600 Days Tres Hombres…..supplemental

My latest two part piece wherein I audaciously take it upon myself to sit in judgment long enough to bestow an actual letter grade of “D” on Barack Obama as President of The United States of America has manifested into far more than a simple fart in a whirlwind. I expected as much. What I didn’t really anticipate, despite both pieces being a rather harsh assessment of our President, is the indignity and vitriol from the right wing fucktards.

These people are dangerous idiots.  Dangerous in that they vote.

I mean, I’m pissing and moaning about him and his administration.

What follows are samples of their reactions from facebook and here at Brainspank.  I provide these to illustrate just how dumb, indoctrinated and demagogued these goofcocks actually are.  My father would describe them as not knowing their asses from a hole in the ground and I am compelled to concur.

For posterity and clarification, I submit that I do think Obama has accomplished one whole helluva a lot in the face of enormous and unprecedented partisan resistance and elaborately callow fuckery.  I made that very clear in part one.


I took it upon myself to address the vital things that had languished, gone undone or had been ignored.  Stuff that really chapped my ass.  Those things, I detailed in part two.


Read them again for fucks sake.

What I offer you in this third, sort of auxiliary installment, is proof of just how ridiculous so many motherfuckers can be.  Obtuse, missing the the point, unable to be germane or salient, cognizant or aware at all of what is on the goddamn table and being discussed overtly and with serious purpose.

From Facebook:

Wayne F. Hall

“This guy speaks like a true democrat….Love the professionalism. Now what would happen if this guy was on the right? You lefties would grill him like a fine piece of salmon. I mean really where do you guys dig these nut jobs up??”

“Michael did you write that??? I would hope not and expect a little more than that.”


“Yes I did. Why?”

Wayne F. Hall

“How would you like it if the roles were reversed? There are no clean hands in either party and to portray the left as you have is preposterous. Case in Pointe Look who has had control of the house and senate for the last 6 years. We all know that the president is just a figure head ( well except George)and the house and senate can override his veto at anytime So with all the bull that has started in the last three years whom should we blame?”


“Check your math, control of both houses for the last six years? Are you new or stupid?

And how have I portrayed the left? I mean, it was basically a hit piece on Obama.

Of course, hands are dirty everywhere you look. Hello? Ketchup little tomato. My point is this, and I stand behind it: Republicans don’t have an exclusive on the malaise of corruption but they are far more EVIL than Democrats.

Somebody went to great lengths the other day to point out the the crookedness of Charlie Rangel and B Rod etc….so I simply offered a list of war criminals (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Haliburton, Blackwater……) and a litany of war crimes (torture, wiretapping, profiteering…..).

Nut job huh?

You know, you “people” never consider or admit just what a shitstorm it would be if they weren’t in power. Typical right wing boiler plate bullshit. Unemployment IS bad. But it would be twice what it is now were it not for the current administration.

The greatest concentration of wealth in the history of human kind occurred under the Republicans. Ever. The Rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Exponentially. Empirically provable, easy to substantiate. An absolute, irrefutable fact.

When us “Lefties” endeavor to change that, we get labeled “socialists”. For merely attempting to battle what in all reality is “fascism”.

By the way, it is my habit and compulsion to deal in FACTS exclusively.

Now the Republicans want to extend tax cuts to the wealthy and increase taxes on the middle class. A policy that has already added a $trillion to the deficit and will add $3.5 trillion more. Oh, you fiscal hawks you.

Piss up a rope dude, your people are running on this specific policy and it is fucked up. Unexplainable. Unjustifiable. Stupid, wrongheaded, greedy and dangerous. From Mark Rubio, to John Boehner, they all want it but can’t seem to explain it.

You all so conveniently choose to forget that the most egregious bailout, the no strings attached one to the banks, was a a Bush job. Remember they called it TARP?

Had the Republicans stayed in control, the grip of corporate power by energy, big pharma, the military industrial complex etc. would now be twice as firm. Wake the fuck up. And if you have any sack at all, stop pissing on my flowers here and come to my blog and engage me.

Are you new or stupid?”

