So Ann Coultergeist goes on Faux news and says Lou Dobbs was right on racism, I mean immigration, but wrong on the Birther movement.  Dobbs is saying he’s not a Birther but merely wants proof.  Nevermind that the issue is less than silly and Dobbs is at least willfully complicit by irresponsibly shining a mainstream media spot on it.


The punchline is that Coulter is in a shitstorm over the whole thing.  The far right whackaloons are marching on her cottage with torches and pitchforks.  I love it.  What does it say about these people if they’re too nuts for Coulter?  Ignorance is bliss.  If you’re retarded, do you really know you’re retarded?

This is rich.

Somebody on Hardball put it pretty succinctly.  I’ll paraphrase.  When the river is low, sand bars and rocks at the bottom are exposed to the light of day.  The Republican river is low.  I may have put a more than poetic flourish on it than was originally intended but that’s my job and I’m sure you get the point.  The GOP is experiencing a drought.  With that drought comes famine.  A famine of ideas, leadership, intellectual honesty and common sense.  The fabric of commonality, the fish net if you will, is rent asunder and the carp are left to flop and writhe and wheeze amid the sand and stones while baking in the hot summer sun.

I can’t help it, that visual makes me a little sad.

Ahhh, but then the lunatic fringe marches ever onward, if not forward.  Not forward at all.

Through nefarious effort of various obfuscationists, I may have just invented a new word, the elderly are being led to believe they will be evaluated on their individual likelihood to die and whether it’s cost effective for the government to pay for cost saving measures based on that likelihood.  Some are even expecting government employees to literally visit their homes to determine how they would prefer to die according to mortality statistics and actuarial tables with their specific affliction as a determining factor.

Think I’m kidding?

“The Republicans have a better solution that won’t put the government in charge of people’s health care……… and is pro-life because it will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government”  -Virginia Foxx (R-NC) on the floor of the House of Representatives

“A lot of people are gonna die……..this program of of government option that’s being touted as this panacea, the savior of allowing people to have quality health care at an affordable price is gonna kill people” -Paul Broun (R-GA) on the floor of the House of Representatives

I think he might be saying quality affordable care is impossible unless we kill some of us off.

What new devilry is this?  They have either been led to believe by lobbyists that it’s all true and that would make them gullible idiots, or they are so deep in the pockets thereof that their chief concerns are money and power.  Either way, it is profoundly fucked up.

And as Rachel Maddow points out, all this morbid retarded fucking bullshit starts with and is propagated by the likes of America’s preeminent Human Shitsmear, Rush fucking Limbaugh.  They are taking their talking points from this drug addled, lying and thrice divorced douchebag.

The GOP needs immediate health care.  The GOP needs a surgeon for it’s tumor.

But wait, there’s more, lets listen!

“This is very dangerous.  We, in Michigan have already fought back an attempted assisted suicide several years ago and yet you see that the people who support this are trying to use this bill to advance this agenda.” -Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)

Really, what?

Wait.  It get’s better.  Let’s listen!

“We’ve been battling this socialist health care, the nationalization of health care, that is going to absolutely kill senior citizens.  They’ll put them on lists and force them to die early because they won’t get the treatment as quickly as they need… Once the government pays for your health care, they have every right to tell you what to eat, what you drink, how to exercise, where you live…Any time you have economic chaos, people are always willing to give up their liberty to get economic stability” -Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Sheezus.  I really like the word ‘diphthong’ don’t you?  It’s meaning is so nebulous.  A sliding vowel.  Sorry, let’s keep moving.

He then goes on to compare the quest for reasonable and affordable health care for American citizens to the aspirations of Hitler and Mao.

This asstard is a genius.  Buy his free book.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is simply the most voluminous wad of shit any single agency, much less, American political party, has ever attempted to shove down your ignorant neck.  If you buy into a single aspect of it, you are stupid and worthless.  You probably still think the Iraq war was a great idea.

Ask yourself what this is about.  The answer is Fisher Price.  Money.  Each one of these shriveled dicks is gagging on giant pharmacuetical cock and loving it.  Can’t get enough of that huge milky cock.  These fucks.  These fucking fucks, are nothing but avaricious politicians who’s sole concern when they wake up everyday is money and power.  They don’t give a mad fuck about you.  They don’t want you decent tax paying citizens to be able to cross violent car crashes or brutal insidious cancer off your list of things to worry about because they’ve got eyes on a new boat or hookers in another city.

They lay their heads each night on pillows wrapped in high thread count sheaths and pray for your continued gullibility.  Oh, and more pharmaceutical cock.  Milky cash and medicine spewing cock.

This, is the exact nature of the battle being waged on your behalf by your elected representatives.  These are actual statements mouthed by the lying thieves you elected and trust with your best interests and every single goddamn one of them is a Republican.  I’m not here to tell you Democrats are much better because they aren’t.  At best they are spineless pussies and supine in contrast to the snarling overfed neoconservative hounds wandering the moors in search of weakened foul exactly like you.

God helps those that help themselves.  I don’t believe in your God but you better believe in this one thing or we all get nothing.  Nothing.  The richest country on earth will deny you treatment that will save your life when disease is acute enough to kill you if we don’t make this happen now.  It won’t even be your country, it’ll be your insurance company.

Here comes the hard part.  The irony.

You think the horror they preach isn’t possible?  Get sick now.  What they are screaming about has already happened.  Fourteen thousand a day losing any chance at affording a life threatening occurrence.    It’s a right, not a privilege and as the richest nation on earth we deserve it.

