This makes me furious

Cut & paste.  It’s unbelievable.  It scares me.

Darth Cheney.

I cannot countenance who we are.  I can’t stand what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.  I can’t stomach those who would defend these bastards and the actions they so relentlessly try to sell us as performed on our behalf.  For our safety, they tell us.

This is bullshit.  These are egregious crimes.  These people are lying.  The media pads around it with careful feet on deep pile Berber, giving them their say.  People died in custody of the United States government.  The sickest aspect?  They probably expired whilst we pursued our efforts to extract reason for a war that Darth fucking Cheney knew was complete crap.


Despite all this, we still have to suffer through the airtime the mainstream media affords this lying, disgusting evil jackass who spent his eight years in office doing his damndest  to pervert, distort and destroy all things that allowed Americans to be proud.

I bet this guy is hung like a gnat.  Had a giant safe in his office.  Kinda the bureaucratic equivalent of a big stupid truck in the ‘burbs.  See what I’m saying?

Look, I’m not naive.  Any American who’s lived with eyes wide open for the past handful of years, understands all too well what the Dick-in-Bush regime has done in our name.  What chaps my ass with such profound cheese grating efficacy, is that this pinhead Cheney, is allowed for a single second to utilize public airwaves in an attempt to mitigate, in such an obvious fashion of puerile necropsy,  policies and actions that have indelibly stained us all. 

Actions and policies, for which he should clearly be behind goddamn bars.

It’s crap.  Elaborate falsehoods.  Complete shite.

The neocons and this dickhead Cheney in particular, are attempting to rewrite history as we let them into our living rooms every evening for such dubious ends.  Man, I hate these guys.  In the words of Reverend  Jeremiah Wright, “Goddamn America”.  Any asshole who even attempts to change the elaborate and true path of human events past, should be muzzled and pelted with rocks and garbage.

“They pelted me with rocks and garbage”.

History is sacred and Cheney will do his best, but his legacy will ooze a vile, stinking sewage.  Not even gulls will go near it.  The EPA will get involved.

Write your local network affiliate, tell them you don’t want to see the vulgar and vile visage of this man or any of his lackeys on your television anymore.  Lying to you and impugning the efforts of the man we elected by an unprecedented majority to right the wrongs his administration and office so recklessly and relentlessly pursued and wrought.

I’m all for free speech.  But not if what you say on our air is an incendiary lie.  It is crying fire in a crowded theater.  At the very least the crawl underneath should go bold and all caps when he lies.  Cheny’s kinda soft spoken so it would be like someone yelling from underneath.  I’ll call Rupert.

We, America, tortured.  We killed people in our charge.  Worse, we killed hundreds of thousands and visited life altering suffering on millions for no good goddamn reason.  I’m ashamed of my country and you should be too.

Who are we?  What have we allowed ourselves to become?

This tumor is us.

This parading of a simple dog and a forlorn pony is contemptible and absurd.  Stand up.  Be an American.  Do not tolerate this man man and his lies.

We are so much better than this.

Tell Rush Limbaugh he can blow me.

I’m trying to tell you something and you should listen.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Thank you for saying this. Undfortunately, the EPA is involved, and they’re his allies. But they should all shut the hell up, and we should stand in their way until they do. Thanks again.

  • admin:

    Thanks for reading.

  • Ralph:

    Well Mike, looks like your all about the squelching of free speech.
    The only speech you and the rest of the “Progressive”, Marxist totalitarians are about is when someone agrees with you sordid and ill informed positions.
    This goes for the “Progressive”, Marxist totalitarian view on diversity.
    Same kind of ill winded crap.
    I personally don’t care a wit about what Cheney says. If he wants to speak it is his right regardless if he wishes to say yeah or neigh in accordance to your anti american, marxist views and opinions.
    It’s no surprise though that you want all dissenting opinions crushed and snuffed out.
    It is after all, the way of the Progressive Marxist totalitarians like yourself.

