There is no question that the current crop of crazies contending for office, masquerading as Republicans, are dangerous, stupid and evil.  Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell,  Carl Palladino, Rich Iott and Rand Paul to sport a mere hand full.  Angle believes the government should force a child to bring a baby to term despite that baby being the result of incest and rape.  But she opposes government control of just about anything else.  O’Donnell is woefully unqualified as well as a chronic liar who believes among other things that people shouldn’t masturbate because it’s the same as adultery.  Angle and Paul are closely associated with a group of jerk off physicians (AAPS) that posit abortion causes breast cancer, that it’s evil and immoral for doctors to participate in Medicaid or Medicare, that tobacco taxes harm public health, that electronic medical records would be a form of “data control” similar to efforts of East German secret police……Palladino is a raging homophobe bigot and Iott gets his jollies prancing around in an SS/Nazi uniform.

This is not you father’s Republican party.  These people are outta their goddamn minds.  Crazy as shit house rats and as festooned with the gore of  hypocrisy as any human walking erect.  They pine and wail about the Constitution while they seek to impugn and mitigate it over crap notions like “anchor babies”.  They suck and they are as dumb as they are deranged.

What the fuck happened?  Fuck me.  How anyone could identify themselves with the Republican party and not be embarrassed is beyond me.  How anyone could promulgate that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans leaves me breathing open mouthed and leaking copious spittle.  Sure, Democrats suffer the malaise of corruption egregiously but if you can’t see the difference you shouldn’t be allowed to vote because that difference has never been so sharp and so obvious.

Republicans play and feign at reluctance, but still insist upon abandoning the center.  No matter the reason or the circumstances, they do and they do.  It’s proof that the principled among them are overwhelmed and the weak are well, weak.  Look at what a cartoon McCain has become.  No matter the angle or perspective, they have acquiesced.  They’ve given up on intellectual honesty and forsaken morality and ethics in a single campaign season with the goal being to simply to prevail in this one contest.  This one cycle.  Short term gratification as opposed to long term thinking.

They do it because they’ve grown afraid of themselves.  They’ve confused patriotism with nationalism and jingoism.  They’ve made this mistake because they aren’t used to thinking for themselves.  They are willfully ignorant.  They fucking suck.

I’m fascinated and confounded.  These are the craziest fuckers I’ve ever seen in politics yet they remain in play.  My confusion is not merely a result of their abject insanity, what really baffles is how they remain competitive and therefore viable in light of the fact that their whole movement, lack of cogent policy not withstanding, remains as influential as it does despite my absolute certainty they are archaic and obsolete.  As generations die, socially conservative principles and constructs die with them.  They can kick and scream, yet it’s all over but the shouting.  The viewership of Fox News is remarkably geriatric and there’s no generation to replace them.  The fate of the contemporary mad as fuck hatter movement is doomed by an empirical actuarial.  Most of these assholes will be dead soon.  What happens to Fox News when it’s core audience is all up in the dirt nap?

Short term damage but long term atrophy because America grows less and less concerned with issues defined by socially conservative assholes like this cavalcade of clowns and asshats like Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Louie The Gollum Gomert.  Them that seek a perverse brand of disingenuous bullshit political gentrification.

We are evolving and in the not too distant future, these assholes will all be fucking dead.  It’s absolutely true. Younger generations simply don’t care whether gay people can marry or whether a woman should be allowed to choose her destiny.  They don’t see color, because unlike their parents, they’ve grown up with people of a different color and a different accent and they don’t feel or see the difference beyond the superficial.  They aren’t even activists, they just don’t care.  Kids believe more and more in live and let live and I’m sure it’s more a function of being bombarded by horseshit ideology and demagoguery than anything else.  Younger generations are over it.  These asstards can scream and shout as much as they want; their cause is lost, intellectual evolution will erase it sooner than they know.

They are prisoners of their own device, architects of their own demise.  It won’t last.  Humans evolve in thought and deed as well as physiology.  It’s not like we can afford to wait, to not oppose with vehemence and adamance is reckless and ill advised, but this will pass.  It’s inevitable.

Fuck these guys.  They are dinosaurs.

A hand full of assholes that take perverse delight in pissing in the wind.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Gab:

    Well, shit, I thought you were going to sanctify us with your incredibly insightful political insightfullness and tell us who we should vote for. All this political inbreeding has led to complete political stupidity that I, too, am leaning on the side of apathy. I need a cup of coffee.

    Love you! Love the blog!

    • Michael Douglass:

      Oh thanks Gab.

      I’m not here to tell you who to vote for unless you ask. What I’m trying to do is foment independent thinking, like that’s gonna happen. Grab some joe and a line of blow and keep on keeping on. Seriously, you’re smarter than the average bear, finger it out. And make me some of those foreigner dumplings and I’ll be needing the red room on send four!

  • “Crazy as shit house rats” <– Brilliant, Michael…brilliant. Encore!!!! Encore!!! 🙂 Always <3 this blog — we REALLY need to do a radio show together.

  • Oh your back; I was thinking you went down from an overdose of Viagra. Hoouk. But right on; as your above, critique, of these contemporary American skanktoids. Or Toiyds if you will. I take those Toiyds serious. The less resistance they encounter the weeker we are. It’s like the conservative media mogul Rufus Murdock against we the pawns and the pawns are loosing.

  • Dragynn:

    Hey Michael,

    It’s driving me fucking berserko too brother, Angle’s latest shenanigans are destined to be anecdotes for generations to come about how BAD it really got in the first part of the 21st century, mother of pearl, this stupid nazi hag told a bunch of Latino high school kids that some of them looked Asian to her, ya know, and here I was almost positive that you just couldn’t out-do Palin for sheer ignorant fucktardery…and now I hear she’s got an ad going that recommends hispanics not vote at all…wow.

    To all the people of the world looking on, please, don’t judge all white people by the actions of the current crop of uber-stupid cunts we have running for office on the hate platform written by the Murder-Torture-Kill party. They are fucking killing us too.

    Thanks U.S. Supreme court, for SO VERY OBVIOUSLY DOING YOUR MASTER’S BIDDING AND turning our elections back into a sick expensive farce.

    Michael, i’m making you my special recipe Texas Tea in a tall glass with extra tequila buddy…making two fer me. We got to hold our ground and endure amigo, thanks again, for having guts, a brain, and a conscience, and for USING them.

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