Stupid is as stupid does

It is indisputable that Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be the best looking justice to ever sit on the Supreme Court, despite being stupid, under qualified and racist.

Fuck me.

“The Senate needs to asses her ability to rule fairly without undue influence from her own personal race, gender or political preferences.”  -Senator James Inhofe (R) Oklahoma

“They’re just like ‘hey Hispanic chick lady!  You’re empathetic?’  She says ‘yup!’  They say, ‘you’re in.’  That’s the way it really works.” -Glenn Beck, High Priest of Douchbaggery

“Not necessarily, I know lots of stupid people who went to ivy league schools” -Karl Rove

Think he was thinking about Dumbya?  I did not steal that joke from Olbermann, we just happened to be like minded.

“I’m telling you, she appears to be a racist…” -Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo

“White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw.  Latina woman racist should also withdraw” -Newt Gingrich

“This is someone clearly picked because she’s a woman and Hispanic, not because she’s the best qualified” -Curt Levey, Committee For Justice, Head Asshat

“She’s a bigot, she’s a racist.” -Rush Limbaugh, Human Shitsmear

The egregious irresponsibility of such claims notwithstanding.  The resolute ugliness aside.  Typical obfuscation by a cavalcade of morons speaking for the Republican party.  Methinks they doth protest too much and certainly too early as well as too vociferously.  Textbook example of a pot decrying a kettle as all things black.  Man I hate these guys.

As for me, I don’t yet have an opinion.  She is among the most experienced and qualified of any justice nominated for about a hundred years.  She’s had three decisions upheld by the highest court in the land, two overturned and one still pending.  Given that about seventy five percent of decisions are overturned by the Supreme Court,  she’s batting like a superstar.

She obviously deserves consideration in light of her education, accomplishments and distinction in that arena.  Her extensive experience in all matters of jurisprudence.  This woman is a bit of a rockstar on paper.

That’s all I know.  Fer cryin outloud, it’s been two days!

What makes me angry, is that it’s so predictable.  So goddamn obvious.  For people like me who pay a modicum of attention, there are no surprises here.  What exactly does all this say about the contemporary conservative movement?  The abrupt, violent knee jerk so predictable and anticipated, that I could have written their talking points for them.

This country desperately thirsts for and needs something beyond a two party system.  My dismay is that the GOP cannot even provide an intellectually honest contrast in a a tragically flawed and nearly broken government of a mere two parties.  We are fractured from the inside.  The catalyst for most of the internal bleeding is the absolute onus of the modern conservative movement.  Neocons.  They are fools.  Jackasses, unwilling to look further than their own noses, fears and absurd bias.

California’s prop. 8 debacle is a flaming example.  Pun intended.

Unable and unwilling to avoid stepping on their own withering dicks.  I’m talking about the groups who campaigned for it’s passage.  They think it’s a victory.  Pathetic.

The Republicans have failed us in more ways than one.  I’m a Democrat, for lack of a more appropriate political designation.  I have little enthusiasm for what the implosion of the Republican party means for the long term chance America has for prosperity.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At the very least, we require a reasonable ballast.  We really must have a more diversified collection of voices and ideas.  The abject failure of the GOP to even make sense, much less own a viable stake in any ethical argument, will amount to a tragedy for us all, regardless of political stripe.  The Republican party has not only failed itself, it has failed all of America.

Fools.  Goddamn them.

A new ethic is emerging and it is muscular and potent, yet without intelligent and honest contraposition, it cannot evolve.  What we are staring at is a massive shift.  It might be an excellent thing for humankind, but it must endure smart debate and insightful criticism or it will atrophy and we all lose.  This new ethic must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or it will crack when tested.  If not allowed to arrive with a confident consensus, it will crumble.  

We may be looking at our last best chance.

A last dance.

You people need to contact these assholes and give them a heads up.

Drinks for my friends.

24 Responses to “Stupid is as stupid does”

  • Kelly:

    Totally agree. As much as i can’t stand the aforementioned jackasses, we really do need a viable second party to have honest debate in this country.

  • admin:

    Thanks Kelly, I’m surprised no one else is talking this angle. The Republicans owe America a more intellectually honest and responsible approach.

  • Ralph:

    Democrats owe America a constitutionally honest approach too.
    Soetero is presently putting on the court the most left wing ideologue, non-intellectual anti-American supreme court nominee in the history of the USA.
    This will further put the citizens or rather the “Sujects” of this present socialist dictatorship we are being force fed out of any chance of being real Americans. We are now rather “Ameri-cants”.
    It is further proof that this once great nation is dead.

