Len Semas, the Sierra Sage and the saga

I talked with my sister yesterday.  My father and I were outside spectating my mother washing windows.  I was on hand to lend a hand.  I did thus, having long since learned that my mother asks for help when she needs it, otherwise back off.  Tam showed up with flowers and we all sat out back on an incomparable, fall Nevada day and shot the shit.  Mom decided on a red beer and I fashioned my own with Worcestershire and capers that kept clogging my bendy straw, in spite of it’s palatability.

Tam tells me Len Semas is likely nothing more than a right wing operative funded by some notorious PAC and encouraged me to investigate some shit stirrer named Chuck Muth as well.  I’m on it.  She pretty much confirmed my suspicions.

“The concept of America as `One Nation Under God’ has become not only foreign to Democrats — it has become objectionable. They confuse separation of church and state with separation of God from state and they couldn’t be more wrong. This is a nation founded on Godly principles in Christian philosophical tradition.”  -reviewjournal.com

I would beg to differ there Len.  This nation was founded on among other things, the ideal that no church, organized religion and therefore God, influence the manner in which her people would ever be governed.  The Founding Fathers, a significant number of which were either atheist or agnostic, and many otherwise suspicious of organized religion, went to great lengths to instill and preserve that ethic in the documents drafted to, and presented before, the people of this country then so young.  It was the tyranny of the church, it’s inordinate influence as a heavy wrench and complicity as well as cooperation with and to heads of state, and it’s archaic and selective reason, we the people sought so specifically and vehemently to unburden ourselves of.

This is most certainly not a nation founded on “Godly principles in any sort of Christian philosophical tradition”  It is not and good day sir.  Please exit the goddamn building.  You lie and you fucking suck.

Get your Jesus of my penis Len.  Methinks you are a lying fucktard.

Semas, 57, says the local Nevada Appeal and the Reno Gazette-Journal are liberal newspapers that are turning off a Northern Nevada populace that is becoming increasingly conservative and favors traditional American values of God, family and country.” -reviewjournal.com (2004)

Hey Semas, your state went blue for the last national election.  You like apples?

I know I do.

Semas admits he does not always practice what he preaches. He has been married three times.

Semas enjoys drinking, partying and “chasing girls.” His newspaper office, which is a 94-year-old building that once was the home of Abe Cohn, the businessman who financed famed American Indian basket weaver Dat So La Lee, is cluttered with liquor bottles from a past party.” 

“I don’t make up my mind by the emotionalism of news headlines,” he said. “I look for logic and consistency in positions. To me conservatism is logical, it is reasonable. The liberals want women to have a right to choose abortion, but they oppose capital punishment. There is no consistency.” -reviewjournal

Did I mention this guy is a fucktard?  Uh, Len, I’ll bet you support capital punishment and oppose abortion.  Anybody?

“Gays have the same fundamental rights of any citizen,” he said. “They need to quit complaining.” -reviewjournal

Orange Whip?  Orange whip?  Orange Whip?  Three Orange Whips.

Len, like Sarah Palin,  appears to be be tragically less than fond of homework.  Here’s an invitation to all the northern Nevada locals to help me out a little.  This guy is a stupid dangerous liar.  I’m really curious about where his funding comes from and the stink I know to be hypocrisy.  Help me out here.  Traditional searches don’t reveal much, but any individual this obtuse is as dirty as a drain diver in a sewage holding tank.

C’mon kids, I’d like a cub reporter……….

I’m not lazy, just busy.

Drinks for my friends.

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