Dear Prudence

So Hunter, he of the plate of shrimp, leaves a youtube video of The Grateful Dead performing “St Stephen” for the beautiful people on Playboy After Dark, 1969.


Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass

WTF? The Grateful Dead? Do you have a virus?
Hunter Oswald

every time I go apathetic with them, the motherfuckers creep up and do something cool from the grave.
Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass

What can it it all mean? My personal punk rock hero……..scratch that, a personal Rock and Roll hero slash way too long lost pal… pimpin’ The Dead.

Right where I can see it.

Next he endorses giving senior men free viagra so they don’t roll out of bed. … See More

I’ve got two chapters on that record we did with Dave and you boys. I must know what you thought of it then and what you think of it now before I can finish this part.

It’s been a long time coming, this part.

I kinda want you to write part of the story. Go with it. If not, give me some quotes. Do you mind what I’m asking you? Are your testes withered Caucasian white grape raisins?

I went off the paxil. My dreams are crazy, vivid, and now very elaborate but so convoluted. I get stiff when it blows outside. I’m a little emotional. That’s it so far. I was on it for four or five years.

Bring it.
I’m not kidding.
Kick Start My Heart
(yanks own front tooth with a simple bottle opener)

No really.
Write me something. This is a good idea.


Drinks for my friends.

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