Let’s talk About Sharron Angle….A hit piece.

I grew up in Carson City Nevada. Harry Reid is friend of my mother’s.  She worked for him as his secretary when he first appeared in the Nevada State Legislature, when he came to be known as one half of the “Gold Dust Twins” along with Dick Bryan who went on to be governor and to the U.S. Senate as well.  The first political campaign I ever worked in was for Mr. Reid when he ran for Lt. Governor against Paul Laxalt.  I was nine years old.

He lost.

A few years ago I asked my mother for an autographed copy of Harry’s autobiography “The Good Fight” for my birthday.  The following January, before my February birthday, Mr. Reid in his quiet but inimitable way, summoned my mother, since retired but working the bi-annual legislative session, to a brief private meeting.  He handed her a copy of his book, signed and inscribed.  They didn’t talk politics.  He asked about her.  Her life, her children and her husband.  She did the same.  About forty years had gone by, but they’d been in touch.  It was personal.

That night Harry Reid kissed my mother on the cheek on live television in the State Senate chambers after delivering a speech.

The preface is necessary.  I’m compelled, in the interest of disclosure, because I have no intention of recusing myself from another task for which I feel compelled.  Said task would be a sincere examination of that crazy bitch who would usurp the power and position Mr. Reid has fought for and earned, a position that finds Harry Reid one of the most powerful men in America.

I will tell you that I have vehemently disagreed with Harry.  Often.  No one individual can be expected to consistently agree with another unless such an individual does not know his own mind or is willing to ignore it.  Yes, he’s an old school incumbent.  Indeed part of the status quo, quid pro quo, old boy network that is often an egregious component of the problem.  But I will tell you this, from far outside the beltway, but still from someone far more likely than you dear reader are able to know, Harry Reid will never ever be caught up in an ethics, money, sexual or any other kind of scandal simply because the man is honest and humble.  I know this to be true.

If they could have, trust me those dirty bastards would have by now.

I’ve been stuck in Carson City, against my will for far too long.  Soon to be free.  Yet it has afforded me a front row opportunity to this contest, one I observe to be of the most important in these mid-term elections, particularly for Nevadans.

When I first began to pay attention, Harry was in trouble.  An anti-incumbent tsunami was sweeping the land fueled by boiler plate Republican bullshit; casting blame for a disastrous economy on the Democrats who’d been in power, at least theoretically, for two years before Bush left office.  Whatever.  That’s another blog.  Early polls had Sue Lowden  ahead of Harry by double digits.  She was a force to be reckoned with, at least until she stuck a greasy foot in shit by suggesting that people actually barter with their physicians by bringing chickens to their offices in a lame attempt to refute the health care legislation Harry had so labored to pass.

Until then, Sharron Angle had pretty much escaped my attention.  My mother knows her too.  Said she was a very nice lady.  I pointed out she was a little bat shit and mother just reiterated that she was a pleasant woman.

I had written her off.

In a political heartbeat, the party faithful realized Lowden was an asshat and it was all over but the shouting.  The hard right, Tea Party financed, despicably Christian nut job, Sharron Angle emerged from the primary a victor.  The dark horse now the white.  It took a few days,  goofcock Michael Steele notwithstanding, the RNC had it’s “Oh Fuck” moment.  As in, “what have we done?”  As in, “This bitch is crazy, what do we do now?”  They are absolutely justified in their sentiment.  The woman fashions her chapeaus from tin foil because aluminium is probably too worldly and sophisticated.

She’s a mess:

On tape, video and/or audio and therefore on the record, she has called for the repeal of social security, medicare and medicaid.

She’s opposed to abortion under any circumstance, suggesting that an adolescent victim of incestuous rape make lemonade from the lemons life has dealt her because it’s God’s plan.

Her campaign ads focus laser like on unemployment despite stating that it would in no way be in her purview to create or advocate for jobs for Nevadans, her constituents, as a United States Senator.  When asked about the City Center development in Las Vegas, a city already suffering and near destitute from chronic and rampant job losses, she stated she would not have lifted a finger to help save 21,000 jobs.

Harry did.  And he saved those jobs.

