He said some shit.  An admonishment of the Supreme court and Alito mouthing not true.  The declaration to move forward on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Calling them on their obstructionist bullshit by pointing out tax cuts for 95% of us.  The allegedly pro tax cut prick champions.  Turns out they’re only in favor if the rich get a break.

I’m a little late with my sentiments but it was an excellent speech.  Comedy by the Republicans for merely sitting on their hands like a little league team, obstinate over a black guy being allowed to play.  Not all racists are Republicans but if you’re far right, you’re probably a racist.  I’m betting you’re a dick too.

Dad needs to do the patties on a grilly grill.  Give them to me rarer.  Moister.  He’s nailed the seasoning.  Mom needs to make that kick ass Thousand Island.  I’ll need a copy of that recipe.  I’ll do my white onion, garlic, mushroom, teriyaki, soy, worcestershire, butter and red wine reduction with a thick slice of sharp cheddar over it all, as glue, texture and flavor.  Toast those buns mom picked out or onion rolls.  No butter but slather them with the Thousand Island.  I don’t think lightly olive oiled and tossed with a ground pepper blend spinach leaves would hurt.  A little texture, a little zip.  See what I’m saying?

Serve with a big stupid California style Chardonnay.  Big oak and vanilla, smoke and butter.  Be sure it has a decent chill on it.  Everybody is making their chards leaner these days and that’s a shame.  There is a place for this style and otherwise we have pinot grigio, pinot gris, fume blanc…..all sorts of skinnier, zestier and maybe even sweeter.  The 7 Deadly Zins (’07) works because it’s so smokey and silky.  You might look into a  dry dose like Sofia.  Anything fruit forward is a good bet for the contrast.  We had a Bogle petit syrah the other night that caused my skirt to disregard gravity.

What we have here, is a burger.  I’m going to perfect this recipe and share it with you.  It’s the aforementioned reduction I have trouble quantifying into regular language.  It’s a process of cooking and tasting and adding.  I’m reminded of making and mixing songs and records.  The biggest difference with cooking is you can’t subtract things.  Once you add, you’re committed.  When building a song, there are many opportunities to put your left foot in and shake it all about while getting to take your left foot out.

I was a young boy and it had snowed at least two feet the night before.  No school.  I bundled up in my boots, new gloves and coat and put on my father’s motorcycle helmet with the full face shield.  My sister let me know right away she’d be telling on me.  I didn’t care for what.  I was on the moon, listening to my own breath.  The sun blasted and hid behind high altitude cloud smears.  “Giant steps are what you take, walkin’ on the moon.”

Did you hear that Sarah Palin’s political action committee has spent more money buying her own book than on campaign contributions?  Her last stint on Oprah garnered way less attention than her first one.  Still, she can command a $100k speaking fee.  Yet her show is tired, her sincerity has been in atrophia since she found out for herself how full of shit she really is.  Sadly, her incandescence is on the wane.  She really has been her very own burlesque.  You want reality television?

I’ll miss her and I’ve been thinking lately about the devil you know vs the devil you don’t.

Always, no, never…..underestimate the gratification in talking to and old friend.  Peppered or poppy seed crackers and brie with apricot preserves.  The easiest thing is they tell you the truth.  The best thing is they tell you what you need to know.

Most drummers never get to the point where they can keep time, much less fuck with it.

That may be all I have to say about everything.

Drinks for my friends.

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