They’re Nihlists Dude!

This really is so easy. They make it so easy.

As targets, they barely move.

As politicians, they say the stupidest shit.

John “Agent Orange” Boehner said just yesterday in a single interview for the Pittsburgh Tribune that the eligibility age for Social Security should be raised to pay for the war in Afghanistan, disagreed with the proposed temporary moratorium on deep water drilling, but in the same breath offered that we should “pause” any efforts until we figure out what went wrong and compared our worst financial crisis since the great depression to an “ant”.

This asshat wants to be speaker of the house.

Can you say douchebag?  I can.  Say it with me.

I can tell by his slow eyed, puffy countenance that he’s a major boozer; I’m confident it’s the only thing we have in common.

On the very same day, Sharron “failing up” Angle, in her first appearance on anything other than a right wing asstard media venue since getting the nod to run against Harry Reid, said that the unemployed are spoiled and that there are plenty of jobs but that unemployment benefits pay too much (suggesting I assume, that the problem is not a dearth of job opportunity), that the government should force even children who are raped to carry a baby to term because it’s God’s plan and, “The tenet of the separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine,”.

By now she’s flirting with infamy for saying, “If this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies.” ………….”the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.”

This bitch makes Glenn Beck look like The Wizard of Oz.

I couldn’t make this shit up.

But here, in the interest of levity and distillation, I’ll share with you Miss Angle’s true message:  “Hi kids, sorry I keep tripping over my own vagina, *smile*, but I’m the very best the GOBP has to replace the most powerful man in the senate, so you really should vote for me because Harry Reid is evil and hates you and because I’m a Christian, so I will help Nevadans more than he ever has and I promise I won’t embarrass any of you anymore, and if I lose, it’s okay if one of you exercises the full extent of your second amendment rights by shooting him.”

Couldn’t help myself; made that shit up.  Had a blast.

The sermon is short tonight kids.

See, Angle aspires to replace a man who is arguably the second most powerful man in America (therefore the world-think about it), and Boehner lusts after being the third.  Mitt Romney still entertains the notion of being the first.  Who else can they run?  Palin?  She’s too busy stumbling over own pudenda while simultaneously raking in the filthy lucre generated from conspicuously losing an election and quitting her gig as governor of our least populated state just halfway through to cash in on her own infamy.  She may not understand she’s too stupid but she does know she’s too lazy to run.  Not gonna happen.  Guy Smiley (Romney) is the best they’ve got.

As my father would say: “In a pigs ass!”

In a shitstorm unlike America may have ever endured, one that may yet compete with her most severe, this is the face of the Republican party that would promise to navigate us out of it.  Empty headed clowns, jackasses without the courage of their convictions or even a modicum of intellectual curiosity, much less anything resembling a coherent plan.  They are quite simply the best and the brightest this asinine Republican party has to offer.

In the proud tradition of Dumbya and Darth, Dick-in Bush.

If we lose the House and Agent Orange becomes the speaker, if Angle’s obtuse dumb ass ends up occupying the hallowed, distinguished and accomplished seat of Senator Reid, or if a used car salesman like Romney were to be allowed to walk the corridors of terrible and frightening power in the highest of executive evinces come 2012, well then, we are screwed.  We’ll find ourselves in a boiling and violent rapids con sewage without any means to even steer.

Should any of this come to pass, we deserve it.

We would deserve it for all the willful ignorance and blind stupidity we will have allowed to overcome us.

May Santa Claus in the sky help us.

Drinks for my friends.

12 Responses to “They’re Nihlists Dude!”

  • MD,

    There is enough corporate control of elections and media (as opposed to actual democratic elections) that the people with vote for those that hate us, call us lazy, consider us unworthy, and will create an America where all the wealth of our nation goes away from the bottom 4 quintiles (80%) to be concentrated in the 1-20% at the top. I am of course talking about the Republican party. However, many Democrats are with the Republican plutocrats and aren’t a whole lot better.

    But people keep voting for the plutocracy against their own interests.

    Yea America!

    Tex Shelters

  • Michael,

    I’ve just posted this blog on my UAF Coalition FB site, and recommended following it. Props, Kudos and Kewpie Dolls all around!

    Al Stefanelli,
    The United Atheist Front (Since 2005)

  • Ben:

    Excellent post, my friend. Methinks the next four months are going to provide us with idiot fodder the likes of which the Universe has not yet witnessed. If nothing else, people like you and me will have reams of material. They make it too easy, as you said. Well, you said “…so easy,” but you get the idea.

  • Michael Douglass:

    Thanks for reading and commenting Ben.

  • Torz Baron Copley:

    I see you just spanked my mind again then you old dog….

  • Brian:

    I could not agree with you more. The forerunners that the GOP (Grand Oil Party) has to offer America are pretty much nothing but bags of hot air who have apparently obtained Bush & Cheney’s speach writers (and quite possibly Karl Rove) to provide them with what to say since they are all under the DUMBYA spell.

    Sarah “Caribou Barbie” Palin has not had a thought of her own that made even an iota of sense in the last three years. Everytime she opens her mouth….I cannot help but wonder what the next punchline on Countdown will be. As for Sharron “Big Guns” Angle, she will most likely take up her “Second Amendment Remedies” on anyone who opposes her point of view. She is actually becoming more and more “Palin-esque” as time goes by. Just the thought of her serving as a US Senator proves that Dumbya is not the only moron in the Republican Party. John “Big Boner” Boehner….is without the doubt the biggest horse’s ass since Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. He might even be in the rankings with Dick Cheney and Richard Steele for Jackass of the Year honors.

    I just hope and pray that every American who is registered to vote realizes that the Republican Party has not had the interests of the American citizens on their political agendas since the Reagan years (quite possibly even since the Nixon years). The more they allow Republicans to win elections and take over control of traditionally Democratic held seats in the House and Senate….this country will do nothing more than plunge deeper and deeper into the hands of Bank of America and Wachovia….not to mention Wall Street.

    It is about time we took our country back….and told the Republican Party and the Tea Party to kiss our asses!!! President Obama needs to introduce a new law making it ILLEGAL to accept any campaign contribution of the amount of $50 from any individual person or commercial entity and require that every contribution be made in the form of credit card or check as to keep detailed records of this. This might finally be a step in the right direction to abolish special interests from policital campaigns.


  • Michael Douglass:

    Oooooh, I like “Caribou Barbie”.

    Don’t you mean Michael Steele?

    The funny thing about Angle is my mother knows her and says she’s as sweet as pie, yet acknowledges that she’s batshit crazy.

    You can always count on three things: Death, taxes and the abject anxiousness of Republicans to vote against their own interests with blind, idealistic stupidity.

    Your last idea is a good one. It will never happen, but I agree.

    Thanks for contributing.

  • Lori:

    I am looking for contact information for you. Do you have an email address?

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