She posited that unemployment benefits in Nevada (maximum $362.00 a week) pay too much money and are therefore a disincentive to seek honest employment.  She said that we have spoiled our citizenry.  Even in rural Nevada, if you have a family, $1600 a month is really dumb math.

She told Fox News about the press in general, “We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer, so that they report the news the way we want it reported.”  What the fuck?  The first amendment appears to be inconvenient for Ms. Angle.  She continued by saying that she would like it if the press would allow her to plug her Web site and solicit donations on the air.  Who is this woman?  Methinks she’s operating under some serious misconceptions.

Earlier this year she said,  “And these programs that you mentioned — that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward — are all entitlement programs built to make government our God,” Angle said in an April interview with TruNews Christian Radio. “And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government.”

What?  She said that shit.

She’s a hardcore homophobe and would prevent gay couples from adopting and I don’t doubt attempt to wrest children from their gay adoptive parents.

She suggested that Americans exercise their 2nd amendment rights, as in take up arms, if they’re not satisfied with the outcome of the elections.  She didn’t reference fraud or anything, just that people use their guns if they don’t like the way it turns out.


I have to tell you that I quite literally hate Sharron Angle, everything she stands for and anyone like her.

Where are we as a State of this Union, that such an astringently dogmatic and spectacularly frightening societal, populist heretic can be a legitimate contender for such an exclusive and important legislative body?  One could easily point to those that have come before her; Jesse Helms, Tom Delay, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Sam Brownback, John “Agent Orange” Boener, Mitch McConnell……….the list is long and they are all prick bastards.

Sorry for getting all didactic.

I do have a point beyond this.

What often rankles me about some of the aforementioned is I’m that I’m reasonably sure they know what they’re doing.  They’re assholes, but at least they’re deliberate assholes.  They know exactly what they’re doing and they do it because they’re greedy power lusting fuckheads.  They are bad people.  That, has always pissed me off.

But Sharron Angle scares me.  This woman is an empty headed vacuous agent of ……evil?  What really unnerves me is how she delivers such abject nonsense with that ridiculous grin and those vacant, Stepford, Manson eyes.  Empty, illogical, hollow but sincere glee.  She has the conviction of the pious.  She believes what she says.  She believes the absolute sewage she spews.  She’s so goddamn wacky, pun intended, that whenever she opens her mouth, the entire GOP machine shutters and then scrambles and then stumbles.

There is comedy to be had here.  But it’s not pretty.

What I mean to say, is that although I’m an agnostic, she’s the closest thing to an Anti-Christ I’ve ever seen.  Trust me.  Let’s sit her down and ask her about the apocalypse.  I bet she can’t wait.  She’s nuts.

Harry Reid is among the most powerful men or women in America and thus the world.  This woman is poised, much like Sarah Palin was, to fill some very important shoes.  Such zealots have no place in contemporary politics.  Regardless the proximity to flame such creatures are somehow allowed to enjoy, they just don’t belong there.  There is zero possibility they can do any good at all.  Deleterious waves and ripples without a doubt.  Despite her convictions, Sharron Angle would occupy the office she seeks, instantly become one of a hundred as opposed to the Majority Leader, a face in the crowd……no power and no influence, and fuck it up completely by virtue of those very things she utters and so obviously believes.  She doesn’t understand that she’s a joke, but I do.  She’s absent any clue what the people want or need.  She has her own agenda.  She’s a fool.  Forgive her for she knows not what she does?  Fuck that.  I can’t help it if she doesn’t understand how dangerous and stupid she’ll be and I don’t care.

In, way over her head.  Not my problem and you shouldn’t make it yours.  Please don’t make it mine.  Please.

If Nevadans elect this crazy stupid broad.  They deserve her.  We’re in bad shape.  Highest unemployment and foreclosure rate in the country, I know.  It’s because we’re an economy entirely too dependent on tourism and yes, the Dick-in Bush administration was avaricious, clueless and really fucked up.  Wanna see how much worse it can get?  Put this callow inchoate, utterly clueless bitch in office.

We will have reaped what we’ve sown.  We will have it coming.

Republicans prove it over and over, when you try to fuck the future, the future fucks you.

Harry, I understand you are loathe to fight dirty, but you need to understand what happens to the rest of us if you lose.  You were a boxer.  Lace up dude, this is much bigger than you.