  • admin:

    Sheezus Ralph, you’re a one note wonder. I let you spout your one note crap on here don’t I? I never even hinted or implied in any way that I ” want all dissenting opinions crushed and snuffed out.”

    You know what else? Stop calling me a fucking marxist. I’m not a goddamn totalitarian either. Unless you can support it with words out of my own mouth and you can’t, shut the hell up.

    You’re starting to piss me off with your single minded rhetoric and baseless labeling of everyone who disagrees with you.

    You’re a frightened pathetic fool who’s only move is to shout the same ridiculous crap over and over. You are a coward and a stupid one at that.

    Unless you can bring constructive debate and facts to the party, I will ignore you.

  • Ralph:

    Call me whatever ridiculous names you can muster.
    (Please keep the spittle away from your keyboard because you don’t want to have your computer break down.)
    You seem like you are such an angry and frustrated fellow Mike.

    It however does not change the FACT, that you and your ilk support this present Soviet style regime that is presently occupying the Oval “Hut”.
    No president has EVER, signed as many executive orders in the time he’s been in ofice as this present one that you support.
    In case you don’t know that’s known as DICTATIORAL, TOTALITARIAN RULE and you support this.
    This president is nationalizing the banks, auto industries, health care systems as well as other industries of the manufacturing sector all through executive orders. No legislation from either houses of the congress or senate. Not that is would make any difference anyway given that they are all supporting this which is in fact a SOVEIT STYLED, MARXIST TAKEOVER.

    That you and the whole “Progressives”, support all of this without question makes you and all who support this crap a MARXIST TOTALITARIAN and it also makes you and all who support it ANTI-AMERICAN cause’ that shit has NOTHING to do with the USA or the US constitution that is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.
    I suggest you read again Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and see for yourself just how much things are turning towards Marxism under the dictator president Soetero.
    Have you ever even read Marx? I doubt it. You should though. At least you would know how you are being used.
    This all by sheer example makes you a Totalitarian, Marxist/Maoist like Soetero and all who support him.
    Don’t like the truth?, Too bad comrade. You are nothing more than a commie Red Marxist shill just like the rest of the screaming she-man progressives. Call me all the names you want. It changes NOTHING.
    This is your crowd’s party pal,, so you all own it!
    You and your ilk have destroyed this once great nation.
    It’s over, finished.
    Congratulations. You’ve won, be happy, the USA is no more thanks to you and the rest of the Anti-American totalitarian, Marxist progressives.
    Don’t wax poetic about your love for this country Mike.
    You and the rest of the democrat progressives are just a bunch of thugs who represent themselves as lovers of this nation but are nothing more than crimnal rapists of what this country truly used to be.
    I say again, congratulations, you and the Progressive Marxist totalitarians have won and in doing so, have destroyed the nation.
    You are nothing more than a Marxist criminal thug like your leader Soetero.

  • Kim:

    Sticks and stones Ralph; sticks and stones.

  • admin:

    The number of executive orders is necessitated by the clusterfuck he inherited and and it’s quite a leap for a retard like yourself to equate that with “DICTATIORAL, TOTALITARIAN RULE”.

    And yes I’ve read MARX and none of this remotely resembles the direction he fomented, unless of course you’re a retard.

    If I’m a “commie Red Marxist shill” then you’re a paranoid psychopath with acute obsessive compulsive disorder, Down Syndrome and I suspect at least a mild case of Tourette’s

    Sticks and stones Ralph?

  • Sue:

    I have been perusing your site and sorry, but I have to agree with Ralph, you definitely lean waaayyyyy to the left.