Wayne F. Hall

“Michael You are as gullible as the day is long For you to accuse me of being new or stupid shows your own lack of insight or education…Do you want to know how a democrat covers their Ass they pick apart what someone has to say OR they sta…rt with the name calling in either point you have already proved mine.
You say tomato I say…well that would lower me to you outlook. What is evil is to strip something form someone who has EARNED it to give it to someone who can “make more by staying home and collecting” or some ILLEGAL who is here for a hand out. You piss and moan about war criminals and that list of bullshit you produced. How about the crimes within being PROVEN every day? Oh but let me guess “that’s different” which is another classic democrat saying.
Your shitstorm is coming when Obama’s policies take hold in November. I hope that the Democratic Party DOES get in. HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS MIKE? How about we put our asses 30 or 40 trillion more in debt. You are the one with lack of education. You physically tell me how the hell we can borrow ourselves out of debt with no possible way of paying it back. Did you also know that we only sold 20% of our bonds last year? I may be off a few percent but LOOK AT THE FACTS before you shoot off that fly trap located 1.5 inches below your nose. You also have no idea how to run a business either if I make more at my business I HIRE more people. Because I want to make more money. That’s the way things should be EARNED not handed out like your hard left nut jobs want to do. Even middle of the road Democrats are not impressed with a HARD LEFT stand point.
Your facts are tainted and one sided at best Mike.
Yes I remember the “Bush Bailouts” again WHO was in power in the house and senate. WHO could have overridden the bill? And WHO continued this dangerous and foolish practice? Oh and sorry for the miss print of time line I was sure you would have gotten the idea guess I was wrong on that.
I have a list of names for you but why do you really think it is going to going to prove a point. Get off the holier than though bandwagon you have SOME good points but have a FU**ed way of getting them across.
I’m in for the blog thing I think we both may have a lot to learn and gain Mike. Just don’t de friend or block when things get heated or I call you out on a dumba**ed comment …Like another hard leftie on here
FYI I think you might be interested where I stand in politics…..The hard right does not care for my comments either.
Either way game on and keep up the good work ……Seriously”


“Your first paragraph makes little sense but you describe the tactic of name calling and I can’t think of a group more guilty of that than Republicans. And what’s wrong with picking apart what someone has to say if it’s bullshit?

You…’re second paragraph makes less sense, but I gather you’re opposed to illegal immigration. What makes you think I’m not?

You’re third paragraph makes even less sense. 30 or 40 trillion? What? What? My mouth is considerably less than 1.5 inches below my nose, I hope yours is too.

I’ve run various businesses, one went from less than $1 million a year to almost $10 million a year. I’m also a multi-platinum recording engineer/producer with a blog that has over a quarter million reads.

What facts are tainted? What are you talking about? Can you write a cogent sentence? How about a straightforward paragraph? And you impugn my level of education?

Are you new or are you stupid?

The next paragraph made a little more sense but is ridiculous. You want to blame congress for not overriding the Bush Policy? That’s like blaming the bystander for not inserting him or herself in a violent crime.

And “miss print of time line?. No, you were way off and wrong. Yet you seek to impugn my education and facts.

“holler than though”?
You think we both may have a lot to learn? I’m not feeling that.
You’re more than welcome to comment on my blog but I’ll tear you apart there just the same and in front of a lot more people.

I appreciate your tenacity but am nonplussed and remain unimpressed.

My advice to you is English 101″

********What follows is new as of today, July 30, 2010.***********************************************************************************************************************

