Thibodeaux, Fountainbleau, this place is……

In my view, our founding fathers intended the filibuster as a sort of time out.  Procedural brakes.

Not an off switch.

In sports, the number of timeouts is limited.  Think about it.

The idea of unmitigated majority rule isn’t philosophically congruent with democracy.  I would argue it to be far more socialist than what which we claim to aspire to.  All for one and all.  I imagine the framers of our constitution intended to protect us from it.  Mob rule.  The meek of body versus the genetically inferior of brain.  See what I’m saying?  You never know.  Gorillas against Apes.

I’m not sure it should be messed with at all.  There are alternatives like reconciliation.  I would not change the majority number mandated for cloture.  The spirit of the filibuster has been machiavellianly tainted by teabaggers.  Abused, maligned and exploited.  It has been vulgarized.  Think of amphibious precipitation.  Imagine the smack and gore of it.  They live for this shit.  Think CPAC.  A carnival of the clueless lacking all but charisma.

These bastards are pricks.  I’m not gonna bother to look it up because I know they’ve been shameless in threatening and invoking the filibuster.  Off the charts historically.  Trust me.

I know it’s bad.  Maybe we should consider limiting the number of times it can be played.  Like in football or basketball.  I’m obstreperously enthusiastic about making them actually fucking filibuster.  It’s retarded to stand around swinging a bat all day if you never even have to hit a ball or run the bases.  It’s so stupid.  Do what you gotta do.  When they threaten to actually Ball, throw them a goddamn strike.  Throw it hard.  Make them take the conch and pontificate until they look like dicks.  Then take the conch away.

What is there to lose?

And so just walk around them.  Reconciliation.  My last count was 19 senators including Reid and 118 congressman getting all vocal and signing on to something about a Public Option via reconciliation.  Understand you fucks, when the mandate to buy in without a robust public option got by you, you lost me.  You fuckers, our fuckers, have been flirting with us too much.  You better goddamn be serious this time.  This is what we “progressives” expect.  Get it done.  Whatever means necessary.  Don’t fly a plane into Limbaugh’s ass or Hannity’s vag, try not to sew Palin up.  You just better not be kidding this time.

Remember that Civil Rights thing was dicey for a while………

Conservatives think liberals are anti-American.  We aren’t.  I’m not.  There’s only one other country I’d ever consider being born in.  Maybe two.  Liberals know that conservatives are stupid or at least willfully ignorant.  Their guns, a woman’s right to choose and fear of people with alternative skin tones blinds them to every other salient issue or policy.  Forgive my sweeping generalizations but they are nothing if not simple and predictable.  I know some.  Good people.  Generous, bright and funny but lack the prerequisite intellectual curiosity for the big picture.  Not the capacity but the curiosity.

They in fact, refuse it.  I like these people, I’m related to some of them.  They refuse to be informed.  With the exception of these men, all other self identified right wingers are fucktards.  Assholes.  A group that thinks they are smarter than they are while they equate knowledge with elitism.

I have no idea what to do about that and it’s not my job.

No matter what happens, we have the conch for ten more months at least.   Blow my skirt up.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • kit:

    “Liberals know that conservatives are stupid or at least willfully ignorant. Their guns, a woman’s right to choose and fear of people with alternative skin tones blinds them to every other salient issue or policy. ” I am conservative and take offense to your vast generalizations! I’m not a racist, i am for gay rights, and a women’s right to choose, although i am against partcial b. abortions. I also believe there’s a need for stricter gun laws. don’t lump us all into your category. It bugs and makes you sound ignorant.—– also,,,, Sarah Palin needs to disappear!!!

  • admin:

    They are generalizations and I do hesitate to employ them. I would suggest however, that you look at the company you keep by identifying yourself as a conservative. I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Labels are rarely a good thing. But I have no reservations when it comes to criticizing those who would label themselves.

    It is perhaps ignorant of you to label yourself so crudely and I suspect you sell yourself short.

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