What these fucks would have you believe is worse case scenario, already is.  If you have insurance, you assume you’re insured.  You get sick and it’s fifty fifty at best.  Your insurance provider can and will walk away from you and there isn’t a damn thing you can do.

Now, there is no bill yet, but why are they so scared?  Simple things like no discrimination against pre-existing conditions etc……

Let it begin.  It won’t be perfect but it’s easier to fix a tire once the car is on the road rather than having to reinvent tires all over again.

We spend more than ten times our nearest competitor state on WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and we pay for all of it, there’s plenty of room and money for us to be taken care of when our darkest days come.  And they will come.  For each of us, they will come.  Wanna be scared?  Be scared of that, because it’s inevitable.

Fuck Israel, fuck Iraq and fuck Afghanistan.  There is plenty of filthy lucre and it’s ours.  All ours.  Time to stand up and tell them how to spend our goddamn money.  Our money.  Our country.

” We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

So be it.

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “Furthermore”

  • Master Bacon:

    “Medicine Spewing Cock” is my Native American name. No, really folks, this Douglass chap is onto something vital here, as in ‘life or death’. If we have reached the low-point of Republicanism (can such chasms be fathomed?) then those of us ‘Limousine Liberals” had better guard against that opposite problem: Underwhelming! being swept away in a septic gale not unlike that of the Coultergeist. I stop now. Douglass has the conch!

  • Ralph:

    You have a tremendous ignorance about the US constitution in your contention that it somehow supports this healthcare “Statist” crap currently being dished or more precisely, “Rahmed” down this country’s collective throats.
    I suggest you read Mark R. Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” and get some true perspectives about the US Constitution and the concepts of Federalism and how this applies to state and federal differences and the rights of the “Individual” as opposed the “Collective” groups you and your ilk are so keen to herd every stinking last US citizen and illegal alien into before you go and spout off about what’s right and what wrong using the US constitution as a foil for your specious and nonsensical rants.
    Or better yet, read the whole US constitution.
    Read it and get to know the articles and amendments beyond the ones you just hold dear.
    You are woefully ignorant Mike. Woefully and willing so.
    Like all anti-american Marxists who like yourself hate this country and desire to destroy it with your ill informed opinions.
    I do like the “Coultergiest” parody though.
    Very funny Mike.

  • Gab:

    Ralph, our country’s articles and amendements are bent and twisted thanks to years of Supreme Court rulings. So, to hold dear to them is like holding dear to an ideal that died two hundred years ago.

    In order to have a healthy country, we need healthy people. All we are asking for is affordable healthcare. These right wing nut jobs like Louis Gohmert are simply brainwashing you to think that government afforded healthcare will create another World War III. And you are believing this crap. All we want is healthcare we can afford so that we can live a healthy life in this great country. And now with the economy in a fucking tailspin, more and more people are working longer hours for less money, and are unable to pay for a simple teeth cleaning.

    That’s fucked.

    As long as there is no clear and present danger, what’s the harm in forming our “groups” in order to create mass appeal so that we may ask our government for proper healthcare? The Republican’s appeal to panic is an asenine argument. Don’t be so paranoid. It’s just healthcare – not a Neo Nazi movement.

  • admin:

    Ralph, you ignorant retarded slut!

    I never said the Constitution specifically mandates health care. I’m saying that the spirit of it endorses it.

    Give it a rest Ralph,this isn’t me fomenting marxism or any other of your boiler plate isms. Relax.

  • Ralph:

    You neo-Marxist, anti-American demagogue!
    The US constitution in no way supports your assertion about some sort of “Spirit” of it supporting the idea of socialist government run healthcare.
    That is what’s known as BULLSHIT.
    That the US constitution has been subverted and emasculated by an over-reaching and obfuscating incrementally activist judicial branch over the last 100 years is not a good thing.
    It is a very bad thing.
    If you disagree with that then it is you who is an ignorant “Slut”
    So far as no clear and present danger:
    Social security is in big trouble and is so BECAUSE it is a GOVERNMENT RUN ENTITY.
    Medicare and medicade are in trouble BECAUSE they are both GOVERNMENT RUN ENTITIES.
    Are you all so stupid and ignorant that you actually believe that the above government run programs are doing well??
    They are not.
    They are all ruining this nation’s economic futures of the children and grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren’s collective futures for God knows how many years and you all who support this government run health care of Obama are so stupid and ignorant as to believe this will turn out any different?
    Are you all that vacuous?
    No clear and present danger?
    There is a very, VERY, clear and present danger.
    It is the neo-Marxists of the Obama administration desiring to grab as much control over as many people’s lives as they possibly can.
    It’s beyond bullshit and entered into the realm of surrealism.

  • admin:

    You neo-Marxist, anti-American demagogue!”

    He he! Love it Ralph, keep it coming.
    Every industrialized in the western hemisphere has and the citizens are grateful for it. Watch “Sicko” Do you have a tv in your bunker?

  • David Lee 3:

    New Websters Dictionary (edition printed 2010)

    Obfuscationists: The willing participants Of being an assholes.

  • admin:


  • Shea:

    Seriously, though. I am never surprised by any of the shit that the GOP manages to spew at any given time. These are the people who told us that the problem with our country economically was that the poor had too much money, and the rich had not enough.

    I was reading a different blog earlier, and came across this gem, referring to ex-governor Palin:

    That’s why she will run as an independant, because the republican party won’t nominate her. Don’t count the female vote out just yet. You seem to forget anything can happen in politics. Our president we have isn’t any more qualified. An independent will be president soon may be her.

    Absolute, utter delusions. There are about 5 things wrong with just that single paragraph.

    Great post, keep up the good work.

  • admin:

    Good stuff. Thanks for contributing.

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