Wayne F. Hall

“Do you want to make this an English lesson Mike or do you want to deal with facts I will break this down for you as it looks to me like you may be the “new or just stupid”
1 look at your post all it does is to start picking apart my post, y…ou started the game as such so if that’s how you want to play I’m in and as far as name calling the left is way better at mudslinging. What in your opinion is bullshit, may just be that. Or it may be something you can not argue with and resort to picking.
2 Unemployment = taxes= shipping jobs overseas. I think we may agree on this. The higher the taxes on the businesses the more profitable it is to move them. Democrats have a policy of tax and spend, even if they don’t have it. Push the burden onto the wealthy, well the wealthy are the one’s that do the employing, I have never worked for someone who has made the same or less than I do.
(a) And handouts why should we pay for illegals that’s a proven democrat stand point. Look at what they are doing in Arizona.
3 Current debts You stated and I quote” The greatest concentration of wealth in the history of human kind occurred under the Republicans.”
The poor did not get poorer. In fact what was the rate of unemployment then? What is it now? And don’t give me the because of Bushes tax cuts. To be precise here is the current amount of debt and time for you. The Outstanding Public Debt as of 30 Jul 2010 at 01:30:35 PM GMT is: 13,254,548,439,518.09…I love the .09 that’s pisser
(a) Check this out Mike
Argue with that. And the current administration wants to borrow more…How about we tighten our belts and revamp some of these “pork barrel” programs. I don’t give a shit who implemented them …Start with welfare.
4 I have one business here in N.H. I don’t have to blow smoke or toot my own horn if you want to know about it ask some of my customers or my employees. Or link to my W.H.Sports page
5 You never answered the question about “How we are going to borrow ourselves out of debt?”
6 Screw you and your English lesson I can write as I feel. If needed I can strap on my English studies and properly place all of my paragraphs and punctuation so you may be able to understand. And using proper amounts and times to better help you understand. I for one don’t need that on my page as I’m able to figure out what point a person is getting across.
7 You are kidding about the by stander comment right? I’m sure you are and I may have miss read that. But in case you were serious, tell me this. Why can they override the president if they won’t? You did realize that in some states it is a felony not to get involved if you see a crime taking place. Would I…Yes and I have.
8 you saying you can not learn from someone gives you the holier than though persona. I have learned a lot of valuable thing from all walks of life I truly believe there is something to learn from everyone. I will retract my statement about your education and apologize. I was pissed and to question your education was wrong I’m sorry for that. I would never respond like this on your blog out of respect…But you are welcome to tear apart anything I may post. I will try to behave and cool my temper. Let’s see if we can come up with a few answers instead of running our mouths. Being mouthy is easy. Solving problems and coming up with solutions is not.
9 BTW my English grade was A- and the room was 314″


“I’m not interested in making this an English lesson but I do want and need for you to write more clearly and stop parroting boilerplate right wing crap. I mean previous to now, WHAT FACTS? You begin again by not making much sense. You lament that I’m picking what you say apart, but that is what debate is. Yes, I started the game, but you chose to engage me, you chose to play. If you don’t want to play, go home. I’m here to call you on your bullshit. That’s what this is about. That’s why I’m here. I must confess, you’re beginning to bore me and It won’t be long before you simply won’t be worth my time.

“Unemployment = taxes= shipping jobs overseas.”

Um, what? Whatever point you’re trying to make is clear to no one but yourself. This is the brand of nonsensical meandering I’m talking about. It isn’t high taxes on business that force jobs overseas, it’s cheap labor in other countries and bad trade policy on our part. I freely admit NAFTA is one of those policies and it was fomented and implemented by Clinton. One of his very few missteps but an egregious one. See? You demonstrate an inability to grasp the simplest of concepts. The whole dynamic is clearly lost on you.

If I understand what you so clumsily attempt to posit, you think taxes are the reason for outsourcing and unemployment and that’s just absurd. Just today the Republicans PREVENTED a bill containing tax cuts to small businesses and incentives for smaller banks to loan to small businesses from passing. 81% percent of all job losses during this recession occurred under small businesses. Republicans spent months preventing the passage of the extension of unemployment benefits, that also contained direct stimulus to small businesses etc. and only allowed it’s passage once those provisions were carved out.

Now Republicans want to extend tax cuts to the wealthiest 2%, something that’s ADDED a $trillion to the deficit thus far and at the same time, allow the tax cuts to the middle class to expire. There was a bill authored by Bernie Sanders to end $35 billion in tax cuts and subsidies to the most profitable industry in the history of human existence, big oil. Filibustered and defeated by Republicans. I would imagine you’re not even aware of these events and I guarantee you cannot justify or explain them. You’re in way over your head dude, even if you stand up, it won’t hit you. It won’t leave a mark.

“Democrats have a policy of tax and spend”

That’s actually complete bullshit. Every Republican administration for the last hundred years has increased debt and deficit far more than the Democratic administrations. Clinton even left a huge budget surplus after presiding over the longest and most significant period of economic prosperity in our history. You are guilty of parroting standard disingenuous GOP lies and it means that you are full of shit. You piss and moan about facts, disprove or even mitigate any of these or shut the hell up. No English lesson today but certainly I’ve taken you to school on economics.

“And handouts why should we pay for illegals that’s a proven democrat stand point.”