  • Ralph:

    The executive orders have been by and large for the purpose of nationalizing the banks, health care industry and manufacturing infrastructures.
    These are in no way reflective of any such “Cleaning up” from the last eight years.
    That is a specious and ill informed, half baked argument which you seem quite proud to put forth ad nauseam replete with your customary level of vile language of vitriolic hate that can only be described as what’s commonly heard from the fowl mouthed left.
    But the fact still remains as it most generally does, your facts are askew and your intent is poisoned by your hatred.
    The fact remains that taking over goods and services through nationalization is one of the basic edicts of SOCIAMLIZM.
    Go back and re-read the communist manifesto comrade, and for anyone else go read it and see where is outlines the very things we are seeing where the government is producing all goods and services so that they can de distributed equally amongst the “People”
    This is EXACTLY, what the Soetero administration is doing.
    It’s called TOTALITARIANISM and is foundationally supported my MARXIST ideals which are the mantra of the PROGRESSIVES in this nation and indeed around the world.
    “Progressives like yourself Mike, are NOT in favor of the USA and are instead wishing to destroy it, much like Mao did in China.
    This president is turning this country into a Maoist/Stalinist amalgamation of Marxist/Soviet styled totalitarianism using ignorant people like you Mike who feel the government should level the playing field through Marxist policies like Soetero is forcing down the nation’s collective throats because they feel you and your ilk feel you’ve been cheated somehow out of some sort of “Life Lottery” winnings.
    It’s not uncommon Mike to see liberals “Connect” with ignorance like we’ve seen happen in this last election cycle which has brought down this nation.
    But the executive orders have had NOTHING to do with the previous eight years save for Bush’s strating the ball rolling on the nationalization of the banking system which Soetero is Continuing and NOT, putting the brakes on which he should be doing.

    Soetero was bitch slapped by his own party about closing Gitmo and he will NOT be able to leave Iraq anytime soon and is putting more troops into Afghanistan.
    These are all policies from the Bush administration which Soetero is CONTINUING, and will have to continue until these areas of conflict are resolved.
    Soetero is
    Also Kim Jung Il is having his way with the Soetero administration right now.
    Soetero is way in over his nappy little head.
    Netanyahu told him to go screw and walked out of their meeting. Israel in case you did not know, has the most advanced armed forces on the planet. If you think that incorrect you are incorrect. Look it up.
    It’s the only reason they are still around. If they were to bomb Iran and meet them on the battlefield, Iran will not even be on the map anymore. The leaders of Iran know this and this is why they are trying desperately to obtain nuclear weapons capacity and hope to buy them from N Korea. But even with Nuke Iran doesn’t stand a chance against Israel.
    Remember the Muslim Arab nations of the Middle East are only there because Israel allows them to be. Israel could in an instant, annihilate and glass the whole frigging dessert there.
    But I digress,
    Fact remains Mike that you support the Soviet style government takeover we are all witnessing before our eyes.
    You are part of this and it is your party. Not mine or any other true patriot’s.
    Don’t get any spittle on your dress Mike.

  • Kim:

    Ralph, here you go again accusing the left of being this way and that, yet do you ever actually go back and read what you write? You accuse Mike of having a foul mouth yet, you continue to classify the left as TOTALITARIAN, SOCIALIST MARXIST COMMMUNISTIC PROGRESSIVES. How is that not just as bad? Where do you get off on being so righteous? You have a convoluted way of viewing things and simply because you see things one way doesn’t make it so. It’s funny how you are so hell bent on stereotyping everyone on the left. Even though I know I have a FAR different way of looking at things than you do, I don’t get on this blog and profess to KNOW what ALL PEOPLE on the right think, feel or know. That is just presumptuos, arrogant and retarded.
    I have learned from reading your BS that you alone are on the extreme right, you are a racist and probably a touch psychotic. Does that mean everyone on the right is? Of course not. So please stop classifying everyone on the left as TOTALITARIAN, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, COMMUNIST etc. It’s just as or MORE offensive than any foul language I’ve ever read. And quite frankly it’s stupid and getting old.

  • Ralph:

    grow up.

