The winter of my disgust

This is goddamn ridiculous.  No public option, no expansion of Medicare but a bill that still mandates Americans buy insurance from private, avaricious, corrupt, compassionless corporations that avoid caring for the sick as deftly as they obviate promoting health care for the healthy.  This is fucking bullshit.

Zero sum game.  Embarrassing.  All this work and debate.  We will end with nothing or worse than nothing.

Depends on how you look at it and what passes.

All the power in the hands of this jackass Lieberman?  How did that happen?  He says he’s getting closer to being able to vote for health care reform.  Closer?  Who the fuck is this guy?  I’ll tell you who he is.  His state, Connecticut, is ground zero for the insurance industry.  They give him tons of cake and they let him eat it too.  He first championed expansion of Medicare during his bid for the Vice Presidency with Al Gore.  He’s said it since in many ways and so many venues.  Now he says he’ll support a Republican filibuster for any bill containing that, or a public option.

That or a public option.

Benedict Fliptop, what a dick.  The ghost of Ted Kennedy should visit this asshole over the holidays and punch him in the mouth.  Then Teddy should show him the future of his Christmas’ with thousands dying and him losing elections.  I loathe this prick.  I will personally campaign against this douchebag like nobody’s business.  Did you know that Joe Lieberman has sex with prostitutes?


He will never again represent the citizens of his state or anyone else in this country.

Then we have Ben Nelson from Nebraska.  He’s still not happy with the abortion language in the current bill.  This guy is a fuckhead.  This is not about your ridiculous moralizing, it’s about 140 people dying everyday for lack of coverage you asshole.  Ben Nelson and Trader Joe can take a long slow lick on my diseased scrotum.

Here’s the bottom line.  This bill mandates that we buy into this egregious clusterfuck without any mechanism for protecting us from their abhorrent policies.  If we don’t, we will be fined and that money will go directly to their coffers.  How’s that for truth, justice and the American way?  Here’s a shit sandwich, no condiments, no lettuce and no bread.  Just shit.

This is what the cause for health care reform has become.  A cool water sandwich and a Sunday go to meeting bun.  What do you want for nothing?  A rubber bisquit?  Bow bow bow.

See the job of our legislative branch has never been to legislate morality, although it too often has, it’s job is to legislate ethics and fairness, although it too often doesn’t.  This protracted and vulgar instance is a shiny red thumb of that example.

People are so fond of screaming for the reconciliation strategy.  What they don’t understand is that it’s a purely fiscal process.  Preventing big insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions or exercising caps on lifetime or annual coverage is not possible in this process.

Dr. Howard Dean is a physician, that’s why he has that “DR.” before his name.  He’s also a former candidate for President of The United States and former chair of the Democratic party (DNC) where he was a leading architect in gaining a legislative majority in congress.  He’s smart and has the courage of his convictions.  Despite my impression that he always looks like he’s swallowed a turd or at least snorted one, I like him.  He’s tough and speaks truth to power whether it gets him in trouble or not.  This is a man who doesn’t give a mad fuck and has nothing to lose.  Tonight he announced on public television that the bill, as it exists, should be killed by Democrats.  He said that his recommendation to U.S. Senators is to vote against it.

That’s pretty heavy and it carries more than water where I’m concerned.

He pointed out that although the bill provides for no exclusion based on pre-existing condition, it does allow for charging three times as much based on age alone.  It’s a fecal falafel.

I understand there are important reforms still in this bill but they are rendered moot by the mandate that we purchase the product.  It’s right here that it becomes nothing more than smoking a Tootsie Roll of cat crap in hell.

We’ve reached a point where the greasy oily Republicans aren’t even a legitimate factor in the debate.  The ignorant fucktards have long since marginalized and rendered themselves inconsequential.  Now it’s just the Democrats fighting among themselves over the definition of “Real Reform”.

This really is nothing but a butt based product buffet.  Spoons up.

The good news better be what I think it is.  Reconciliation.  Could be used after some legislation has passed.  Fund stuff through the back door to support the bill, the policies, the ideal.

I’m really not holding my breath but you can’t telegraph that move even if both parties know what’s next.  It would be nothing short of grandiose to find out Harry and The Dems are as clever as Benny and The Jets.

I gotta tell ya, this piece has been easy to write but tough to stomach.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Master Bacon:

    Nevada’s chess board is cracked and in that crack has grown a Hairy Weed, who will be smoked in November. Let’s get medical, at least.

  • admin:

    I have to say that Harry Reid appears to have done the best he possibly can. I don’t always agree with Mr. Reid, and he has certainly pissed me off in the past, but on this one, bearing in mind all the the other factors, he’s fought hard for the right thing.

