Transformative? Not so much.

So the titular head of the GOP says, “The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over”.

Huh.  You think?  In light of all the malice, avarice and incompetence your party has fomented and been complicit in for the last eight years, you’re no longer accountable?  Not to be asked or even compelled to apologize?

Michael Steele issued this proclamation.  He has giant balls made of flaky, semi solid, foamy stuff.  Premier asstard of the GOP.

Hey Mike, wanna bet?

Mike is a loose lipped cashier.  He’s also an idiot.

Looks like somebody picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

This dark stain is your legacy.  I’m thinking you guys need to make peace with that.  It’s a blood stain.  You won’t be taken seriously until you do.

It is this exact brand of arrogance that keeps Republican stock in the shitter.  That, and the looming visage of dickheads like Darth Cheney and  the Human Shitsmear.  These two aren’t the only ones tripping over themselves while waltzing  through the GOP’s intestines.  I adore how jacked up they are.

Somebody doesn’t get the difference between consonants and vowels.

Meanwhile and just in time, swine flu rears it’s ugly head again.  Somebody died!  Quick, call Mr. Little, first name Chicken.

In other news, two groups are seeking disbarment of twelve Bush administration lawyers.  Despite a rather overt political posture, their argument is pretty airtight:

“Just as the bar would suspend an attorney who advised a police officer to torture and brutalize a detained immigrant or criminal defendant, the bar must suspend these attorneys for advocating and causing the torture of war detainees,” said Kevin Zeese, a spokesman for the groups. -UPI

Fuckin A, I’m good with that.  All the assholes were named.  Yoo, Ashcroft, Gonzales and Mukasey et al.  Don’t know about you, but I’m getting a half leaner over here.  It won’t amount to shit.

Hi.  I oppose birth control and abortion in the same breath.  I really believe you should get married to experience live dick insertion.  Who am I?  I’m the Catholic Church and I’m okay, I lust all night and I hypocrite all day.  Premarital sex is a sin but ass raping young boys isn’t even outre’…………

When did prisoners become detainees?

John Boehner actually said “our constituents don’t want these terrorists in their neighborhoods”.  He fucking said it.  The subject was Gitmo detainees.  Boehner’s neighborhoods are in Ohio.  How do you say that with a straight face at a press conference in front of cameras?  John Boehner’s neighborhoods in Ohio, are light years from a military prison in Kansas surrounded by a military base.  This whole debate is regoddamndiculous.  Boehner needs to lay off the bronzer.  His eyes are particulary reptilian in contrast with his earnestness to become a lite skinned black man.

Who is this fuck?

Boehner is creepy weird and an astoundingly magnificent dickhead.  He’s so full of shit his caramel orange pallor may just be benefiting from the tremendous output and efficiency yielded by his super human shit producing capability.  It’s all he can do to keep from vomiting actual warm crap while speaking.  Several times a day he burp-pukes and swallows turds back down into his gullet.

Let me tell you how I feel about John Boehner.

This guy is more queer than a pole vaulter in an ice storm.

What the rest of us need to remember, is that are we to march jackbooted in lock step like the Republicans did until the obvious consequence of rot and implosion transpired, events will be eerily similar.

Or, diversity will emerge as strength.  It already has.

Diversity could be the next exclusivity.  Beware.  Don’t laugh, because I’m not kidding and that could be scary.  Ubiquitous caucasian males would be in for a tough time.  Too many of us.

White power!

Drinks for my friends.

20 Responses to “Transformative? Not so much.”

  • Ralph:

    Republicans are as bad as Democrates.
    This country has gone into a Soviet style govenment.

  • admin:

    Hello Ralph. Thy new nickname is Drama.

  • Ralph:

    Call me whatever you want but it still does not change a thing. It effects nothing in the facts that this nation has slid into a Marxist government that is headed by the dictator Soetero.
    Didn’t you watch the very clear link I posted about what has happened and how it happened?
    You cannot even define any of your terms of argument without falling into your grammer school yard bullying tactics of name calling and fowl disposition.
    Try some humanity Mike. It’s a great thing trust me.
    But it still changes nothing.
    This once great nation is doomed to a Draconian and totalitarian Marxist dictatorship under President Barry Soetero.

  • admin:

    It’s a bit of a stretch there Ralph to accuse me of lacking humanity. No, I haven’t watched the link yet. I will when I have time.

    You’re such a one note wonder without any facts, it makes it difficult not to make fun of you.

  • admin:

    By the way Ralph, this blog cracked me up when I wrote it and it just did the same.

    Humor. Look into it.

