Finnegan begin again

I hope you’re not yet tired of me railing against all things Dick Cheney.  I know I’m not.  History will will estimate him to be nothing more than a misanthropic war criminal.  Besides that, I admit again that it’s morbidly cathartic.  What began as an effort on his part to rewrite history and burnish his legacy, has morphed into a risible rhythmless boogie of dodging bullets fired at his feet by truth empowered gunslingers.

Today he tells us that there was never any evidence of a connection between 911 and Iraq.  Um, no shit.  This despite his persistent insistence that there was ample evidence, long after it was thoroughly discredited. He said:  “pretty well confirmed” that a 9/11 hijacker met with Iraqi intelligence officials before 9/11.

Understand how deliberate this dog and pony show was.  In the ’04 Presidential election, over 70% of people who voted for Bush/Cheney believed that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for the attacks on 911.  One could rightfully argue that these two assholes were re-elected by and large because Americans believed their lies and the spell of fear they so successfully instilled.

You gotta love the great unwashed.

He also tells us that those memos he wants declassified don’t necessarily prove, as he claimed just days ago, that torture saved thousands, if not hundreds of thousand of lives, but rather the entirety of the interrogation program did.  What the hell does that mean?  Olbermann wondered if he was referring to instances like the fact that we gave sugar free cookies to a diabetic terrorist.

Then, he has the audacity to blame his lies on George Tenet.  That’s right, the infamous dickhead in charge of the CIA at the time, who said that making a case for invading Iraq to the American people and the world was a “slam dunk”.  As if to say, it wasn’t his fault because that’s what Tenet told him.

After months of pressure and obtuse harangue by Dick truly and his mob.

For his part, Tenet received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It’s gets better.  He now claims we missed 911 because of former terrorist czar Richard Clarke.  I suggest you read Clarke’s book on the matter.  One of the very first insiders to be overtly critical of the reckless and ideologically driven Dick-in-Bush administration and the Keystone Cops approach they took to every single circumstance after that fateful day.  If Clarke is to be believed, and I believe him, he had been ringing the bell since day one.  The book is titled “Against All Enemies” and it’s a page turning indictment of the whole crew, from Condoleezza Rice, on up.

While you’re at it, pick up of former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill’s book, “The Price of Loyalty”.  An astounding glimpse into the pre-911 days and the Bush administration’s determination, even then, to to invade Iraq.

What baffles me is how so many talking heads, Dan Rather included, seem wont to purchase that at the very least, Cheney is sincere, that he believes what he says.  No sale here.  He’s a charlatan and should be tried and convicted for war crimes.  Every prediction has been wrong.  Every “fact” he’s ever foisted has been a lie.  The idea that this prick is able to command a single American’s attention on any public airwave, makes me want to puke in technicolor.

Here’s where we are.  No WMD.  There never was and there remains no credible reason to tell Americans it was…..was.  No connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda.  No connection whatsoever between Saddam Hussien and the events of 911.  Again, never was and no credible reason to tell Americans there was.  Nothing, no symbiosis between a secular dictatorship and an extreme religious movement.

No was.  None.

Here we are.  Not a single fucking reason for invading a sovereign country that posed no threat to us or even it’s neighbors in the foreseeable future.  No reason for killing hundreds of thousands if not more than a million innocent people.  No reason for displacing millions of innocents.  No reason for the deaths of thousands of proud American men and women.  No reason for the incalculable grief visited on millions and millions of fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers across the entire planet.  No goddamn reason at all for any of it.

No was and no is.

I usually endeavor to bring a little humor to you the reader, while drawing your attention to the horrible events that surround us all in this world.  Forgive me, this just isn’t funny.  There’s nothing funny about it.  It’s all tragedy kids.  A long slow, brutal and still developing nightmare that will disturb the world’s sleep for decades because Richard Bruce Cheney was somehow allowed to have far too much influence on the course of human events.

More than any other human, Richard Bruce Cheney is responsible for a consummately unjust war with Iraq.  More than any other human, Richard Bruce Cheney is responsible for the abject and utterly reprehensible torture America visited with malice and viciousness on America’s “enemies”.  More than any other human, Richard Bruce Cheney is culpable for America’s woefully reduced standing in the world.  More, than any single other human fucking being, Richard Bruce Cheney is responsible for the hole that we are now at the bottom of.

