Brown v. The Board of Sanity

What the hell?

A thoroughly embrocated, hallowed chair and institution of itself, was became the Senate seat occupied by Mr. Kennedy for decades until his death.

Now threatened by an “independent” Republican goddamn teabagger.  I stumble over the last sentence more than once because it sounds so dirty.

In Massachusetts for fucks sake.  He posed nude in Cosmo for crying out loud.  Show me a politician with some juice and I’ll show you a lead singer wannabe.  Even Ashcroft had pipes but he was ugly, stupid and mostly evil.

A bitch.  A diva……

A frustrated cross dresser like Guiliani.

Scott Brown claimed to not know about the tea party movement but took their money after attending a fund raiser this very month.  He supports Roe v. Wade as “the law of the land” but pledges to be the the 41st vote against virtually any health care reform.  He says he drives a truck with over 200,00 thousand miles but is by any contemporary standard, at least somewhat wealthy.  What and who exactly is this guy?

According to his own website he favors lower taxes.  Forgive me, but a Republican never says that without meaning lowering taxes on the rich and to hell with the rest of us.  Trickle Down Economics is pure crap and anyone in favor of it is either ignorant or not a friend of the middle class.  The middle class used to be our moral, ethical and intellectual ballast.

Now that it’s in atrophy, we’re having an identity crisis see.

“Israel has made enormous sacrifices in an attempt to secure peace – including unilateral withdrawal from Gaza”  -from Scott Brown’s campaign website.  And yes, that is bullshit.

What we do know is that a health care bill is on a very steep hill if we lose this seat.

I’m having a tough time giving a mad fuck because the last one out of the Senate was prime swampland.  No public option but a mandate to buy with fines if you don’t.  Fines that go directly to the insurance companies.  There’s more but that’s enough.  Blow me.

Other than that, I’m real worried about Sarah being a contributor to FOX tie me to the bedpost News.  Not.

I gotta find that O’Reilly interview.  This shit is gonna be great.  What I’ve seen is already good.  Pray she doesn’t wig to early because the longer it goes on the more spectacular the flame out.  Don’t be afraid.  Embrace the Palin.  Encourage her celebrity.  Don’t buy any of her books though.  Make sure you don’t end up providing her with a dime.

The best part of this circus is about to be free.  Jon Stewart and the like are pants shittingly gleeful.

Cirque du Palin.

It works if you make the ‘a’ long……like Pawlin……accent second syllable.

Make the ‘a’ long….see?

Another thing that is bothering me still:  How much faster our black President responded to an international disaster of enormous magnitude than did our white president to a domestic disaster that was allowed to live up to most of it’s potential as a direct consequence of neglect and egregious incompetence.  Maybe it’s genetic.  Dudes from Hawaii with big ears are smarter.  Dudes from Texas by way of Connecticut with big ears are charismatically retarded.

It’s not racial at all.  Despite Limbaugh, The Human Shitsmear’s assertions that our current President has hopped and skipped to because of the color of your average Haitan’s skin.  Without a nod to any other megalomaniac with media access, it’s not racial at all.  Don’t forget that.

Understand, Rush Limbaugh is a racist.  For those about to rock, we salute you.  He’s a turd in the punchbowl.  He’s a bloviating, pontificating, make shit up as he goes, racist, bigot fucktard that I would debate or play chess with or both in a heartbeat so I could pull his limbs from his body after spanking his brain with the brick of my own.

Sincere political debate pivots on policy and reason and a modicum of comity.  That there’s a dialog here about Haiti beyond what to do, is proof that the conversation is in the woods.  Proof that a lot of us still aren’t paying attention.  Let me say this, 25% of Americans are incurably stupid.  This is a long standing theory of mine that consistently bears itself out.  Proof can be had on this very show.  It will now be known as “The 1/4 Paradigm”.  You will think of it often as one of every four people you meet is a dumbass.

That’s all you need to know.

Drinks for my friends.

20 Responses to “Brown v. The Board of Sanity”

  • Temy:

    Oh, ok. When I read your status comment thingy on spazz I thought you were channeling Jesse Jackson.

  • admin:

    Wait. What?

  • JD:

    You spew a lot of what could well be credible information yet offer not one shred of proof.

    All I read here was your opinion and just like assholes, everybody has one and everybody thinks everyone elses stinks.

  • Julia:

    Good post dude…always love your stuff and I would pay big $$ to watch you kick Rush’s butt, er, brains with your words!! Huzzah!!!!!

  • Msss...T:

    Kudos.., Keep up the good worK!

  • admin:

    I’m not here to write a term paper but let me know what you take exception to and I’ll happily back it up.

  • admin:

    Thank you very much!

  • admin:


  • Debbe May:

    While I agree with your political sentiments, I was always taught that the use of profanity indicates a small vocabulary. I think your writing would improve if you would eliminate at least most of the profanity. Then you would appeal to a larger base of people. I’m not above the occasional lapse, but I think too much of it causes it to lose its effect.

    Keep writing though, because your politics are right on the money.

  • admin:

    I appreciate you point of view, but this is my voice. If you care to read back, you’ll see abundant evidence that I don’t lack for vocabulary. I hope you keep reading. Thanks.

  • Terri:

    Seek Help. Your a sad , little angry man.

  • G Arthur Graham:

    Well it’s too bad but it is almost certain The Seat of Ted is going to the Republicans, that the health Care reform will be a career-ending ‘victory’ for many Democrats even if passed, that only 21% of voters identify as ‘liberal’ anymore, and those who identify as ‘independents’ in the majority say they will likely vote Republican in 2010 and would not vote for Obama in 2012.
    The Democratic party badly misread the mood of the People. Record-setting expenditure did not sit well with unemployment reaching 10% nationally. The mortgage bailouts benefited Wall Street far more than Main Street, and the Stimulus was no WPA.

  • admin:

    Both parties share the burden of stupidity, one however, is far more egregiously inflicted with evil.

  • Rick:

    Your Site Sucks and so does your Blog ASS WIPE

  • admin:

    Well, thanks for reading and contributing.

  • kit:

    ….And meanwhile a Haitian woman lies grief-stricken at the loss of her 5 children, a wounded baby lies on a concrete floor as his father wonders if he will get care and thousands wait for water and food as the hours go by… Count your blessings…

  • gone2:

    Wow, what a brainspank this has been. The first thing I’d like to say is, what’s with all the blogs, and other sites asking for emails just to post a damn comment? Sure as hell seems like I could be held accountable in some distant future, for anything I write these days on the internet.You strike me funny because you say both parties are for shit, yet one is evil, guess you have a preference then.
    I’ll say this, both parties are run by the bankers and matters not who is in office from what party. The economic collapse, nothing more than the bankers getting their money back from the wars. In addition to this, why do you think Obama hasn’t stopped Iraq, right, because the bankers are profiting from these wars. This country has been fighting off the bankers sence the revolutionary war. You thought that war was about taxes right? Wrong.
    Grow up America forget the I’m a Dem and what baffons the Republicans are, or visa versa.
    the international bankers make their money from our sweat and our blood all across the world. Taking back our country from weak minded politicians who worry more about their pockets being filled, or the power, is like saying iif I put the shit in the garbage maybe the flys won’t find it. The banker or money changers at the very top is who needs to be stopped.

  • admin:

    The e-mails are to help weed out spam. You wouldn’t believe how much I get. I did have someone make death threats against Obama once and it came in handy for to me remind him I could turn him into the secret service.

    I do have a preference for Democrats but I’m not naive.

    I agree with most of your sentiments.

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