I have a shopping cart in my apartment

Yep, brought it up the other day. The girls won’t go near it. I have this huge box of junk to sort through and I figured once I’m sure it’s junk, I’d throw it on top of the shopping cart and dolly it down to the big bin. Maybe purge a little beyond that. Still got the entire internal volume of the basket at my convenience.

Built to last.

We’ve talked about the trash chute, so you understand that would be disrespectful and time consuming.

So yeah, I’m on it.

When you have no television, the silence is not deafening.

Partnership For a Drug-Free America. Funded by the alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco lobbies. Probably a thousand legal pot clinics in California. Obama’s AG says hands off. No further action. No more raids. Now, that’s interesting. Policy reversal, just like that.

Ask yourself why. Follow the money. The new boss knows what the old boss willfully ignored. We can no longer afford to fund the War On Drugs. We are out of money and facilities to incarcerate non-violent drug offenders. There’s that, and the fact that it’s all dog and pony. It doesn’t work. It has no chance. It never did.

It’s all really stupid. An exemplary model of how to undermine societal infrastructure, brick by deliberate brick. I doubt they’re that smart but I know they’re that destructive.

Human desire or need to self medicate is primal. We sought to do so long before the beginning of written history. There is nothing immoral about it. It may be instinctual. No shit there are ethical imperatives, responsibility and accountability are emblems regardless of what you choose to imbibe, ingest, inject, snort or introduce via………

We should be held answerable for violating any other person’s pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I do the best I can. Sometimes I shout at people. It’s not very often.

I think what we should pursue is live and let live. Tolerance. Love thy neighbor. Acceptance. When some jackass becomes unruly and offensive, smite him lest he become ignorant. Ignorance, as insufferable as it is, must be evaluated. Sometimes, ignorance is the result of indoctrination. Sometimes, ignorance is willfull. Sometimes, ignorance is stupid. You can’t fix stupid.

No ignorance, except for the stupid kind, is innocent. It is otherwise voluntary to one degree or another. I think ignorance should be treated as a handicap. I’m being kind. They can’t park in handicapped spaces because they have the ability to change. It’s the twenty first century and information is at our fingertips. But they are stunted. Wounded in a way. The racket of death metal and the malignancy of meth. Bad parenting and early tragedies.

Prescription discounts.

They should have their own register at Ralph’s. The sign should be green. I never see green signs in supermarkets. The sign will say, “Dumbshits, Dumbasses, Dipshits and Angular Headed mouth breathers only”.

I’m really afraid they’ll need more than one register. I know they will.

OK, that was fun.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Kim:

    “Dumbshits, Dumbasses, Dipshits and Angular Headed mouth breathers only”. I love it. And yes, they’ll need more than one.

  • admin:

    HA! Thanks 🙂

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