  • admin:

    You misspelled ‘subjects’. Where is your proof that Sotomayor is “the most left wing ideologue, non-intellectual anti-American supreme court nominee in the history of the USA.”?

    More predictable blah, blah, blah from Ralph. *yawn*

    My bad, I pulled your string again.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph where did you graduate in your class at Princeton? Just curious. You are so predictable, you’re a caricature. It’s people like you who are bringing about the demise of the right as we speak. You’re like a tiny dog biting at someone’s ankle. No one takes you seriously, you’re just annoying. We have some major problems right now in this country and rather than talk about solutions you’re busy calling everyone on this blog names (Progressive Totalitarian Marxist is my personal favorite).

    Okay now launch into how all of our problems have been brought about by the socialist, marxist, Mao-loving dictatorship of Soetero and his ilk. . . Everyone, wait for it. . . three. . . two. . . one. . .

  • Kim:

    Can we have a drumroll please?

  • admin:

    Ralph is a cartoon.

  • Ralph:

    Here’s some more cartoons for your readers:

    Judge Sotomayor, a New York native, ruled on a Second Circuit Appeals Court panel that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right and does not apply to the states in the case of Maloney v. Cuomo. This ruling is in direct conflict with a Ninth Circuit Court ruling in the Nordyke v. King case in California, that the Second Amendment IS incorporated through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    So what does it mean, that Obama now nominated Sotomayor to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court? It means that any progress we’ve been making lately… WILL BE REVERSED.

    While Democrats in Congress have been making great strides in the gun rights arena, refusing to consider a renewal of the Clinton gun ban, and offering overwhelming bipartisan support for legislation allowing citizens to carry firearms in national parks… President Obama just demonstrated that he prefers judges who OPPOSE Second Amendment rights.

    The Supreme Court may take up this issue of incorporation during its next session beginning in October, because attorneys in the Maloney case plan to appeal in late June.

    So, JUDGE Sotomayor ruled against our Second Amendment gun rights in Maloney v. Cuomo. If the Maloney appeal is accepted by the Supreme Court… would JUSTICE Sotomayor recuse herself from deliberations?

    It’s doubtful a judicial activist would ever do that!
    Judge Sotomayor has also written an opinion that declined to order the release of certain information under the Freedom of Information Act. In one case, according to SCOTUSblog, she wrote that the “unwarranted invasion of privacy” for individuals whose names would be release under an FOIA request outweighed the public interest.

    So, JUDGE Sotomayor seemed to rule to protect privacy rights…Would JUSTICE Sotomayor be just as protective of the privacy rights of concealed carry permit holders if a newspaper wanted to publish that information? Or is it more likely that an anti-Second Amendment judicial activist like Sotomayor would reject our privacy rights, in the interest of “protecting the public”?

    60% of all her rulings have been STRUCK DOWN by higher courts of appeal.
    And this is a good pick???
    And you all make light of the totalitarian marxist intentions of this administration?

    Wake Up America
    You are being scammed.

  • admin:

    Ralph, I’m proud of you. This is the kind of substantiative fact filled argument we here at brainspank encourage and applaud.

    Congrats Ralph on a nearly propaganda free dissenting view.

    I’ll happily look into these issues, except the last one where you have not done your homework, and get back to you.

  • Ralph:

    I have done my homework comrade.
    You and the rest of the marxist anti-american supporters of this present Soetero dictatorship are nothing but facists.

  • admin:

    It appears that in Maloney v. Cuomo, the issue was decided in the contest of jurisdiction:
    “The district court rejected the claim on the ground that the Second Amendment does not apply to the states. On appeal, the panel affirmed. Relying on the Supreme Court’s 1886 decision in Presser v. Illinois, it explained that it was “settled law . . . that the Second Amendment applies only to limitations the federal government seeks to impose” on the individual’s right to bear arms.”

    Were you aware that the “arms” in question were nunchaku and not guns. It occurs to me that the decision has nothing to do with an individual’s right to bear arms but rather where the onus of enforcement lies. I don’t see how it can possibly be interpreted as Obama being somehow opposed the the second amendment.

    As to your assertions regarding her opinions on FOIA issues, I can’t help but agree with her and it’s a stretch to even ponder how she would rule under such hypothetical circumstances you’re speculating about.

    On the third issue of Supreme Court reversals, the average rate of reversal by the supreme deliberative body is 75%. Her personal rate is aprox. 60%, which puts her significantly ahead of the curve. You didn’t do your homework here as that information was even stated in the blog you commented on.

