Fuck ’em and feed them fish heads

There will be no bipartisan support of efficacious health care reform legislation.


In fact, if such support is garnered, you can bet your sweet ass it won’t be worth a shit.  I’m telling you that if, by some miracle, a truly bipartisan bill emerges, know that it’s all for naught.  If that is what arrives for a final vote, it will not include a viable and toothsome public option and it will be worthless.

Unless the clouds part and the sun’s golden beams bust through to vaporize those flying, squeaking, uncooked, flying meatfish that nearly killed Spock from that coolest of  original Star Trek episodes, a Bill from Baucus means the pooch is screwed.

A feelgood crap attempt amounting to a band aid on a sucking chest wound.

The word “trigger”, means bullshit.  Means won’t happen.  Means business as usual.  Means they hope we’re suckers and fools.  Means they know we are.

“Wendell Potter warned that if Congress “fails to create a public insurance option to compete with private insurers, the bill it sends to the president might as well be called the Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act.” -huffingtonpost

Mr. Potter is a whistleblower and former vice president of communication at Cigna.  He knows what he’s talking about.

Max Baucus is the village bike, everyone has taken a spin.  The town trollop who will likely vacillate just enough to deliver a bill that pleases his insurance industry masters of bondage and discipline to keep the inordinate amount of filthy lucre flowing free and save him from a severe beating and the humiliation of empty campaign coffers.

Yeah, he’s a Democrat but he sucks.  He’s a pussy.  He’s Montana’s pussy.  See, he’s fattened himself with nearly four million dollars from the evil empire from 2003 to 2008.  Not just a pussy but egregiously cunty.

He chairs the senate finance committee and is therefore between a rock and a hard place.  The rock being the enemy and thus the antagonist and the hard place being the American people or the protagonist.  Yep, it’s good versus evil.  Max Baucus will not do the right thing.  He is a whore.

So nothing good from there and that is most likely where anything will come from.  We’re fucked.  Get it?

I’m so sick of this I want to projectile vomit.  Want campaign finance reform?  Right here, right now, cut the big money out of this one picture and you will see behind the curtain.  Empires will tumble.  The quid pro quo will become persona non grata.  The plutocracy will be breeched.   We are the only modern, industrialized country where it is legal for any corporate entity or business of any kind to to profit from providing health care.

I believe it to be a right, not a privilege and that makes this whole dog and pony promenade to burlesque, goddamn amateur puppet theater.

“Why behave in public if you’re living on a playground” -David Lee Roth

We are one red pubic hair from getting fooled again.  And the wannabe domestic terrorist mouth breathers can’t wait for their premiums to triple only to be denied coverage once they’ve been forced to move from trailer to tent.

It’s sick.  Pun forcefully intended.

Call yer motherfuckin people or this shit is over.  Call them.  Understand, change will end here if you don’t.

The death of change will be on us, not the one man who promised to bring it if we stand with him.

Bring it or lose it.

The buck stops on your kitchen table.

Drinks for my friends.

14 Responses to “Fuck ’em and feed them fish heads”

  • Misty:

    We need Health Care reform or the economy will not recover in actuality particularly in CA.

  • wes:

    In reply to Misty:

    Are you fuc*in’ SUPID???

    Are you so brainwashed that you honestly believe that our economy is dependant on ANYTHING that Obama supports?

    Ohhhhhhhhh, waitaminute!!!

    Are you an Acorn employee???

  • Misty:

    No wes, I’m a stunt woman; that I am. Actually I’m a progressive centerist I like the idea of single payer health care, because most of the Dr.s I’ve asked; state that is what would be most effective as far as cost and care delivery. Profit in health care can be dangerous. Once about 16 years ago I was told that I needed a heart valve replacement. I didn’t buy it, and believe there is plenty of unecessary surgery done when profit is the motive. Now I study herbs, and preventative health care.
    Industry would just as soon outsource our jobs to the uninsured. And when an individual experiences catastrophic health issues problems, the government entity usually has to pick up the tab anyway. It’s also a way that Doctors, learn by experience so in a way we are all in this bed together. All for one and one for all, when it comes to health.

