Somebody turned the back burner all the way up

For what it’s worth, I began this blog on Friday the 10th.  My Spidey sense was bristling and I knew strange things were afoot at the Circle K.  I was right.  On with it.

Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the subject of politicization of the Justice Department and subsequent firing of attorneys for purely political reasons.  On the record.  Transcripts to be released to the public.  Thus far the committee hasn’t relinquished the option of public testimony from either.


Then this:

“………… in late June, Panetta admitted in secret testimony to Congress that the agency had concealed information and misled lawmakers repeatedly since 2001.”

“Far more important is Panetta’s reported admission that his agency has “concealed significant actions” and “misled members of Congress.” – The

Redundant but had to throw it in.

I’m thinking Pelosi is off the hook for recent accusations that the CIA misled congress.

Then we learn of the subterfuge at the the behest of Darth Cheney his own self.  This from the New York Times no less.  He overtly ordered a CIA program, that may very well have been a vehicle for assassinations, be kept secret from the United States legislative branch.  This in direct conflict with the National Security Act.  It begs the oft asked question, who the fuck does this guy think he is?


Next up:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Attorney General Eric Holder is leaning toward appointing a prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration’s interrogation practices, a source familiar with the process confirmed to CNN. This precipitated by Holder clearing his schedule for two full days to read and reread the Inspector General’s ’04 report on torture.  A document as yet still classified despite official pronouncement(s) to the contrary.  A report that allegedly spooked the shit out of the former Bush administration.  A report described by those who have had access as “sickening”.  A report that states quite clearly that the interrogation “techniques” were not at all efficacious in any way.

Holder, according to Newsweek said, “There were startling indications that some interrogators had gone far beyond what had been authorized in the legal opinions issued by the Bush justice department, which were themselves controversial.  He (Holder) told one intimate that what he saw “turned my stomach.”

A torture prosecutor.

Oh boy.  Blood in the water?  Chum.  Methinks perhaps so.

I like Patrick Fitzgerald, he’s thorough and has giant kevlar balls.  Not your average pit bull.  This guy gets punched in the junk and doesn’t break stride.  He already knows everything.  Every fucking thing.  He knows Cheney to be so full of shit he looks to Fitz like he’s got a grill festooned with Oreos and potted meat and a full diaper.  He does.  He stinks like it.

An obscene volume of excrement has been launched with awesome velocity, a giant fan inside its trajectory.  The result will resemble a primate’s rendering of fireworks that frightened it to trembling.  Gonna be a mess.  Washington will be festooned with gore.  Inside and out.  he chimp will throw it’s mud at fools.

War crimes committed without a doubt.  Crimes for a war not justified.  Hundreds of thousands if not millions dead.  Tens of thousands of our own dead or maimed, permanently handicapped and not receiving adequate care.  Lies and irony piled high.

Ain’t that America.

The soft shoe approach so far adopted by the Obama administration regarding all matters prosecutorial notwithstanding, critical mass will soon be at hand.  A fecal combustion as inevitable as gravity.  Castles of cards flattened.

Arrogance, hubris, misanthropy, avarice and megalomania. All that and a dipshit chief executive of a once proud nation.  Making egregious voter fraud appear Fisher Price.  Right up there with lying to the American public about the urgent need for “pre-emptive” war.  The single worst Presidential administration to ever occupy the White house.

What have we done?  We are not without blame.  In too many ways, too many of us were complicit.  Those who weren’t part of a solution were part of the problem.  Forgive the cliche’.  They still are.  Wailing nonsensically about socialism when few of them can even define the concept.  Nevermind that any and every country to adapt national health care has never looked back because it works.  It works you fools and the people are happy to have it and research and the practice of medicine thrives.

Our own elected representatives moaning about bias and racism on the first day of confirmation hearings for judge Sotomayor.  An approach that is all at once archaic, obsolete and embarrassingly absurd.

See, the difference and indeed the solution has always pivoted or not, on the citizenry.  Our engagement or absence thereof; the most important example just visited on us by Dick-in-Bush and the great unwashed.  Complacency, willful ignorance and fear fomented and eagerly imbibed.  Thank you sir, may I have another.

There is hope here, but it remains merely a concept if we don’t pay attention and get involved.

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”  -Bertrand Russell

“I never promised you a rose garden.” -written by Joe South, sung by Lynn Anderson

Drinks for my friends.

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