    Once again, I do appreciate the considerably more civil and reasoned approach.

  • Ralph:

    I was well aware of the numchucks.
    weapons are weapons which are all armaments or “Arms” which are ALL covered under the second amendment.
    Nowhere in the in the second amendment are specifically firearms mentioned.
    Get your facts straight.
    She is clearly against state’s rights and the second amendment.
    You and your ilk will eat any and all shit sandwiches your leader feeds you.
    You logic is absent.

    You are nothing more than a left wing hopeless ideologue who will do whatever he, (or she in your case given the whole metrosexual moniker these days),is told to do as long as it’s orders given by the left wing progressive totalitarians who are running this shithole now.
    You are truly “Brain Speck.”
    This Supreme court soon to be “Justice” and I use that term with great contempt in this instance, is another example of this no good bastard of a president (he is an actual bastard under the true definition) and his continued destruction of this once great nation.
    God help us all.
    We are truly all done for.

  • admin:

    ……..just when you thought it was safe.
    Which of my facts aren’t straight?
    How could she be against state’s rights when she ruled in favor of the state of New York?
    Who cares if he’s an actual bastard? It’s not like it’s his doing.

    And Ralph, I don’t take orders, I am of my own mind.
    Maybe you should move somewhere else.

  • Ralph:

    Mike, you are blinded by your subjective liberalism.
    This only allows you to see half truths and you ignore indisputable facts to nurture your opinions and beliefs.
    It is common amongst people who are suffering from terminal demagoguery which in your case is the Marxist ideology of all socialists.
    No one can be truly objective. No one.
    But that being said, any person with half a brain in their head and a desire to use it can understand and see exactly how screwed up this country has gotten since Soetero has taken office.
    He has gotten 100% of everything he’s wanted to do on an economic level and he has not only worsened an already bad situation but he has completely destroyed any hope of the nation ever recovering.
    Your hatred of Bush has clouded your objectivity as this connective hate for Bush has for many liberal, progressive Marxists like yourself.
    Unfortunately, you missed the part that we almost all agree Bush really did a bad job especially in his second term.
    But this is not all Bush’s fault. Clinton, Bush I, Regan, Carter, (oh my word what a terrible thing for this nation he was) and on and on all the way back to when Grant denied states rights to the southern states during the reconstruction and Lincoln saved the union but denied it’s possible correct course of separation.
    What Soetero inherited was this massive mess, jettisoned to him by Roosevelt who allowed Eastern Europe to be taken over by the Soviet Union much to Churchill’s protests, objections and distain. Churchill knew this that we are experiencing would be here. Churchill was an astute student of history.
    But the fact remains that your leader has screwed up this nation beyond repair. He’s gotten everything he has wanted save closing Gitmo and thing have gotten WAY WORSE. If you disagree with that you are truly nothing more than a liberal fool.
    But if you want to blame anyone for this mess blame Roosevelt for it was he that really put us in this shithole slide.
    But Soetero is taking the absurdity of destruction to new and unimaginable levels.
    Those are not opinions Mike they are facts.
    You cannot dispute your leader is a total and complete failure because if you do, you are proving that you are only a liberal moron.
    The country is done Mike. All of you liberals have killed any life that Bush left which was barely a pulse but a pulse none the less.
    And you want to see this racist, anti USA out od control piece of shit like this supreme court nominee Soetero has foisted onto the nations already broken back, be a force of judicial out of control activism for the next ooohhh, say 45 years?
    You think this is all good?
    Well let me clue you in Mike, it not. Be careful what you wish for Mike because even though I am the enemy now, when these bastards get through killing me and my family, trust me, they are going to be coming after you and your ilk. Because totalitarianism knows no allies and trusts and is suspect of everyone.
    See Stalinism if you want to see where this nation is heading.
    Soetero has killed this nation and he’s laughing all the way to Venezuela.
    Mike you do not own your own mind.
    You are a puppet.

  • admin:

    Objective thinking Ralph, not subjective liberalism. Once again, I’m not a fucking socialist or a Marxist, I am an AMERICAN.

    You put so much energy into so little substance. Logic is predicated on linearity and what you offer so consistently is circular. Picture the serpent eating it’s own tail.

    We do agree that this problem does have history back through Reagan, Carter, Bush Sr. and yes, even Clinton with the disaster of NAFTA.

    I would remind you that this nation had historically unprecedented growth and prosperity under Clinton.

