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Michael Jackson.  I’m a fan.  Brilliant pop composer.  Tragic.  Bona fide ElvisBelushiAnnaNicoleChrisFarley syndrome.  I don’t believe he was a pedophile but he sure did some stupid shit.  I can’t but think his persecution and prosecution for child molestation tore at his most human fibers.  It really was his proverbial straw.  It was then  he began to fold.

I’d always kinda liked the music, but only in the periphery.  He sealed the deal with me when he let  Eddie Van Halen tear it up on what would be one of his biggest songs.  Brilliant move.  Gave all us naive white boys an open door.  Brave if you acks me.

He was damaged and Papa Joe is clearly a sociopath.  The face is of evil.  I see an asshole.  What disturbs me the most is the inevitable slow but hot coal lambaste by the media.  Sheezus.  Randi Rhodes and Tom Hartman were all over it on Air America today.  When it gets that deep, it’s because they hafta.

His star was likely the biggest ever seen by earthlings, despite some rather advanced oxidation.

In death as in life, more than anything else, the world’s most accomplished and beleaguered defendant of celebrity obsession.

It’s true that I am of fan, but I’m not overly sympathetic.  At the end of the day, he was the leading architect of his own demise.  I ultimately believe anyone with the aforementioned syndrome knows exactly enough of what they do to understand just exactly what they’re doing.  Add Kurt Cobain to the list.  No piss mocking of the burden of celebrity.  Fame flat out fucks with most people who end up in the light.  It fucked with Michael Jackson as early as five years old.  This end as predictable as always for people with this syndrome.

His affliction was chronic and acute.  You know what they say about walking in a man’s shoes.  Truism.

And yet, the tragedy.  There is family, friends and fans.

In other news, Samuel Wurzelbacher, in his current role as Joe The Plumber, graced us with his prowess for history today by reminding us that our founding father’s knew full well that Socialism and Communism were not at all efficacious.  Kinda hard to figure how he can say that with such conviction as neither concept was to be born for another half century.  He went on to suggest with the certitude of round headed jackass that Senator Chris Dodd should be lynched.  More than once.  Every time I see this nimrod on television I flash back to projectile vomiting as a kid with the flu.  Specifically the aftertaste of a partially digested dinner and the corrosive agents of digestion in my windpipe.

Having said that, I owe Joe.  He’s a bit player in the neoconservative production that caused me to vomit so often that I’m no longer traumatized by it.  Now it’s pretty much ‘Oh Liz Cheney is on, pardon me while I paint this hedge with the contents of my upper gastrointestinal tract’.  He’s a goddamn plebian narcissist.  And a fucking fool for thinking he has something to say.

“The Tennessee stud was long and lean
The color of the sun and his eyes were green
He had the nerve and he had the blood
And there never was a hoss like the Tennessee stud” -Tennessee Ernie Ford

I’m sticking to the current events thing.  This just in from an old friend:

Hey Mike,

I’m writing you in confidence, just to let you know what kind of trouble my ex is.

she asked me if I had ever heard of the Powerhouse. I said “NO”,

she then told me that you had told her that I was there the night the bar tender showed you her oral talents. And that we both got service on the bar.

And then she told me that you once had a cocaine problem and it’s back again.

She said that you contacted her directly by email and that Misty is also still in contact with her.

I went and looked at your blog and put two and two together.  = trouble with Capital T



I respond:

Sheezus Crap!  How’d you end up with this kinda crazy?  I’m spooked.  My stalker and you’re stalker activate their wonder twin powers.  I don’t believe I was ever at the Powerhouse with you.  Blow was never my thing.  It’s merely the wrong direction for me.  Pot and booze are my elective poisons.  I don’t mind a little xanax or vicodin.  This woman is crapping in public nuts.  Obviously when I first engaged her, I had no idea who she was.  I want nothing to do with this.  We are longtime friends ****, let me know what I can do and/or keep me out of it.

Tell the bitch we were complete blow hounds and routinely got our stingers moistened on the bar, in front of the juke, in the bathroom, the alley……..

Take care

Then there’s this:

I was in another medical marijuana dispensary today, the terminal I’d brought acted like it hadn’t been downloaded.  My name was on the box as well as that of the business.  Still had to download it twice, adjust the time and date and finally ended upon a conference call with our technology partner.  Got it done while the staff did bong rips in the back office.  I like stoned folks more than drunk folks, but even the stoned ones are a pain in the ass.  To be fair, I like these people quite a bit.

My one pair of Kenneth Cole dress shoes were fucking killing me.  My feet ached ached to my knees.  What should have taken ten minutes took two hours.  This on top of the dance I’d done with my superiors a few hours earlier to deposit funds in my girlfriends account so she can pay her state bar license, among other things, after she helped me with my rent.  This and a just now phone call telling me she’s still $400 short.  If I had a gun, I’d be tasting steel.

Anybody want Spiderman #22, X-men #94 or an original A/DA flanger?

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Temy:

    I always find these blogs interesting. Never will understand why anyone would want to know the name of the person who designed or made their shoes.

  • admin:

    It’s incidental. Detail.

  • Ralph:

    I’m just loving it.
    As more and more people are waking up from their media induced stupor, Soetero’s approval ratings drop and keep dropping.
    Yeah baby!!!

    Michael Jackson was a tragedy.
    He liked to have sex with children and have “Doctors” mutilate his body regularly and often.
    He was talented with the gifts of dance, music and worked very hard at them as is evidenced in his body of work.
    But if it were not for one Quincy Jones who basically molded and shaped what we know as “Michel Jackson”, Jackson would not have been.
    It’s all very tragic indeed.
    But he’s dead now so to quote the grim reaper from Monty Python’s “Meaning of life”, “Shut up!”

