A global theory

Ok kids.  I’m about to tell you a tale of absolute truth as I see it.  It is of course, subjective.  Pure, undiluted, objective truth is a mere figment.  It does not exist, so disabuse yourselves of that notion.  Seriously.  The idea is to strive for it.  To work toward it.  To own your faults and failings and try to do better.

To thine own self be true.

Work with me here.

However all these pieces which I’m about to detail fit together, it is a big picture that I hope to make you cognizant of.

Wash your hands now if you haven’t in the last five minutes.

It is in the best interests of America and most of western civilizations, that the status quo of famine, poverty, disease and a vacuum of human rights being allowed to continue in the rest of the world at the pace we now enjoy.  In order for life to remain unchanged for us for now, third world countries must remain in the third world.

And here too.

See, Africa in particular has an abundance of natural resources.  America, as world’s most prodigious consumer of said resources, genuinely needs for the entire continent to continue to subsist as though it were in the nineteenth century.  All it would take is fresh water, which they have plenty of, and cheap medication, which we have plenty of, and the continent would most likely thrive and flourish.  It’s rich.  It really is that simple.  We could do it with a twentieth of our defense budget.

All the lives that would be saved.

But then, we of the west would lose all potential control of their resources, and they would begin to consume and pollute just like us.  An entire continent.  Can you imagine the chaos?  The environmental impact?  What about the mayhem of each African nation developing and implementing it’s own powerful military?  See?  What if they all got pissed at us for fucking with them for so long?  We might be fucked.

Or we could make a deal with them to grow hemp.  I’m just sayin.

Understand that there is an elaborate and historied infrastructure devoted to America’s consumption of the world’s energy and food as well as the usurping of all power and influence available.  Right behind us is everybody else.  Complicit, often ignorantly, is institutionalized and organized religion.  The Pope, arguably the entire planet’s most powerful non-elected leader tells the third world that birth control is a mortal sin, yet they cannot afford or are unable to feed themselves because they procreate at a rate that is consistent with their allegedly God given instincts by God given rules.

Thumbs up Mr. Pointy Head and your religious order of hypocrites and pedophiles.

The American power elite influences policy and reality by exploiting religion, specifically fundamentalists and evangelicals, by restricting humanitarian aid and education exclusively to “abstinence only” organizations in poor countries.  A can of beer to anyone that can show me a single instance of abstinence only education to to be efficacious anywhere in the world ever.  It’s a farce.  A lie.

We give more foreign aid to Israel, than we give to every other country everywhere, combined.  Not socialism, but maybe social engineering.

The idiot religious zealots insist they can pray away the AIDS.  Homosexuality is a choice and a sin.  Just recently, the C Street wrecking crew (Coburn, Stupak, Brownback, Ensign and Inhofe) have been linked to legislation in Uganda that would execute HIV positive individuals for having sex.  Furthermore, just being gay, would be subject to a penalty of life in prison and knowing an individual is gay but failing to report it carries a three year sentence.

They don’t care if you’re poor but they hate that you might be gay.

Ain’t that America.

I insist that organized religion is mankind’s worst invention and it’s most hypocritical and insidious evil.

This is real.

Another small piece of the big picture.  Western values covet and exploit slavery.  Look at American history, would we have advanced so quickly were it not for our treatment of native Americans, enslavement of Africans and even Chinese?  The ethic is ancient, white folks simply don’t rise up without pushing another color down.

Our poor people buy stuff that is made by other poor people in even poorer countries.  Some of our rich people do too.

Is this why we’re so proud?  Or is it that we get to have guns?  I thinks it’s because we don’t have to tolerate niggers and queers because of free speech and all that.

Now what you really need to be aware of is that we’ve begun to exert upon our own.  Our own being of class, not race.  We’ve been head butted by racism this last year but the pushdown  doesn’t see color like it used to.  Racism has reared it’s vulgar visage but, the last ten years have been the greatest shift in the concentration of wealth in the history of mankind.  The rich got richer and the poor got poorer on the most dramatic scale ever recorded.  We are now in a situation where the wealthiest 5% in America owns and controls more than 95% of the rest of us.  The middle class will soon be extinct.  A democracy, a robust republic, is not possible without a solid and prospering middle class.