  • Ralph:

    The head bullshitter in charge, (HBIC), is down in the polls a new percentage of people 56% are AGAINST the socialist health plan while 46% of Marxist sheeple are for it with the number for it shrinking.
    What happened Mike?
    Your leader, the chosen one is LOSING just like you. LOSER.
    He’s going on the air again this weekend. This ought to be good.
    Another karaoke show with the HBIC doing his tap dancing best to lie his ass off.
    Heard the latest?
    He’s going to make illegal aliens , legal by “Immigration reform” thus allowing illegal scum to ruin the whole healthcare system like they did in California, Arizona and New Mexico to name just three.
    Wow Mike, your boy is doing just great

  • admin:

    Care to cite your source and whether it’s a reaction to the Baucus bill?
    Once the public option is truthfully and factually explained to people the overwhelming majority approves it.

    “illegal scum” True colors shining through.


  • admin:

    83% of the people in Arkansas are in favor of the public option.


  • Ralph:

    Yes Mike illegal aliens are scum because they are CRIMNIALS you asshole.
    Did you miss that part or are you one of those enlightened assholes who feel they really “Understand” everything.
    What a fucking loser you are.
    Saying that 86% of folks from Arkansas are in favor of the public option and when it’s “Explained” it is overwhelmingly favored?
    The complete opposite is true.
    When folks understand that their individual freedom will be DESTROYED when they hand over their health and well being to a bunch of government liberal Marxist hacks, the same hacks that have DESTROYED Social Security, Medicare and Medicade, they truly understand that this Marxist bunch of fucks who are running the show right now need to GO.
    Again Mike, Illegal aliens are (operative word here you loser piece of shit fuck), Illegal and as such are CRIMINALS. HBIC has stated he wished to give all of these scumbags amnesty which would then make them “Legal”, right? Well I guess you if you go for Obammbullshit, you buy such shit.
    Anyhow Mike, the source is Rasmussen. The most respected and objective poll source.
    Your side is losing and will continue to lose as more Americans relies they made a huge mistake electing a Marxist piece of shit bastard to the white house.

  • admin:

    “Anyhow Mike, the source is Rasmussen. The most respected and objective poll source.”
    Again with Rasmussen. Retard.

    “Over the years, RR has been one of the most prolific pollsters in the game, and despite the fact that it is an open secret that founder Scott Rasmussen’s political proclivities are well to the right of center, their numbers on campaigns have been on the fairway more often than not.” -Daily Kos

    “What is consistent about Rasmussen’s coverage of the health care debate is their incessant desire to frame the debate in ways designed to denigrate both the Congress and President Obama. One of the most insipid examples of this was a survey earlier in the week in which Rasmussen reported that two-thirds of voters believed that they understood the health care reform proposal as well, or better, than President Obama.

    Of course, there is objective evidence to prove that this poll is false. Indeed, in the recent poll conducted for AARP, just thirty-seven percent of Americans could correctly identify what is meant by a “public option”. Nearly one-half of voters either thought it was a total nationalized healthcare program, or admitted that they had no idea. ”

    Lame ass try Ralph.

    Ramussen is only looked at as legit by mouth breathers at FOX news and the cave dwellers who worship at it’s altar.

    C.A.V.E dwellers Ralph. As in Citizens Against Virtually Everything. This would be you Ralph.


  • Ralph:

    Keep believing that shit Mike you Loser.
    Go back to mommy and daddy’s basement.
    That’s where losers like you who have nothing, no wife, no children, no property, not even a clear mind, thrive.
    You keep believing that crap about how everyone agrees with you.
    I thought you said you’d be wiping the floor with by this time?
    You loser bitch assed fuck.
    Keep thinking you’ve got it all on your side there comrade.
    But your side’s losing ground.
    See you next week you Marxist Loser.

  • admin:

    They don’t have a basement, can you suggest an alternate room perhaps?

    I was a property owner until I sold for nearly $200k profit free and clear. I was engaged, but we split though we’re still very good friends. I’m glad I didn’t have kids, partially because of retards like you.

    Are you taking your meds? Are you supervised? Are you wearing your helmet?

  • admin:

    Source: act.credoaction.com
    A strong public option is overwhelmingly popular with the public, the House has the votes to pass a bill with a strong public option and President Obama says that he wants to sign a bill with a strong public option.

  • kit:

    You are entertaining. Just as wacky as the far right crazies that give their group an undesirable name.
    Keep it up.

  • admin:

    Well thanks, I guess.

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