Drinks for my friends.

67 Responses to “Let’s talk About Sharron Angle….A hit piece.”

  • Bravo. And, may I say, ditto.

    Sharron Angle is EVERYONE’s problem.

  • Absolutely beautifylly written piece…brilliant…will share….and your are right..GoD, please do not make all of America suffer with this hateful, empty-headed, bigoted, crazy witch…………………

    • Michael Douglass:

      Oh thank you! The point is also the movement or wave that threatens to wash over us that she and her kind represent. Thanks for contributing.

  • Pam Veselinovic:

    This is a very informative piece, Mike. Good job!

  • Mary:

    I was waiting for this one. Thank you.

  • Excellent article! I wish I could vote for Mr. Reid and help keep that nutjob batty loon out of office! You’re right, it will affect us all if she wins.. It pisses me off that so many people in this country are blinded by.. by what? Their sense of religious superiority? by their abject fear of others (anyone not white)? It doesnt really matter, I suppose, what they are blinded by, it only matters that their own idiotic dumbassness hurts all of us! I sincerely hope that Ms Angle loses bigtime and slithers off into the slimey dank hole she belongs in!

  • Beautifully said. As a former (displaced) Nevadan, I have known and respected Sen. Reid for years. He is one of the best.

  • Todd:

    As a Nevadan I’ve had the opportunity to witness Harry in action as well.
    Corruption, lies, padding buddies pockets, pushing bills through that haven’t even been read, spending that’s out of control, the arrogant attitude of being superior to others, the list of bad goes on and on.
    Yes he saved 21,000 jobs, but the reason wasn’t the jobs, it was the payback for votes and election help that he saved.
    Sorry but after decades of the “good old boys” running things, Nevada is the highest in the nation for unemployment and climbing.

    I think Angle is nuts too, but unfortunately Harry Reid is even worse. It’s time he went back home to Searchlight.

  • Michael Douglass:

    If you think Harry is actually worse than Sharron, it is you that are nuts. You know, Harry went toe to toe with the mob when he was chair of the gaming commission. They threatened his family and planted a bomb in his car. He carried a gun in his brief case. That’s courage and doing the right thing for his constituents in the face of potentially losing his life.

    Do you imagine Sharron Angle has that brand of courage?

    You need to wake up and grow up.

    “Corruption, lies, padding buddies pockets, pushing bills through that haven’t even been read, spending that’s out of control, the arrogant attitude of being superior to others, the list of bad goes on and on.
    Yes he saved 21,000 jobs, but the reason wasn’t the jobs, it was the payback for votes and election help that he saved.
    Sorry but after decades of the “good old boys” running things, Nevada is the highest in the nation for unemployment and climbing.”

    Back up any of these accusations beyond what is business as usual in politics and we’ll talk. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

    Are you so ignorant to think the current economic malaise is actually Harry’s fault? Wanna buy a bridge?

    For you to posit that Sharron Angle would benefit Nevadans more than Harry, by saying Harry is worse, is damning evidence that you’re stupid and most likely brainwashed.

    After the crap that leaves her mouth you really think that? Really?

    Wake up.

    • Todd:

      My my you using language like a high schooler and you’re telling me to grow up?
      It’s rather obvious that you allow your emotions to control you.

      At this point I would rather see someone new in office than another term of Harry Reid because unlike you, I acknowledge the good WITH the bad.

  • Michael Douglass:

    My my, that’s the best you can do?
    Language like a “high schooler” combined with language of the informed.
    My emotions don’t control me but you piss me off.
    What good?
    Make a point.
    I’m thinking we’re done here.

  • Todd:

    yes, we are done here.

    • MarMac:

      It is always interesting when, in a debate, you can tell the person who is losing is the first person who resorts to calling people names and saying deprecating things. You are “right on” about the guy acting like a high schooler, except he is actually acting like a GRADE SCHOOLER!!

      • Michael Douglass:

        I assume you mean him and not me. Thanks for reading.