  • Ralph:

    It’s not much of a stretch at all Mike, reading through your blog that is replete with dehumanizing labels, half truths and a general fowl demeanor, it is apparent that you are indeed in need of some humanity.
    That you would follow blindly this president’s push for the total and irreversible destruction of the USA which has happened as a culmination of 90 or so years of policies that have been propagated in the post Civil War era of which we are seeing the end result with the final nails being driven into the coffin by the USA by this Marxist regime presently occupying the oval “Hut”.
    It is unfortunate, that you go on and on about the left and the right without any apparent understanding of what you are talking about which is why I posted the link to exemplify just precisely what all of that really and objectively, is. This would perhaps then, allow for a more clearer platform by which people might be able to draw from when they are speaking about such things when they refer to the “Left or Right”.
    Fact is if this nation were following the laws of the US constitution, we would not at all be in the dire mess we are presently in. Quite to the contrary, we would be and in “We” I mean solely, the USA, in great shape. But the following of the US constitution hasn’t happened since the emancipation proclamation. That was the last time the constitution was followed from the letter of the document itself. Every supreme court decision since then has been a bastardization of the very nature of it’s laws.
    Yes Mike, you really need to try civility and humanity. Your side won. Knock off the anger and vitriol. You’re getting exactly what you and your whole “Progressive movement” brethren have always wanted which is the Soviet styled Marxist regime we are currently being ground into.
    There not a damn thing funny about this Mike.
    Not at all.

  • admin:

    Humor Ralph. Look into it.

  • Ralph:

    Yeah Mike, The banks have been nationalized along with the auto industry and soon to be followed by the health industry along with any other business that is in operation.
    This is a riot.
    You and your ilk must be just giddy with glee over the destruction of the USA.
    You and the rest of the anti USA marxist progressive totalitarians have won.
    It’s not funny at all.

  • Kim:

    Ralph: Obama signed legislation today to allow people to carry guns into National Parks. Wow. That pretty much shoots a hole in your gun control theory. Pun intended.

  • admin:

    You beat me to it, but what about that Ralph?

  • admin:

    All this has become necessary because of the past administration. If you ask me, particularly with health care, this country could use a little socialism.

    And stop insinuating that I somehow applaud America’s demise. It’s tired, not true and it pisses me off.

    “PROGRESSIVE TOTALITARIAN MARXISTS” can you say ‘oxymoron’?

  • Ralph:

    I think it’s ludicrous and also a really sad thing when we are supposed to be grateful for legislation which “Allows” us to do something which is guaranteed by the constitution in the first place.
    Soetero and the rest of the totalitarian socialist Marxist anti- American progressives can stick their blessings about my second amendment “Rights” up their collective fowl posteriors.
    This latest fiasco is indeed yet another in the historic dementia that is the legislative denial of the second amendment of the constitution.
    Soetero is planning gun confiscation through taxes on firearms sales and the ammo that makes them so special.
    That is a fact.

    Also socialism in ANY degree, is a really, really bad thing.

  • admin:

    A degree of socialism, particularly in the context of parity for the average citizen, is a viable and legitimate ballast in a system of capitalism infected with the cancer of corruption and unbridled avarice.

    You want America to survive it’s descent into a theocratic plutocracy, you better get used to it and learn to embrace it.

    The top one percent of the wealth in this country owns over fifty percent of our money and assets. Such concentration of wealth and disparity exits no other place in the world.

    Time to forego the dogma and ridiculous ideology and get practical and realistic.

  • Ralph:

    Mike, you said:
    “A degree of socialism, particularly in the context of parity for the average citizen, is a viable and legitimate ballast in a system of capitalism infected with the cancer of corruption and unbridled avarice.
    You want America to survive it’s descent into a theocratic plutocracy, you better get used to it and learn to embrace it.”

    theocratic plutocracy?????
    That’s total nonesense.
    Learn to embrace it or what? Are you guys going to come and take away my family?
    My life?
    That may be.
    But you and your ilk will not take me or my family alive.
    We would rather die fighting for what is the USA then just march into the drudgery of a Marxist socialist existence.
    I will not live in a socialist country and I will die rather then see it happen.
    All true and real patriots have a duty to god and country to resist socialism with every fiber of their being. Socialism is a disease that only makes a society weak and unable to live to it’s full potential.
    This is because socialism works and supports the lowest common denominator and pushes all towards a common level of mediocrity and only supports those who fit that mold.
    True creativity and individualism of entrepreneurial verve is discouraged under socialism.
    Commonality and socialized homogenization of the whole which squelches the individual spark of any pared identity is what socialism brings.
    It is a really bad, bad thing.
    Don’t tell me about Holland, the land of drug addicts and whores, or Sweden which is a pussy country of chocolate swilling nit wits.

    Socialism is pure and unadulterated evil.

  • admin:

    Tell me why socialized medicine is evil.

  • Sue:

    Also look at this website
    It tells the stories of real people hurt by nationalized healthcare.

  • Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  • Joe:

    Hey all you neophyte neocons,

    You’re all so fired up about how this country is going to hell in a handbasket, marxist, socialist, wretched whatever,… You dittoheads who want this administration, this country to fail, you fucking make me sick. Why don’t you all find some fascist theocratic haven in another country and GET THE FUCK OUT! I am sick and tired of listening to your illogical, misguided, proudly anti-intelligent and ANTI-AMERICAN banter. Better yet, why don’t you just do a Jim Jones routine on yourselves, your families and all your other American-hating fuckin friends, BEFORE IT TOO LATE. You are and always have been kool-aid sucking pariah of society anyway.

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