a violent guy.  It creeps me out.  I’m just not mean enough.  Even if I did all right or got the best of someone, it totally rattled my cage.

I like to watch boxing because it’s poetry, but not really feeling the ultimate fighting thing.  No worries, I like big tits and fast cars.

You know what I can’t wrap my brain around?  The idea that the Dick-in-Bush administration fomented and engaged in torture to lend truth to the lie of Iraq’s complicity in 911.  Some 70% of the voters in 2004 believed there was some connection between Saddam and the horrible death rubble in  New York.

A cowardly, despicable lie.

It was to be the biggest lie ever told by the highest elected American executive in the land.  Prove me wrong.

Since then they’ve all pretty much admitted that the two were unrelated.  Mutually exclusive. And there was no goddamn WMD.  That it was a lie.   Pricks.

That really chaps my ass.  People are pedestrian and government is increasingly evil.

My cooler head will not prevail today.  These motherfuckers lied to us and tortured people to back them up so they could see what riches were to be had in Iraq?  In the meantime, thousands of Americans dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead at least, and millions displaced.  America is broke and broken.  Her people are fearful and distrustful.  She is struggling to revive her image and standing in the world.  It’s true, we are not what we once were.

All this trouble.  The world.  The climate.  The people and the wars.  It’s some sort of goddamn gravity vortex like a black hole that’s beginning to dim the lights.  As it sucks more and more matter and light, it gets more and more powerful.  All this mayhem and carnage and abject suffering.  Because these fucks, these PNAC fucking hawk/Vulcans had a plan to rework the world order in their favor. Google “Project for a New American Century”.

A self described neoconservative think tank.

All these bastards with faces like melted bags of caramels, were just pissing themselves waiting for something, anything, like 911.  Back in ’98 they said they needed a “Pearl Harbor” like event to basically pivot on, and change the way the wind was blowing.  Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Bill Bennet, Cheney…………not your average cavalcade of cock teasers.

I’ve written extensively about the notorious and filthy PNACs.  I heard Randi Rhodes today posit the idea that the torture was on purpose to advance the PNAC agenda and I lost all motor control in my jaw over not having thought of it.  Brilliant, if it’s true it might be time for liberals to arm themselves.

What worries me is we can never go home again.

“out on the road today
i saw a dead head sticker on a cadillac
a voice inside my head said don’t look back
you can never look back”  -Don Henley

From Realtime with Bill Maher:

“By the fall of 2008, the face of the Republican party had become Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, conservative intellectuals had no party.  The inanity of trying to substitute will for intellect, as in the denial of global warming, the use of religious criteria in the selection of public officials, the neglect of management and expertise in government.” -Richard Posner

Here’s my take on the torture photo conundrum.  I’m disappointed in Obama.  I imagine he’s doing his best and I’m not worried at all about him changing his mind.  He’s smart, he’s allowed.  It’s just that I disagree.  I admit the national mood is fragile and precariously bipolar.  I myself have no desire to see these photos.  There’s no reason.

I need to be blunt.  God bless America, but I’m not sure enough humility has soaked in yet.  I think this photographic evidence should be made available to anyone of age enough to join an institutional paramilitary program.  The photographs should by legal mandate, be stapled to the head of every dipshit Hannity fan who thinks we’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.  You assholes need to see what you’re talking about.  You really need to see it in other people’s eyes.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Ralph:

    Soetero will not release his college records, his medical records or his birth records but he is more than willing to release the pictures that will endanger the US forces abroad.
    He could have with an executive order, made the whole of it go away but instead he’s just withdrawn the request and allowed the court cases by the ACLU to go forward knowing full well that the courts will side with the ACLU and it will more than likely go to the supreme court where, if he gets two jurors seated on the bench replacing Souter and Ginsberg, will most likely have a favorable result of releasing the photos and all of the information pertaining to the whole torture issue. This will allow him to be free and clear of any culpability in the matter while still achieving his desire to further destroy the United States.
    He is truly diabolical. A daily unfolding disgrace.
    This just in:
    Good news for the anti US progressives,
    China’s yuan to usurp US dollor as world’s reserve currency!!!
    I’m sure you are sleeping better at night knowing the USA is DEAD.

  • Misty:

    Really excellent post Michael. If the public had been less brainwashed into Dogma based religions like Christianity, maybe they’d have the skill for introspective thought. What goes up must come down. What goes around comes around. Every action has an equal reaction. The American public will just be ignorant servants of the lowest order, but it will not be to the Republicans, nor the Democrats. It’s who we are!

  • Ralph:

    Here’s a video link that explains it all very clearly:

    If you disagree with the above video, you hold a completely opposite view of what the USA is or at least, used to be truly about,

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