One of the prevailing messages of the Obama administration is to look forward and therefore not dwell too zealously on our recent past.  It is ever more apparent to me that however wholesome and well intentioned such sentiments are, they are naive and for lack of a better adjective, simple, in an increasingly complex world.

Richard Bruce Cheney shits where he eats.

Hold Dick Cheney responsible.  Show the world that accountability is still a respected idea in America.  Prosecute this prick.  In so doing, we will demonstrate the best we have to offer as a first step, to ourselves and the rest of the planet.

Fuck this guy.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • He reminds me of somebody’s grandpa. Sits there, bitches about the good ole days, and he can’t remember them correctly….then little Jimmy catches him in a lie, and the family barbeque pauses in awkward silence….

    I’ll have an Guinness….

  • admin:

    Room temp. or American?

  • Kim:

    Have you ever noticed how his eyes are always bloodshot? I hope the bastard is losing sleep over what he’s done; but I doubt it. He is an evil man. I wish we would prosecute him. He so deserves it.

    I’ll have a nice Merlot please.

  • Misty:

    Can we tax Religion, as Iconoclast had suggsted earlier….like Now! I’m sick of the shit, and war…!

  • admin:

    Religion should NOT be tax exempt. It’s dogma and therefore not sacred.

    And Kim, he sleeps well in a dirt filled coffin.

  • admin:

    America’s biggest asshole.

  • David Lee 3:

    My take on the Dicks recent media tour of “what happened”?!

    Damage control, plain & simple. From what?

    How about the recent peer reviewed scientific paper that confirms that unreacted nano-thermite was found in 4 different dust samples from the 9/11 World Trade Center collapses?

    The full paper is here..

    Watch a recent Danish news broadcast of one of the papers authors, Neils Harrit, explaining what they had discovered.

    This is nano thermite (a highly incendiary material that is not available commercially), it is constructed on a scale where the elements are thousands of times smaller than a human hair. This could not be made by guys in a cave, unless you consider a military contractor like Lawrence Livermore Labs to be cave-like.

    I would HIGHLY recommend reading this 25 page scientific paper. I’m not a PHD chemist (nowhere near a dullard either) and I can state that the paper is written in such a way that I could understand most of its contents.

    The basic gist is this…

    This is an empirical paper, we are not talking about any wild conjecture here (I got your tin foil hat right here (cupping my balls)), these are hard facts. A military grade explosive material was found in 4 different dust samples from the wreckage (& it shouldn’t have fucking been there!). Tiny red/grey chips of unreacted thermite and numerous microscopic iron spheres (a byproduct of thermetic reactions) have been found.
    No it was not paint (they tested for that) or any reaction from the planes or the collapses & no it was not from the cleanup efforts (all of which are utterly silly straws being grasped at by official story proponents)! ….

    This material is from cutting edge science. All that really needs to be done is to find out who could have made such stuff and then to thoroughly examine all possible suspects records. This nano-thermite material is not a smoking gun, it is a LOADED GUN. “Cui bono”, Follow the fucking money, right?!

    I ask, did it not strike anybody as strange that temperatures under the rubble at ground zero were well above 1500 degrees for months after the event and molten metal was being showered with millions of gallons of water? Oh yeah, I guess office furniture & long spent kerosene jet fuel could do that (rolling my eyes skyward!)

    I know I’ve been beating this drum a long-LONG fucking time, but we’ve been had… & NOW, all I see is damage control.
    E.G. Here’s Joseph Biden in this recent video where he is being presented the evidence of the paper (the fun begins at 3:28 into the video)

    Does anybody sense anything wrong here?

    When enough Americans learn of this I sincerely fear for the future of this nation. It has dawned on me that if the masses learned of this, they would cry/beg/scream for anyone to help them to find justice. Anyone including the United Nations.
    We are possibly on the cusp of the end of this great experiment (exactly as The United Nations, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateralists & the Bilderbergers wish to happen).

    I would like to however believe that we can regain control of our nation. If we cannot then I support Davis Fleetwoods 9/10 Project wholeheartedly.

    Or shall we just putter forward, languishing in the extortion, spiritual rape & needless deaths of our young people and countless others?

    Fuck us for being this slow & dense (most of the media & especially Rupert & Fox news shall be indicted as accomplice war criminals). Praise us if we right the ship in the nick of time.

    I need whiskey, stat!

  • admin:

    I will tell you that I’ve looooong been saying that we are not aware of even half the truth. I was aware of this paper and it’s contents but kudos to you for providing links et al. Thanks my good friend, you have done us all a service.

  • Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

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