Fuck this shit.

People don’t vote for governor based on who’s president of the country.  I mean really, this the most profane instance of the media tail wagging the dog of politics I’ve ever witnessed.  Ridiculous.  Fox, CNN and even MSNBC need to get a life.  Have a drink, make a sandwich or do some fucking thing fer chrissakes.  I honestly don’t give a mad fuck about who runs New Jersey or Virginia.  And whatever happens certainly isn’t some bullshit referendum on Barack Obama.

Good God we are a shallow mess.

I swear to the deity of your choice that I wrote that paragraph before watching the Daily Show.  I say this despite my endorsement of Jon Stewart for deification.

Not defecation.  Anyone.  Bueller?

Seriously, this shit is out of control.  It reminds of a rained out sporting event when the announcers have no option but to babble or pontificate while the surface for the intended sporting event dries.  Even better, when there’s breaking news astounding enough to interrupt regularly scheduled programming and nothing significant transpires for like, five hours.

They talk and babble.  It’s equal parts boring and embarrassing.

Oh the humanity.  Oh the insipidness.  Is that a word?

Can you say Balloon Boy?  See what I’m saying?

To see this charade play out on a national and or political level is pure defecation.  See?  I made it work and made my point, which is, it’s crap.  Spare us.  These are local elections of little or no consequence nationally and certainly not worthy of the magnifying glass afforded by the networks and cable.  Cable being far more complicit than the networks for what it’s worth.

It’s irresponsible to deliberately distract us from what’s important.  It’s not journalism, it’s a carnival of sensationalism.  It’s for the simple and the stupid.  Well, therein lies the rub.  We are simple and stupid people.  Dumb as dirt and susceptible to any story from tainted meat to sexual misconduct.  The bubble headed bleached blond comes on at five.

What I do think are important contests in terms of our national identity and aptitude are the initiatives in Maine, prop 1 being an effort to defeat the bill passed by the state legislature earlier this year to allow for gay marriage , and the race in Houston for an openly lesbian mayor.  As I write this it appears that the proposition in Maine will prevail, thus defeating the the right of every American in Maine to marry whomever they choose.  How sad and backward, but we saw the same thing happen in California of all places not long ago.

Fuck me but this country is full of assholes.  Proof of the lack of separation of church and state.  Proof of willful ignorance and way too much dipshitedness.

I’ve long maintained that this is an issue of civil rights.  Before long, a gene will be discovered that will prove plain and simple that folks are simply born this way.  What will the fundamentalists do?  I don’t give a shit if it’s choice or genetic, it’s just that when they prove that no sane person would willingly suffer the slings and arrows of such outrageous fortune, it will finally be an issue of racism and if they cling to their spurious religious dogma, we’ll finally get to call them shameless bigots and walk away.

It matters not to me whether it’s choice or nature triumphing over nurture.  I’m confident it’s nature so we’ll be able to punch them in the mouth with the reality of ingenuous.  It will be definitive.   I hate them.  I really do.  They stir shit because our president is half black.  They hate for reasons they can’t explain or are even supported by the flimsiest of logic.  Horrible people who covet their fear because everything else scares them even worse but they like very much to be afraid.

Ask them questions.  They can’t answer.  Push them to explain.  They simply cannot.  Waive your hand in front of their faces and they don’t know to blink.  I loathe willful  ignorance above all else.  Welcome to America.

Oh, the irony.  Oh, the nonsense.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • tacohead:

    My dad was so annoyed he left the room when I turned on CNN and they were broadcasing that shit last night. So I tried MSNBC. Unbelievable. Kudos to you, hitting in spot on our sentiment, and giving me a laugh in the midst of this lunacy.

  • admin:

    Even more of it tonight. Satan help us.

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