One of the biggest reasons our congress, the house and the senate, is in such disarray, is because America is losing it’s middle class.  The middle class has long behaved as our intellectual center.  Our intellectual center now,  is either a large corn flake or a leaf, shaped like the continent of Atlantis with an uncanny likeness of Pat Buchanan on one side and Oprah on the other.

The health care “debate” is a glistening example.  It’s ridiculous.  The Plutocracy vs. the people.  The richest nation in the history of humankind unable or unwilling to afford it’s people what should be a right far beyond making war or the sociopathic enterprising of other cultures and ethnicities.

The debate is partisan, but I think it suffers still for the logic and common sense the middle class would bring if it wasn’t battling atrophia.

Understand that the bogeyman of socialism is alive and well in America.  Police and fire departments, libraries, education disaster relief, medicare or medicaid etc.  These various agencies may not always function with exemplary facility and efficiency, but ask yourself what we would do without them.

If you ask me, we could do with a little more socialism in this country.  It’s not nearly as bad a word as you might think, and it’s your responsibility to define the word for yourselves instead of letting them that don’t have your best interests define it for you.

Americans typically only ask to get what they pay for.  A fair deal.  Are you getting what you pay for?  Did you get what you paid for in Iraq?  What about your children or grandchildren?  Do you understand how many American lives would have have been saved as opposed to lost had we spent the money on health care as opposed to the stupidest, most expensive war we’ve ever waged?   Will you get your money’s worth in Afghanistan?  On Wall Street?  Elected officials deep in the pocket of big pharma or insurance?

Nope, You won’t.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • waid sainvil:

    I simply blame this on mostly selfish inhumane republicans and glen beck.
    Socialism: A theory or policy of social organization which aims at or advocates the ownership and control of the means of production, capital, land, property, etc., by the community as a whole, and their administration or distribution in the interests of all.

    2. A state of society in which things are held or used in common.

    is this what people are afraid of??

    relax, we don’t nor will we have one with this government or the next. However, we are destined to have one in this whole planet simply because…it is one planet and one people.


    all love…keep shining my friend, waid

  • admin:

    Thanks for seeing a shine. Cheers. Thanks for reading and contributing.

  • Victoria Dillon:

    Brilliant , and SPOT ON .

  • Mystymist:

    Keep dreaming this is so indepth, and well thought out. But I am a visionary, and I will say, enjoy the good as it still exist. I’m convinced that what is to come will be worse befoe there is any entertainment of better. We are actually departing the Golden age of Peace,luv, and understanding. Bathe thyself in the Golden light of the heavens, be a gently warrior, for the concept “on earth as it is in heaven.” We will drift lopsidedly into the abyss.

  • Henry Scott Meyer:

    Very interesting!
    I would like to add the Irish, Slavs, Poles, and indentured servants from England to the groups that you listed that were wronged in previous centuries in America.
    Yes racism is a huge factor in our history
    but I will always argue the love of the colour green and green are our biggest sins.

  • Henry Scott Meyer:

    sorry I meant greed.

  • admin:

    consider them added. And I agree with your assertions. Thanks for reading and contributing.

  • KC:


  • admin:

    Sometimes I don’t either.

  • Manifest destiny dude. Pope needs a sock in the mouth, punch or garment, anything to shut the fucker up. Nuke the Gaza strip, that’s my motto. Well, that was my motto, the new one is, Drop one on ol’ Jerusalem, clear the way for Gods new temple. He can come build it when the Geiger counter stops clicking. I guess it’s prtty much a good thing I don’t have access to the big red button. This is a good blog, but you know you are preaching to the choir over here. Testify. Gimme Socialism. Bumber stickers and tee-shirts, Socialism Now.

  • admin:

    I’m with you comrade. Fuck Israel. Does that make me an anti-semite?

  • Hunter:

    kicking Israel out of bed and being a bigot are FAR removed, pending motive. Yours is obvious, and shared. We need a renaissance and re-evaluation of worth..along with humility and empathy. Israel, as well as everyone else, is encouraged to join. Any other considerate options with be thoughtfully and equally considered.

  • Red Five:

    New favorite blog.

    Thanks for sharing, keep it going!

  • admin:

    Thank you 🙂 I am flattered.

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