  • admin:

    I was a record producer and an engineer. I have a bit more insight than most to the influence a producer can wield. Without a doubt, Quincy played an essential role, but the raw talent came from Michael himself and there is simply no substitute for that.

  • Mike Baumgartner:

    Funny how you think you’re being “stalked”– a schizoid fantasy. Like who would really want you? Low down scum. Also funny how one says the other should keep things in confidence. And he goes and puts everything on his blog. Great friends for many years. And yet the one says, “We were never friends. So what if I saw the guy and talked to him after ten years.” Bye- bye blog. Bye- bye low class “hounds”– You can only WISH….. I’m checking out of this one. It’s not my “world”

  • Mike Baumgartner:

    And Misty….. Right on!

  • A.:

    I love how the guy says keep this in confidence and you put it on your blog. Great friend.

  • admin:

    Oh man, I think I really fucked up here. I was thinking exposing her would shut her up. Mike, I’m so sorry.

  • A.:

    It’s never a good idea to involve yourself in other people’s stuff .

  • Soooo S. Cal and so .., what its free space. Anyone stupid enough to pay for this shit, that’s no prob with me, same way I got most of my C.D.’s
    Ho No… You Don’t Like Me, I’m Double D Misty.
    Shinny Skin and Eyes would cause you crazy envy. If it was me and you, all eyez would lock on me, see My two gigantic breast,puts the world to the test. So put that idea that me and you be friends to rest. Gary, Indiana Gary, Indiana Gary, Indiana///Your time in the light is over. I’m a star there is no fame this flamming gurl can’t handle!
    Fucking Mommy Whore’s .. Oh Boo the Fuck wHOOO some idiot dick, sucking man walked on you. What ever became of your Union Due’s?
    Who do you think you are; I couldn’t care less.. Let me give you a little global warming warning…,DO NOT MESS WITH ME!
    I’m Redder than a cooked Lobster, Hotter than a sunburndt Firecracker Mid-Day, 4th of July Sky, sweating Rain after sex, humid as hell somewhere down south by the border.
    Whatever your excuse, I’ve never needed to self abuse,in a smelly public restroom bar. I’m on top of the world.., your Not. I don’t need antique names to drop.
    Go Bleach Blonde your hair, like Anna Nichol color it rainbow, then you can pretend me, and you is friends while your stealing Grampa’s doe$. I make my own cash.., you Bimbo. Same way lowlife stirs up green Pea soup envy. And Michael, I’m here to make you feel you’ve just been A.K. Semi Automatic Shot, in between your legs the ones wearing two pink socks. You escaped the 89 riot cause they knew you were a gurl, goldie locks. Remember when you and I first met at Memorex; when you were a techno efficianatato with a Lion on your chest? Those days are over I’ve long since put you to rest. Oh, so what I’m a petty candy thief. Two people just got pushed into a deep ravine off the freeway dead , thanks to me because of my anger over this level of disrespect. Me Stalking you, I got millions of people trying to kill me. Yet, You break into an apologetic week guy sweat over a few words, what the heck? Put History to rest. Oh and by the way I paid for my own college education certificate, I’m not a government welfare Ho.., it’s eazy to drop one, 2, three when there are suckers like me out there paying for you and your babies. With all of you and yours funky words and intellect yet you still can’t hang on to a dollar. Go dancy, dance on that… I don’t have to pretend to myself I’m not the one who is the has been here. I’ll be back!

  • Oh and liberals can stick it up in there ass, I was busy working two and three jobs, while you and yours was doing all the free education durgs, alcohol, and sleezy sex. I have no pity when you and yours burn out. WEAKness will sink!

  • admin:

    For what it’s worth, all previous blogs posted by Misty, Mike Baumgartner or A., were actually authored by one of Misty’s many personalities.

    She’s been around for quite awhile and hacked numerous accounts of people close to me.

    Yes, I’m starting to get spooked. Really spooked.

  • admin:

    Yep, same ip address, all of them. Sheezus.

    Anyone know a good private detective who’s cyber savvy?

  • admin:

    She’s hit me at least 150 times in the last hour or two. She now knows that I have her IP addresses. Law enforcement would find her in a heartbeat. Unless she chooses to run.

    That would be cool.

  • admin:

    Seriously. What if my stalker went on the lamb? Gigantic boon and bane. Gimme one of those Michael Jackson whelps.

  • Misty:

    You are nothing but a confused female, self aggrandazide lying L.A. low life drunk. Making a vain attempt at fame. Thank God…your failing. You don’t have to post any post that you don’t choose to. I hit you, rarelly. I’m pulling a job, while your waiting for a handout from one of your female suckers. I can’t even believe people like you exist on this planet. Yet you go looking down at who? Look at you and your life in the mirror. Oh by the way I have a man, he also is pulling a job. Go get stinky on some bar stoole you lowlife fool! Who ever those other nay sayers of you are they are not me hardly your not worth the cyber slueth.

  • David Lee 3:

    Um,.. well then, how about that Mayan Calender actually ending on Oct 28, 2011,.. I mean who woulda thunk it?

    Save the steel for later when the dollar goes to complete shit, then use it to get food.

    I’m convinced the implosion of the Republican party is as much of an inside job as building 7 is. And that Joe the plumber & Palin are star agents completely wrecking the under infrastructure of the party. Good for them,… blissfully blind indignant pricks.

  • Sean:

    Hey that Flanger gets offered to me first!

    p.s. I agree!

  • admin:

    Wanna buy it?

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