    He is a family friend and I respect him and believe him to be as honest as a politician as can be found on the national level. He’ll never be exposed in a sexual, much less ethical scandal.

    Having said that I’m frustrated with Democrat’s inability to lead or govern. It’s a shit storm. Profoundly ridiculous and beyond a disappointment.

    Scuse me while I puke this sty……..

  • Julia:

    Right on Michael!! I’m sick of this garbage.

  • admin:

    Thank you Julia 🙂

  • The people in power on both sides seem to only care about their power, ie, reelection, they really don’t care about joe or jane sixpack exept when it comes to election day. afterwards we can all go to hell for all that they care.

  • admin:

    At the end of the day, we must have campaign finance reform or what you describe prevails indefinitely.

  • Lex:

    The problem is that Barack Obama, and nobody else, decided that it was more important to keep insurers and PhrMA contributing to Democrats in ’10 (thus avoiding a repeat of the desertions of ’94) than it was to get health-care reform. If Obama had really wanted an outcome other than this, he’d have found a way to get it. The very public pushing-under-the-bus of Howard Dean was the tipoff.

    Now: What’re you gonna do about that?

  • tacohead:

    Good point. I don’t really see anyone talking about the need for campaign finance reform in relation to this

  • Master Bacon:

    Howard Dean is the anti-Lieberman. We need some sort of fetish doll to hold up in opposition to Senator Elmer Fudd of Aetna. Reid probably did try to do the right thing but I have yet to meet a Nevadan who supports him. Ironic, really, in that he must have helped the state once in a while and yet apart from you, I can’t name a single Nevadan who is suppoting him, that was my point. Best of all, we wonder who will the next Battle-Born US Senate greenhorn be? Does anyone remember Chic Hecht?

  • admin:

    I remember Hecht. But that’s all I really remember is his name. I do wonder at the anti -Reid sentiment. Like I said, I don’t think he’s perfect but he is the majority leader and the ignorant rednecks would do well to remember that.

    He prevented the demise of the City Center and saved Nevada from Yucca mountain. Have you read his book? Pretty interesting guy and a compelling story.

    Bought his mother teeth from boxing earnings, the local pimp was his moral and ethical mentor and his father was an alcoholic that took his own life. He is nothing if not interesting.

  • admin:

    An interesting but discouraging point. Thanks for reading and contributing.

  • admin:

    It relates to everything and not much will change without it. I might add that I don’t see it changing.

  • I am tired of all the Obama bashing being generated from the right wing of this country. We are at the point where even the Burak Obama supporters are questioning his competence and the direction in which he is driving America. Why is our president more popular in Europe and Asia than he is in the U.S.? Because the GOP media and politicians, who act like spoiled brats, kick and scream louder than majority. They have no platform other than to disagree with Obama, to avoid being marginalized. These blowhards including Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, even though so much of what they holler about has no merit.
    My question is…Where are all the people that were apart of the greatest political and social victory in the history of our country? One year ago African Americans were basically vindicated and released from 300 years of oppression and segregation by the conservative shackles put upon them. This was not only a victory for them but for all Americans of color or those with a social conscious. Our American brothers and sisters that were all for change, that come from India, Africa, China, Japan, South America, Central America and on and on, this was a victory and redemption for all of you. This was the moment in time when all of these citizens were given the opportunity to be a legitimate piece of the American fabric, to take what has always been rightfully yours, and take action to help advance our country back into the global leader that we had once been. Not from a military standpoint but from a social, economic and humanitarian standpoint.
    When I look at what is going on through the media, in communities, social networking, to see what is going on with the Change that we all wanted, supported and won, I see much more effort and discussion spent on figuring out why Oprah is canceling her show or if Lebron is going to NY or Miami.
    I realize times are tough and so many of us are worried about jobs, medical insurance and losing our homes, but what is happening is that the imperial warlords that want their bombs and power back are taking advantage of the diversion to our problems, to kick our guy out of office.
    Remember what got us here. Stop eating that bag of Cheetos in front of the TV, and make something happen. “Ask not what our county can do for you…”. YOUR country is working for you, now help our president achieve the things we all gathered around and supported, and let’s build this country into what we always dreamed it could be, the reason we all came here or live here in the first place.
    If you don’t, you will have wasted a monumental opportunity that will probably not come back to you in your lifetime.

    Steve Smith

  • admin:

    Despite my obvious disappointment and disillusionment, I’m in agreement. You do raise a point as salient as any other. We were the ones who rose up for change and hope and it is only the collective we that can see it realized. Without us, the administration and the President himself are helpless. I’d like to think that’s what I’m doing here.

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