      • Brian:

        It is part and parcel of the progressive mindset. I read about some recent neuroscience research that found that people who espouse progressive ideas have underdeveloped emotional maturity. They are trapped at 5 years old. After that age, normal people evolve into a sense of fairness that doesn’t fixate on outcomes, but process and institutions. The emotionally immature progressive and 4 year olds only concern themselves with everyone getting the same amount of candy.

        • Michael Douglass:

          “I read about some recent neuroscience research that found that people who espouse progressive ideas have underdeveloped emotional maturity.” Id like for you to back that up. If this kinda shit is all you’re about, I’m not gonna bother much more. I have amusement parks to run.

  • You say so succinctly what is in my head, but becomes an angry jumble before I can get it onto the keyboard lately. The fight gets uglier and the players whackier as the days roll by. Scared to death and frustrated that those on our side have slid to “the middle” or somewhere in the ozone and are buying the “frustration of the people” that the right has so deftly peddled. They can’t see the forest for the trees, then you look up and the bulldozer got there before you woke and there stands another treehouse in their place. I’m all for progressive thought, progressive candidates, but unless they’ve been tested, tried and true, they’ll end up playing the roll of Nader. That’s happening in alot of Republican races (thank Goddess, or whomever), but Dems can’t chance it with nutbags like Angle on the horizon. The people who voted for Obama need to have a little patience, stay behind the people we’ve got and that have the best chance on the left and keep pushing them in the direction we want them to go. If they think they’ve got it bad now, let these crazy, unqualified right-wingers in then just see how bad things really get!

  • I just found this blog and I am hooked! Nothing I love more than a curse-filled rant about the very things that piss me off so badly that I often can’t find any words except cussing to express how I feel.

    “Stepford Manson stare” nails it perfectly. You can SEE the crazy in her eyes, not unlike those scary-ass posters of Dr Laura that used to be all over the highway giving my kids nightmares!

    I thought she was bad at that bagger rally, but these latest comments about an incestuous rape pregnancy being part of “God’s plan” have sent me over the edge.

    Can’t wait to peruse some of your other writings.

  • Chuck E. Jesus:

    Oh man…you hit this nail on the head. We’re doomed…really doomed if people like that gain significant power. It’s bad enough that Michelle Bachmann and others like her are in Congress, but a powerful Senate position for Angle?? If she wins, forget Canada, forget France or Sweden…I’m building a rocket which will get me to Mars….

  • Dragynn:

    I hear ya bro…it’s frightening really, I hope and hope and hope you don’t get stuck with that hag this fall…it’s too late for us in Texas, the scumbag oil cartel is firmly in charge down here, check out this article on Greg Abbott, a human shitsmear so foul he makes Torquemada look like Walt Disney.


    Texas is chock full of the worst sort of fucktards like this, Bush and his crew of murdering, torturing human fecaliths, own this goddam state now, and mark my words my brother, they are grooming Rick Perry for a run at the Whitehouse, possibly as soon as the next election in 2012….may the gods help us all if that puppet gets control, it will be the Bush’s in de facto control all over again, and I think we all know what that will mean.

    Pass me the tequila Michael, I think i’m gonna need it.

  • Michael Douglass:

    “fecaliths”, I’m stealing that. No way Rick Perry can get elected. Right? I’ll check out that link. Thanks for playin’

    • Dragynn:


      Yeah, so Obama came to Austin yesterday, Perry hands him a hand-written letter demanding Obama supply some more thugs to beat up on Mexican folk down at the border, then DOESN’T meet with Obama to discuss it, AND turns down an offer to come to Washington and meet with him and the National Security Council to discuss this very matter. So in other words, it’s all bullshit and typical republitard posturing, another liar and thief in government…I tell you dude, they are gonna run this bastard, he’s not Palin-stupid (who is but her?), but he’s Bush-corrupt and Cheney-evil, he already mentioned secession at one point, so he’s probably already a darling to the tea-bagger idiots.

      Okay, nuff said from me, just sounding the alarm, i’ve been watching this develop for some time, they are keeping him under the radar for the most part, his handlers are pretty good at keeping his crooked dealings on the down-low and out of the media…watch and see.

