Gelatin or two blind mice

I’ve been working on future chapters of books I’m writing.  I’m finishing the first draft of the second one and approaching the middle of the second write on the first one.

It’s a process.

I’m also writing hate letters that I don’t send.  It’s cathartic but there’s no real payoff.  I go further than I would if I knew they would be read.  Then, no one reads it.  Is it just me?

So yeah.

I got nothing.

Riding my bike home in the snow in my dreams, looking for my car and wondering how far I have to go.  Climbing aboard a giant vessel and still confused.

I hope you’re all anticipating a good holiday.

Anybody for an orange whip?

I don’t really give a mad fuck about Tiger Woods.  I make it a point not to judge a man, or a woman for that matter, on fidelity or a lack thereof.  It’s a personal matter and not anyone else’s business.  That we as a culture obsess over it so much more willingly than other cultures says more about us than the individual actors in any given scandal.

It’s kinda pathetic.

Having said that, I am guilty of fascination at least.  I mean, the depth of deception is awesome.  Ten or more women?  This guy is a goddamn pimp.  Then there’s the alleged hookers.  I am beyond loathe to judge here.  The world’s oldest profession should be legal and regulated the same as most, if not all, illegal drugs.  It is simply never moral in any way to legislate morality.  Humankind’s biggest mistakes are often illustrated by our various forays into law making with the intent of limiting or controlling individual behavior based on religious doctrine or moral imperatives imposed by us, on ourselves, without any sort of vote or consensus.

The epitome of a fool’s errand.  Always wrong but sometimes with the best of intentions.

If you belong to a church and choose to live your life by their tenets, Godloveyou.  But keep your Jesus off my penis.  Despite the fact that I haven’t strayed from a significant other in quite some time, it’s none of your Goddamn business.

It’s kinda pathetic.

Now, when it comes to Mr. Wood’s endorsements, again, I really don’t care.  But I will say this, sponsorships and endorsements are the result of an athlete’s ability to perform athletically and inspire others with that prowess.  Maybe it’s a little Pollyanna, but as long as Tiger can fulfill these  requirements, he should be remunerated accordingly.

If the shit stops selling, they get to dump him.

In other news, I must confess I’m a bit conflicted over Obama’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize today.  He is barely accomplished in the shadow of most recipients.  I believe they awarded him for his potential and I’m sure they were seeking his ear and some influence.  He’s just decided to escalate the conflict, forgive me, the war, in Afghanistan.  We are killing in Pakistan whether we acknowledge it or not.  Jeremy Scahill has said about our covert, unsupervised actions at the behest of the CIA and implemented by Blackwater in Pakistan, that if there is one target of value among thirty four innocents, thirty five people will die that day.

Beyond pathetic.

It was a humble and poignant speech.  Powerful and sensitive but a little too embracing of a unilateral preemptive doctrine of military aggression for my palate.  I like this man, but he gives me pause.  If he were more steadfast against the neoconservatives and the evil in our own country, our own body politic, I think my comfort would be far more obvious.  I understand he’s exceptionally bright and capable, that he chooses his battles wisely is not lost on me, but as of this date he has earned the concern of not just me, but the worry of many progressives nationwide.  I want more from him.  I expect more from him.

I think it’s time for Mr. Obama to pull up a chair at the poker table for health care.  The outcome and very nature of the game is anybody’s guess as of today.  Not good enough.  We hear the public option is all but dead but might be replaced by a more efficacious compromise that would expand Medicare dramatically.  If that’s true, it may indeed be good.  It works at the fundamental heart of what true progressives have been fomenting from almost the beginning.  Single Payer Health Care.  Medicare is single payer you fools.  In a country this wealthy, it is the only viable and ethical solution.  It makes sense and it is fair given the taxes we pay and the wealth we enjoy.  83% of the people showing up at MSNBC free clinics are employed but uninsured.

At least two thirds of America wants a public option.

I don’t like that the compromise was sent to the CBO before anyone could have a look.  I do like that this alleged compromise could see Americans opting in by mid 2010.  I like the Rockefeller amendment that prohibits insurance companies from taking anymore than ten cents on the dollar for profit and administrative costs.  For what it’s worth, it’s not easy to run a business on a ten percent margin.  I know, I’ve been there.

Howard Dean says that making folks eligible to opt in as early as the middle of next year is a big deal.  It will refute the constant lies by the opposition by simply demonstrating effectiveness and customer satisfaction as well as providing a “glide path” to bigger and better reform.  I hope so.

Who really knows?

I think I need a hot breakfast.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • reiyalight1:

    Parental controls are alive n’well here at B.S.!I must be lonely or something, As I drifted towards slumber I’m watching Cyber Uncle Doug dispense liquour with all the seriouseness of a man about to put his John Hancock onto the U.S. Constitution. He was standing in a fancy kitchen area which had a “W diplayed in the background. Not unlike the “L in Lavern n’Shirley show.
    I asked myself would anyone really want to be congnizant that they are 77 yrs old? I don’t know, but I’m sure I won’t want to be; be I so fortunate with Luck to make that date with the future. I’m really still just ten or eleven, in the head anyways.
    I’ve been having these prophetic visions of the future, as we attempt to evolve down here on earth. I’m a disabled visionary artist. I see things which would make others freak. Personally I have no qualms with and don’t mind dying now, really. Time is of the essence, and others should be made aware of this. It’s so tempting to Hate. But it’s very destructive. So I mean sometimes, I just hurt so bad. My heart spill’s blood all over the place. In my visions I correct the problem, I just rewrite the dream scene. Yeah I do. Never do I make myself a Queen or anything. More like a mermaid. I usually have copper colored hair. Really pretty.
    As I drift away from cyber uncle, this new cyber man is kissing my lips. He is manly! A chunk of Caliente! I love the sun and he is hot. Eyelashes & lips to die for. He is kissing me, And talking really silly. I’m not at all used to being handled by this level of manliness, hell I’m practically gay. His hands have a unique powerfulness, as he holds the back of my neck in embrace. Many have stated in the past, that I have a Raphaeling look to me. Curves, delicateness and softness. Repeatedly They tell me to go pose for the Art Institute. I don’t know why I never did it. I once lived near San Rafael. Now He wants me as his muse, & to sketch me. I’d love to fill you in on the detail, but I don’t know enough yet. Sexy..,sometimes ya gotta just break down and give it away.

  • Bill White:

    Quit spamming craigs lists you fucking NIGGER

  • Bill White:


  • admin:

    Hey Bill,
    Thanks for reading. I am a nigger, a rock & roll nigger. You’re a fucking bigot.

  • V:

    Lol @ Bill White; what a little bitch!

    I’m digging this whole setup you have here. I’m too drink to read all of it right now, but I promise to eventually return while sober.

    It is obvious that you have a true talent for writing. Hell, your talent probably surpasses mine, which is great because it gives me a chance to study the work of a superior being (keep in mind I’m tipsy, a little bit high, and just got done watching Star Trek).

    Anyway. Take care and I’m glad to know that there is IN FACT intelligent life out there, besides me of course!

  • Thanks to Craigslist, I found your blog. Great stuff!

  • admin:

    @V: Thanks so much for reading and appreciating. Book mark me. Send me a link and I’ll bookmark you.

  • admin:

    @James H: I’ll check you out as well. Thanks for reading.

  • kit:

    too funny, some news sources say 2/3’s in favor of pub. option, while others say the polls indicate 2/3rs are happy with what they have.

  • admin:

    Depends on whether the polls are Rassmusin/Fox or anyone else.

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