Run, Sarah run

Johnny Angel Wendell is actually owed credit for the subject matter here, a left leaning radio talk show host, by simply voting yes in a facebook poll as to whether Sarah Palin should run for the Presidency in 2012.

I too am in favor, if only for the burlesque it promises.  After reading “It Came From Wasilla” in the latest Vanity Fair, I’m convinced that the entertainment value of such an endeavor would be no less than awesome by way of spectacle.  And really, if by then that’s the best the GOP can do, it will guarantee a  second term for Obama or whomever else the Democrats see fit to choose.  Just think of the gritty pathos.  The humanity.  The vacuum of humility.

Now, 2012 is a political millennium away.  To be honest, I estimate Palin’s political career, much less her aspirations, to be toast crispy and black.  Stick a fork in her.  Sarah Palin is a dry, overdone pot roast no gravy can mitigate.  So yes, it’s a fantasy.  Forgive me; it would be grande.

The thing is this, the Republicans have nobody.  Not one man or woman.  Not one credible individual with even the remotest potential to entertain the notion of leading the party to any elected office other than say, dog catcher or assemblyman.  Bereft of leaders, message or even philosophy.  Reaping what they have sown.  Karma not just nipping at their heels but ripping chunks from their asses.  Callow adolescent diphshits and geriatric has-beens.  The C Street house of cards collapsing on what would have been potential stewards like Ensign, Pickering and Sanford.  Not so much burlesque as an ill advised, asinine dress rehearsal.

It get’s harder and harder to watch.  More and more disgusting.

As much fun as there is to be had here, this shit is pathetic.  It’s embarrassing.

There are members of congress who believe the earth is but six thousand years old.   Yep, Republicans almost all.  We look to these assholes for leadership?

I feel a rant coming on.  Yep, it’s in the back of my throat.

I’m coughing.  It’s like a goddamn sagebrush.  This is gonna hurt.  Sorry.  Feels like a tumbleweed.  Yep.  Sorry.  Got any grape Kool-Aid?


Go ahead, read your Bible or your Qur’an or whatever gets you through the night.  I’m less sick of your shit interfering with my life than it so violently and presumptively interferes with the lives of everyone else.  Then, it influences my life.  This is no way to run the world.  My God can beat up your God.  Wanna race for pink slips?  Archaic and absurd.  Fonzi vs. Ponch.  Two would be Italians, one played by a Jew the other an Hispanic.

We really need to leave this shit behind.  It’s stupid.

Catholicism is dumb and hypocritical and evil.  A religion based on ancient, obsolete treatise and decorum as much as rampant Church sponsored pedophilia.  Fuck these cocksuckers.  Pun violently intended.  Bullshit from the ground up.  The bureaucracy of this institution has no excuse and even less shame.  They steadfastly protect those who have or would have diddled your children.  Those who have or who would have ass raped your little boy or girl.

Yet they posture in front of you and deign to share God’s will and the way to a moral life with you.  Snake oil.  Charlatans.  Idiots.  Pretenders.  Phonies.  They don’t know or understand shit.

Them having never shared their pudenda with a mature female makes them sacred?  Holy?

Bullshit.  They stick it wherever they can.

I use the Catholics as an example because I loathe them.  But really, all organized religion is the same through the jaundiced lense of hypocrisy and evil.  So many of you need to go play in the street.  You’re not relevant and don’t deserve to be tax free.  You hurt and damage far more than you help and your “faith” is literally based on an imaginary man in the sky.

And they believe the earth is six thousand years old.  I’m done with you people.

Shut up.  Go away.  Jesus is not the way, if he existed at all he may have been a nice guy.  That’s it.

I hate religion.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • I’d have a whole lot more respect for Catholics if they just went ahead and charged for parking, or admission. You know, some guy with an over-the-top reflective safety vest in the parking lot taking fivers as the “suggested donation”. If you don’t have the dough, they make you park way over there in the mud as punishment, and everyone sees you and makes you feel guilty.
    Maybe one of those credit card swipers tastefully molded into an endcap on the church pews. And, if someone is a big tipper, there’s a nod from the pulpit, and a quick little chorus of “AMEN” from the choir.

    Still not sure what to do with the bigot with the fancy hat though. Way too Hitler, without the style.
    I’m still impressed with the karma police when they do their homework. Giving him a newly limp wrist was a classy touch

  • David Lee 3:

    Well done. A touchy subject but one which must be wrestled with if we are to advance as a species. I’ve struggled with my own awareness of things just outside of my/our senses all my life.
    My great grandfather (while still alive) had memorized the entire bible, it was an amazing feat to watch him recite it. Just open a page and ask him, “okay Grampa, recite Corinthians chapter 1, verse 17?”
    & He’d immediately start and finish the verse,”For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel,..”

    It stunned me as a kid to know that this man, my relative had memorized this book so well.

    To be honest it scared me that he was so scared by all of this voodoo that THIS is what he felt he had to do.

    Later I learned that when he was a young man a tragedy befell him. A child was playing hide and seek one day & hid in a wheel-well of his truck. He accidentally killed the child & I’m almost sure this is what haunted him and caused him to seek salvation through memorization of ‘the scriptures’. A VERY Hornbeckian, type-A personality move of covering all bases personally available.

    Whenever the subject of religion comes up lately, something keeps telling me (perhaps my guardian angel?) to investigate morphogenetic fields.

    These fields are confirmed, I often look at when I’m feeling particularly engaged or distraught.

    “Morphogenetic Fields” explain a lot to me as to why & how things work on a macrocosmic level. Why do people seem to go into trances and genuinely become overwhelmed by ‘the spirit’? They are tuning into leftover morphogenetic fields always resonating. As far as they know, they ARE in contact with ‘IT’.

    Basically, what we give mental power to takes form (quantum physicist would enjoy this) and most of us happen to be unaware that we, ourselves, are all creators. Thoughtless & guiltless for eons now yes, but perhaps this is just part of evolution.

    I think the progenitors of religious concepts were trying to say things about the dualistic nature and inherent spark of the divine available in all men – – but it’s all gotten lost in literal interpretations. These literal interpretations thus spawned their own morphogentic fields and we now have fields that are absolute ogres of giant resonating fucked up thought patterns – still with us today. People, mostly being creatures of habit, are subscribing to accepted thoughtforms of hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

    Now it’s become time to ask tough questions of themselves/ourselves.

    When I was a young Page-head and studying Crowley to see what made Page tick, I created my own morphogentic field with “Uncle Aleister.” Creepy shit man. He would talk to me (my own literal interpretations). It later escalated into a nasty confrontation one day with a very unsavory entity and that’s when I stopped practicing anything occult and jammed my head into music 160%.

    That’s why when someone asks me if I believe in the teachings of Jesus, I slyly ask them, “which one?” It appears from even a casual glance at the new testament, that there are several different interpretations of what the guy was supposed to be about. Was he schizophrenic or are these just the literal interpretations made by varied minds meditating the same subject matter?

    All part of the dance of evolution.

    I remember my mother telling me, (more than once) “Life is what you make it.”

    I’m starting to see what she meant.

    & with that I need a beer, maybe even malt liquor.


  • admin:

    Very interesting stuff Dave.

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    Excellent Hunter. You really should write more.

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