  • Ralph:

    Oh and by the way, the racists are on the left. This being most recently exemplified by Soereto (who is a blantent racist) and his racist left-wing activist idealoge of a pick for the supreme court replacement od Souter.

  • Kelly:

    Wow Ralph, nobody saw that coming… pot meet kettle.

    You are terminally boring.

  • Kim:

    Why did I know Sotomayer would be your next rant?

  • admin:

    Really Ralph, blah, blah, blah.

  • Ralph:

    Perhaps you should re-name your blog “Brain Speck”?

  • admin:

    Yer funny, I’ll kill you last.

  • Ralph:

    Yeah Mike, you’ll kill me last.
    Spoken like a true liberal totalitarian.
    You and your ilk are just such violent and hateful people.
    You and your ilk like a true disciple of Marat, Marx and Mao, you all are ALWAYS, the first to threaten with death and destruction.
    You Mike, are everything that you rail against.
    You are a caricature of your own obscene and vile rants.
    You just publicly in your blog that you publish under your own name and are administrator of, threatened to kill me.
    That’s known as criminal threat which is a felony.

  • admin:

    Again Ralph, humor. *yawn*

  • Ralph:

    Humor my ass Mike.
    You threatened me with bodily harm.
    I don’t take threats from violent and hateful people like you lightly.
    I wish you no harm or ill will.
    That you would threaten to kill me is quite chilling.
    Just think if I did that to you.

  • admin:

    I would laugh as should you. Really, lighten up Ralph.

  • Ralph:

    Oh I get it.
    If one of you “Progressives” threatens someone it’s OK because after all you really better than everyone and can do and say what ever you want because after all, you’re one of the “correct” people and I (an obviously retarded person in your view because I refuse to worship as you do this no good Marxist anti-American president) am not?
    All I know is I don’t like being threatened by people like you, who have no business what so ever saying ANYTHING threatening to anyone.
    You think you’re funny???
    Well I don’t take to threats lightly Mike.
    These days of totalitarian Marxist rule, no one should.

    Does that mean also it’s OK for you to loosely use terms such as “Retard” with abandon because after all, you’re one of the “Good” or “Correct” people who use thuggish tactics to bully and shout down any opposing views?
    Have you ever been around any people who have been labeled retarded? That you would use such a term in a derogatory sense speaks volumes about who you are and what kind of character you possess.
    You are about nothing but hate Mike.
    You hate anyone and anything that disagrees with you.
    And you question why every person should be procuring as many armaments as they possibly can???
    Armaments are the only thing that will allow us to defend ourselves from hate mongers like you who wish to kill us.
    You are truly a disciple of Marat, a worshiper of Mao and an enemy of the peace and the USA just like your president Barry Soetero.

  • Kim:

    Ralph, you’re like “Debbie Downer” for crying out loud. Give it rest.

  • admin:

    In the interest of brevity Ralph, let me just say that if you’re honestly convinced I threatened you, then you are indeed a retard.

    Now shut up and call the police if you’re that much of chickenshit.


  • admin:

    Oh, and Ralph, when you get a minute, explain why I continue to allow you to post your shrill, baseless, reactionary, ignorant, unimaginative, vitriolic, mono dimensional, redundant, irresponsible, intellectually dishonest BULLSHIT, on my my commie, pinko, America hating blog.

    Are the cops on the way?

    Did you call them. How long did they laugh at you?

    Given that I only know your alleged first name and you only know mine, where would you send them? Even though I’ve apparently committed to assassinating you, I don’t seem to have your address……..


  • admin:

    And Ralph, I’ve been thinking, if you could get me arrested, I think I’d really like that. The publicity could elevate my humble blog to national recognition. I could attract advertisers and actually get paid for my anti-American propaganda.

    If you want my address, let me know. I’ll bet you could report my death threats to some government agency like the Secret Service and they could find me in a heartbeat. Let me know, I need to clean up around here for the photo op.

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