      • Dragynn:

        One last addendum here, this is a prime prime example of the cult of stupid, that is the republitard party that is currently running Texas. These people make policy based on the National Enquirer, they think Jerry Springer is a thoughtful journalist, ignorance and paranoia are virtues to these xenophobic morons, they literally do not trust someone who has a modicum of intelligence and facts to back up their argument, i’m not even kidding about this, they will start yelling and frothing at the mouth, fucking half a step-away from pitchforks and lynch mobs here dude…

        Watch as they freak on Anderson Cooper:



        Holy crap….tell me it’s not that bad yet where you are at.

        Airplane tickets to Canada for my friends.

        • Michael Douglass:

          There is no a amount of shit the great unwashed won’t swallow. Couldn’t get the first one to play but I think I’ve see most of it. Gohmert is an asstard of the first order. When do they find people like this and how do they get elected as opposed to arrested? Hadn’t seen the second one and haven’t heard of that woman but sheezus crap!


        • Brian:

          Well, terrorist babies is a bit of a stupid idea. But the point of the 14th amendment was to overturn the Dred Scott decision, so that the descendants of slaves would have the right to vote. Not so that one nation could demographically annex another.

  • Fecaliths. Means exacty what? Funny. Seriously these Palin types that can get the idiot public to align with them based on xenaphobic fears, are a threat to a free America. These right wingers act like the mega coporations need governmental protection, while the average struggeling individuals are blamed for the downfalls in our society and economy. Blaming the victim is what Bullies do. Palin is not able to talk over the general publics head, so they somehow empathize with her fear based arrogant, entittled greedy attitude. She works for the fossil fuel companies this is so obviouse. Let them endure fair competiton. Palin is a corporate whench!

  • Aaron:

    Michael Douglass, you are a piece of crap and the tactic you’re using here is elemenatry at best…not quite high school level. You are a fool, a liar, a character assasin and among many other things, a spreader of other people’s lies. You’re basically a little false- rophet bitch towing the democrat (liberal) line. How much snort did they give ya to write this crap? Your story is void of sustance, truth, honor and the only people who get past your first sentence are severely emotionally weak. Anyone who believes your story suffers from mental psychosis. Michael, crap stinks, I can smell you a mile away. I can smell Harry Reid 3000 miles away. Here’s some free advice for ya: get all your leftist, marxist, racist, homophobic friends and climb into the neares toilet you can find. Sharron Angle is going to flush the toilet in 2011. Have a nice journey to the ocean Michael, you soon to be wrinkle-fish turd.

    • Michael Douglass:

      What tactic is that? Can you dispute a single thing I’ve said? Dispute a single one of the quotes, policies or positions I’ve attributed to Angle? You can’t. I know you can’t. The truth is particularly painful to the liar and a mortal wound to the self deceiver. I’ve got your number, you’re full of shit. Prove me wrong.

      Homophobic? Racist? Methinks she doth protest too much? The pot swears the the kettle is black. You won’t be back.

  • MarMac:

    After reading this, I wish I lived in Nevada so I could vote for Ms. Angle!! She is what America needs and not Harry Reid. He is one of the worst Senators in history and I look forward to the day when the “unholy trinity” of Reid, Pelosi and Obama will be deposed and sent to the ash heap of history! The end of socialism/Democratic policy is nigh at hand and it will begin in November!

    • Michael Douglass:

      Perhaps you’d like to share with us exactly how you’ve come into possession of such a backward ass dumbfuck opinion. Inquiring minds really do want to know. Tell us why Angle would be better. Tell us why America needs her. Tell us please?

      You might be back, but you’ll make even less sense the second time around.

      • MarMac:

        I refer you to the previous reply I made to the post by “Todd” and the reply of Mr. Douglass. You can tell who is on shaky ground in a debate when they resort to name calling.

        As for Ms. Angle, I must admit to not knowing that much about her, not living “in the sticks” as another poster said. However, I have seen and heard enough of Harry Reid to know that America doesn’t need him, that’s for sure. We have enough problems with the other two of the “unholy trinity”.

        • MarMac:

          OH, one other thing, I did some reading about Ms. Angle. I did a Google search on her and the only thing nutty about her is to people who have a screwed up idea about Washington and this country! She is right on line about values, patriotism and getting things like they ought to be. She is a maverick for sure, but we need some people who will go to Washington and stand for what is right and AGAINST those in the Obama camp who will turn this country into a socialistic toilet!