I never said that, in fact I dealt with that very thing in my last response to you. It’s clear your reading skills leave something to be desired. Again your grammar, punctuation and syntax are Fisher Price at best and you’re knowingly or unknowingly telling a LIE. That is not a Democratic “stand point” and you can’t prove in any way that it is. By the way, what’s a “stand point”? You write like a child, don’t blame me for not taking you seriously.

“The poor did not get poorer. In fact what was the rate of unemployment then? “

When Bush left office we were hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month. We now are now posting net gains, as in no more losses, but jobs actually added, albeit at a rather anemic pace. And families living beneath beneath a ridiculously low poverty standard increased over 27% under Bush. The severe poor grew at an alarming rate of 56% faster than any other segment of our population. Over 37 million living in poverty under Bush. Over 10% of our entire population. Under Bush the wealthiest 10% percent came to own half of everything, as in all income. The very top 0.01% percent actually came to own over 6% of everything under Bush. More than anytime since records have been kept. You my friend, are completely full of shit.

Welfare or for that matter, social security, medicare and medicaid are not “pork barrel programs”. You’ve just proven that you’re not remotely aware of the definition of that term.

Are you new or are you stupid?

I could go on, but I just don’t see the point. This is for me, an exercise in futility. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t understand what you’re merely just repeating, and I’m confident most of the FACTS I’m feeding you are beyond your ability to digest. I’m done here. I need for you to understand that you’re wasting my time but you’re also wasting your own.

Feel free to comment here or on my blog, I never censor anyone, just don’t expect me to engage you unless you have something cogent or germane to offer. Go home. It’s no fun to knock a man down over and over when he doesn’t have the sense to stop getting up.

You’re forcing me to punch the clown; the euphemism is apt. I’m doing no more than whacking off here. You’re so damn obtuse, you don’t even know when you’re beat and that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Only an idiot can think another idiot is a genius. If you don’t like me calling you names, tough shit. You bring it on yourself. Go home.”

Honestly, I’m not sure why I bother, except perhaps to expose the abject idiocy and willful ignorance of these jackasses.  I guess that really is my reason for bringing it here; more eyes and minds get to experience it.  I must be naive, because people like this leave me awestruck.

Here’s one from from right here on Brainspank.


“Me thinks you sound a bit like that dude Rachel Maddow.

GROW some balls and support your country. Vote Republican.

What a bunch of liberal corny BS.”


““Me thinks you sound a bit like that dude Rachel Maddow.”, huh?

Methinks you just revealed yourself to be another jingoistic asstardian bigot. Grow some balls? You’d have to cut mine off to vote Republican, I have the courage of my convictions, you are afraid of mere lesbians. I’m going to offer you the same thing I do all of your ilk, show me where she has been less than truthful, prove a lie she has told. Just one, and I will give you fifty uttered by the Fox News info-tainment personality of your choice.

Fifty to one asshole. Now Man up.

For what it’s worth kids, one of two things is about to happen. This cowardly douchebag will come back with a ridiculous substanceless stream of angry god fearing invective or we’ll never hear from his retarded ass again.

Yeah, buddy, you vote Republican again. You’re taxes will go up and the wealthy will see their taxes continue to be low and we’ll be far more fucked than we are now. Their proposals will add over three trillion dollars to the deficit. This is how I know you’re stupid because that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. Vote against your very own interests and then blame the liberals because you’re teeth are falling out of your odd pointed fucking head.

Now bring it or shut the fuck up.”


“And if you wanna talk corruption… Blago, Rangel, Bill, Hillary etc etc And they do it in the most arrogant fashion.

I will NEVER vote Democratic again. Pity you kids can’t attend a school without falling for the leftist indoctrination hook line and sinker.



“And if you wanna talk WAR CRIMES, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Haliburton, KBR Blackwater…………..

Wake the fuck up, they’re all corrupt, but not all of them are evil.

Pity you kids can’t even watch television without buying the bullshit right wing demagoguery.”

And that is, of course, the last I heard from this moron.  Seriously, my kingdom for an honest and informed opinion that is counter to mine but not originating from anyone with anything other than a normal shaped head.  These examples really are illustrative of my experience with the right wing, conservative, Republican and/or teabaggers out there.  Are they all this simple, uninformed and misguided?  I have yet to find a reason to even suspect otherwise.

Drinks for my friends.