    You think the South should have been allowed to secede? That would have been a moral and economic disaster for both sides. Far better minds than yours or mine decided that over a hundred years ago. You’re above your grade here.

    I disagree fundamentally with you. We are headed to a better tomorrow. Things are slowly getting better. How much better I don’t know. Understand, I have my own beefs with Obama. I have been disappointed and I’m sure it’s not over.

    It is regrettable that so much of Europe was given over to Russian control, but while we lost a half million soldiers, Russia lost over twenty million. Russia, beat the Nazis and her sacrifice was more than any nation has ever made to defeat evil. Perhaps not wise but the world was beholdin’.

    FDR rocked. So did Churchill.

    We can argue economic policy ’til the cows show up in the yard again. I’m of the belief that the only course is for us to spend massive amounts of money on the right things to correct a course of spending recklessly on the wrong things for so long. It’s the only option. Stand still you die.

    Yep, we’re broke, but the Chinese aren’t laughing, they’re crying. We owe them so much money, their economic future is inextricably linked to ours. They’re not laughing, they’re praying for this Phoenix to rise from the ashes, they have no choice. Man, we’ve taken them for a ride. Poor bastards.

    The rest of your post is the shrill illogical fear based crap that you’ve become famous for. Spare me.

    I do own my mind. Who owns yours? I’m curious, who pulls your strings. Where do you get this shit?

    My new blog is really gonna piss you off.

  • admin:

    And Ralph, are you ever weary of losing these debates over and over?

  • Ralph:

    You may think you “Win” with your half baked information but trust me comrade you are almost completely and utterly WRONG. You have not win jack shit.
    The only people who agree with your paltry historical musings and political views are those of your own ilk who’sunderstanding of history and political comprehensions are as ill informed as yours are.
    You should get your head out of Howard Zinn’s ass boy and crack a couple of REAL history books that are not politically motivated.
    I suggest Steven Ambrose or Winston Churchill for starters.
    Perhaps you might also read Mark Levin’s new book, “Liberty and Tyranny” and better yet Robert Bork’s “Slouching towards Gomorrah”.
    Should you be so bold as to actually educate yourself past the NEA’s version of “Facts”, you just might get your head out of your ass.
    Go ahead, I dare you.

  • Ralph:

    Things are getting better???

    The Soetero is nationalizing all industries this is known in objective circle as SOCIALIISM.
    You like this which PROVES you are NOT an American but are nothing but a TOTALITARIAN SOCIALIST which is what your leadaer Soetero and all who blindly follow his every edict, are.
    Also that you either don’t know what Stalin was up to in WWII or you know. This makes you a MARXIST either way. I got news for you comrade, Stalin was far worse than Hitler. Stalin killed almost twice as many innocents as did the Nazis. There was not a wit of noble effort on the part of your hero Stalin.
    Roosevelt shut Churchill out at Yalta. Roosevelt “Rocked”?????
    Only if you agree with his marxist intentions of giving eastern europe to Stalin which enraged Churchill.
    Look it up you moron.
    Also Clinton’s so called historically “unprecedented growth and prosperity under Clinton” was a complete paper tiger that caused the economic disaster we are currently “Enjoying” (good old Orwellian double speak there) to put into the hyper drive that Bush just pushed to the brink of the precipice that your no good bastard leader pushed over the edge of no return.
    And you think things are better?
    Please elucidate one thing that is actually better on an economic level.
    That you wish to call upon your caldron of half baked truths and opinions and conjure up yet another diatribe of total subjective flowery nonsense only shows that you Mike, are NOT an objective thinker at all.
    You base you opinions and beliefs on emotions and conjunctive innuendo.
    You are nothing more than a puppet and your puppeteer is the Marxist totalitarian socialists who are your masters. Namely, the whole dastardly democratic anti American machine. (Not that the republicans are any better mind you)

  • admin:

    Here we go again. *yawn*

  • admin:

    By the way Ralph, auto sales are up, the stock market has staged an amazing comeback and optimism is on the rise. Don’t hate me because I’m smarter than you 🙂

  • Kim:

    By the way Ralph, as long as you’re living here in America, call him whatever you want, but Obama IS your President too. LIKE IT OR NOT. PS you’re really starting to sound like a goddamn broken record.

  • admin:

    Thanks Kim.

  • Ralph:

    The bastard born and bred from Kenya will never be my president and he’s not leagally yours either.
    He has NO business being in the oval “Hut”.

  • Kim:

    He is “legally” mine and yours. Your racial predjudice is clouding your vision.

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