          As for what she wants to do WHEN she gets to Washington, two stand out to me; first of all, she will be one of the new group who will get to Washington and REPEAL the travesty known as Obamacare!! It needs to be done NOW before it costs billions that we don’t have. AND, she wants tort reform!!! OMG!!!! If there is anything we need in this country, it is to break the stranglehold on the ambulance chasing lawyers have on our judicial system!! As for the 2nd Amendment, again, right on Sharon!! Our Prez is trying his best to circumvent a basic principle of our constitution to guard against a runaway government by removing guns from the citizens. Our armed citizenry is the most important aspect of preventing our government from imposing their will on us.

          Elect Sharon Angle and kick Harry Reid to the curb!

        • Michael Douglass:

          I see your not in the habit of backing up your assertions, you do seem rather fond of straw man bullshit…We deal in facts here prove me wrong or bring facts of your own or sgut the fuck up.

    • “She’s what America needs?” Pay attention fuckstick! – She’s running for The U.S. House of Representatives, not President of The United States. I think Harry Reid’s district out in the Nevada sticks covers about as much geography as a Wal-Mart parking lot. Go fill your sippy-cup with more of that Glenn Beck flavored Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking. And drink it slow there little camper! – Wouldn’t want you to get a tummy ache.

      • MarMac:

        Duh, I thought “Harry” was a US Senator!! And Sharon Angle is running against him for Senate, right? You do know that there is a difference between the House Of Representatives and the Senate, right??

        So many idiots, so little time!

  • I don’t care what the polls say. As bad as Reids ratings are now, by election night he’ll need to be caught with a dead hooker in the trunk of his car, buried under 20 kilos of cocaine for thing nutty broad to win.

  • Go fuck your mother

  • Janet Carter:

    You are right on here Michael. Thanks and please expose the shenanigans of the many Repukes running against Dems. There are MANY.

  • chuck:

    the dems are getting bold here lately. but still so much of a wussy to say what they really are. socialist. come on you can say it! i will help you ” i am a socialist” maybe if you say.. i am a progressive. the communist in this administration are so much bolder. they at least say what they are. communist. thinking about it, even the gays are bolder. maybe if you would look at it like coming out of the closet. it worked for the gays. people say the gays are p****es! when it is the socialist. some of what i am getting at is, you guys can not be truthful. you know it would not fly. that was learned many yrs ago. socialist and communist ran as socialist and communist back in the 20’s. like a 100 yrs ago! many were elected to city councils as socialist. so why are you guys hiding behind the name democrat and republican. like i said, can’t be truthful. guess what ALWAYS prevails. the TRUTH! here is another down side to people being out of work. lots of time to research, talk , educate one another to what is really going on. like a Japanese admiral once said, ” i believe i have awoken a sleeping giant” thank you obama, reid, pelosi and the many contributors to the wave of change soon to arrive at a city or state near you!
    those that would trade there freedoms for a sense of security are not worthy of either…Thomas Jefferson…

    • Michael Douglass:

      You’re an idiot. Can’t write a complete sentence, conjugate, spell or punctuate worth a shit. I don’t really have a problem with socialism. This country could use a little more of it. But that’s not what I am and neither is Mr. Reid. I want you to tell me what makes either of us a socialist and I’m betting you can’t. I’m betting you don’t even have a grip on the concept. Your definition probably includes the fire department and the library. It’s such aatomatic right wing bboiler plate bullshit to trot the big scary “S” word.

      Besides what the fuck does any of this have to do with Sharron Angle?

      Oh, and by the way, you mangled the quote and it was actually said by Ben Franklin.


  • Naked Truth:

    The problem with Harry Reid is the same problem the whole Democratic Party has from Obama on down. They are holding back on border security to use as a bargaining chip to get “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” passed. “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is just another term for giving all the illegal aliens in our country amnesty. Polls have shown the majority of American citizens are against amnesty. They would like to see the Federal Government do their job and enforce our Immigration Laws. I have been a life long Democrat but I will not vote for anyone who wants to give these criminals amnesty.