11 Responses to “600 Days Tres Hombres…..supplemental”

  • Lori Wallace:

    I just wanted to pop in to say that you are wasting precious time when you respond to the Wayne F. (stands for fucktard) Hall’s of the world. They can point out two or three crooks in the Dem party while you can point out 30 in their party and yet they refudiate all of it by claiming social injustice. That is what it all about, for them. They see social welfare for a society as someone getting something for nothing, when in reality they are the ones who want something for nothing. They want employees who work for a less than living wage and with no added benefits such as medical coverage, paid vacations, sick days, or federal paid holidays. They do not want to pay any taxes, either, dammit. Oh, and they want the White’s Only signs put back up over the water fountains, too.

    Where were they 30-40 years ago on being fiscally conservative? Tricky Dick and Ronny Reagan started this massive clusterfuck, and they make them into saints! Then they run an ignorant fool like George Bush and re-elect him twice, just to make sure we can’t ever crawl out from under the avalanche of debt, and they still refudiate the truth because we elected a black man. And a well educated one, at that. One who understands how to effect change, not through war and playing the fear card, but by giving people hope.

    Keep up the good work. But screw them, seriously. They are male, pale, and stale. We got fucked well and good by their party, and they are too stoopid to stop refudiating it. I hope they stick with Sarah, now there is a winner.


    • Michael Douglass:

      Hey thanks for playing but refudiate isn’t a word as evidenced most recently by Sarah Palin. It’s worth the time, my time, if only for exposing the idiots.

  • CJ:

    nice fucking rants.
    thought you might like this link.
    It helps to explain why facts don’t matter to most of the right and some of the left.


  • Michael,

    Thanks for your persistence in posting pointers to your Brainspank articles as comments on my posts. I must confess this is the first one I read and I am glad I did it. I will now try to get to your blog as frequently as I can.

    Your debate (if it can be called that) with the airheads is absolutely typical of these Teabagging GOPsters – absolutely devoid of any facts what so ever; let me say not one factual point. Neither have I heard one from their turd blossom leaders. There is no pony in all the pile of manure; if you would shovel it all you will find a bunch of jackasses braying. I find it amazing that they try to bury you under your carefully chosen, perhaps too strong or vulgar for some, words to capture a situation or an actor – without ever taking you on substantively on any of the positions you have taken,

    An interesting coincidence – about a piece of your article and something I wrote a while back. I was getting sick and tired of most CNN hosts led by the chief moron Wolf Blitzer for sanctimoniously claiming the championship of fair and balanced reporting when compared to biased coverage by FOX News and MSNBC. This false moral equivalence of libs and cons of today was absolutely disingenuous; it is exactly analogous to the a.h. insulting Rachel Maddow and your challenge for any lie – even one lie – that underlies her commentary or reporting. I had challenged all CNN newsmen to take me up on a bet. I will give them $5 for every lie told by MSNBC (Joe Scarborough excluded) if they were to pay me just 50 cents for every lie that FOX News has told. No takers – not even from the zealous FOX News sheep who kept piling on horse shit on Facebook and assorted blogs.

    I find the coincidence quite entertaining in terms of the details – even if the underlying sentiment is not exclusive to either you or me.

  • Kathy:

    What I have read here is nothing more than the sounds made by a socialist choking for those last few breaths as he drowns in his own garbage and finally dies in November.
    Until “then”, please know that your arrogance does not make you appear superior … it only illuminates your desperation.

  • Michael Douglass:

    There the ‘socialist’ tag again! It’s almost always the first arrow out of the quiver. Why don’t you “illuminate” us by picking one single thing I’ve said and show it to be untrue?

    Bet you can’t.

  • reiya:

    Well I’ll illuminate, and say Michael the confines of law would not have allowed you to do us justice. I’m happy your not a lawyer. You need to get an agent, I want to see you go head to head with those dopes at Faux News. You would skin their arses alive. The reason I read is that you are excellent at debate, and exposing the right wing nuts, with such eloquence. They simply resist anything new, creative, or progressive. Often new formula’s are required to fix new problems. They want to harkin back to a codependency on Fossil Fuels, and have a country run by a few plutocrats. And somebody needs to set out an iron jawed bear trap; and catch that dope Sarah Palin, at her faux fur game. She is but a symbol of a stuffed bear; nothing left upstairs, just an artifact. I won’t claim to be a Democrat, I look for leaders, that have the ability to lead us with new crative ideas, and values. We need people that have the ability to think in a spiral motion, instead of an oval race track leading no place new.

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