    • Michael Douglass:

      This administration has thrown more money and manpower at the border than any other. I think it’s wrongheaded anyway. You cannot cure the disease by treating a symptom. The disease is white employers getting rich off of slave labor. Nothing changes until that does.

      • Brian:

        Uh ok. So millions of people are crossing the desert, risking their lives, paying family fortunes to coyotes, so they can come here and be a slave?? Are you really that stupid?

  • Michael Douglass:

    Why don’t you tell us why they do it?

    • Brian:

      Well, if we begin with the very basic premise that humans engage in utility and value maximizing behavior – in other words, people only act when there is a perceived benefit – then we can assume that people come here to work in difficult and laborious jobs because they are getting something out of it. It seems to me that it takes an incredible amount of free will to navigate the obstacles in getting here. Hardly something a “slave” would do.

      Or perhaps you mean slave in a more metaphysical sense, as in we are slaves to the limitations imposed on us in this material universe as it slowly and inexorably evaporates into entropy? Well then it would be pretty meaningless to point that out.

  • Andy Berggren:

    Well, I’ve read 2 pieces you’re written. This is another great one. Thanks for the info & the insight.

  • southpaugh:

    It really cracks me up when these conservative ditto heads go off about socialism. I’m convinced not a one of them even knows what socialism is, or what social program largesse they enjoy. Lemme ask you this: Have you ever called the Police or had need of assistance from the Fire Department? Do you drive paved streets managed by controlled traffic signals? Do you use the Interstate Highways System or ever driven on a bridge to cross a river or gorge? Do you drink water from a well or do you use a tap supplied by the water main like most people? Do you use electricity or buy gas for your car? Where did you go to school? Have you ever flown in an airplane? The list goes on.

    Don’t look now, but none of these services and products would have been possible in whole or in part without essentially socialized programs. Which of these social programs do you want to give up in order to trim the bad, old, evil government?

    I’m also intrigued by claims that Obama is undermining America. Never mind it was Barry’s predecessor who saved banks by nationalizing them with equity purchases when they were on the brink of collapse. Dubya also ran illegal wiretaps specifically contravening laws pointed directly at him. And, he set up illegal international prisons, including Gitmo, to avoid having to press, much less prove, charges against a whole bunch of people his own Justice Department acknowledged never should have been seized or jailed. How many Constitutional crises did he actually manage to get away with? Remember, he swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. But, I guess he forgot to look in the mirror, and somehow missed noticing his own high crimes and misdemeanours.

    Economics are so that even less-than-minimum-wages are better than those available south of our border. Even working for twelve or fourteen hours bent over in the hot sun picking ground level fruit at $2 a bushel, about half minimum wage in most areas, is better than nothing back home. Or, a really cushy job of sweeping floors, scrubbing toilets or washing dishes at $4 an hour as an undocumented, under-the-table employee nets enough to send some home to momma. The fact of the matter is that illegals pay taxes, including fees for unemployment, disability and other entitlements to which they will never collect a dime, far in excess of services they receive. Crime is consistently down in all the areas the Right claims are plagued by bands of law-breaking darkies. Phoenix has fewer kidnappings than anyplace in the SouthWest and has NEVER been any manner of kidnap capital of the country.

    What has this got to do with Angle? It’s the blind faith support of such egregious corruption, pledging loyalty to a guy who repeats certain magic words, no matter how dissonantly his behaviour insults reality, that enables insanity such as Angle’s. And, yes, any approach to the real world that doesn’t square with the hard, cold limits of reality, is insane. Certifiably, clinicaly, actually insane. Besides not have a SINGLE solution or policy alternative to offer among all of the pressing issues in Congress, each and every fear raising scare tactic presented by the Republican Party, their PR agencies, PACs, think tanks, Campaign Committees, Astroturf surrogates is cut from whole cloth, outright fabrications designed to hoodwink the emotionally unstable, intellectually challenged, and critical-thinkingly challenged into enabling their own demise. Fucking bunch of sheep.

    At least Sharron Angle actually believes her batshit crazy delusions. But, how transparent does one have to be to see through the likes of McConnell, Boehner, Bible Spice Palin? Fear mongering frauds, bereft of real world solutions one and all.

  • “A tax man!” Not in my wildest dream.

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