Worthless and weak

The electorate.

The whole diverse aggregate gives me pause.

Lots of dipshits.

Exactly what kind of country are we when our elected representatives can even stage a fight about continuing the egregious enrichment of the already too wealthy via a government complicit in unconscionable concentration of wealth long since institutionalized, while simultaneously getting away with jerking the carpet from beneath our middle class when they very simply cannot find a job because the jobs just aren’t there?   Five people for every one job. Every dollar in unemployment remuneration is an immediate dollar sixty spent in local economies while every dollar given in tax breaks to them that have plenty amounts to about thirty cents for our national economy.

The tax cuts for the rich have already cost us dearly and will add $700 billion to the deficit over the next decade.  Our wars cost us at least ten billion a month.  But we demonize the unemployed, unions and teachers without ever talking about our insane megalomaniacally drunken defense spending.   It never comes up that we damn near outspend the rest of the world.  Instead the dialog is driven by “Entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare.

Proof of stupid is our war economy.

Fareed Zakaria said something like it’s not policy, it’s math.


Trickle down economics my ass.

If you buy any single argument in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy while opposing the extension of unemployment benefits for those they deliberately victimized, your entire head resembles a dirty ass to those of us with any amount of common sense and compassion.  You’re quite likely dumb as a stick, willfully ignorant and I loathe you.

It’s true the difference between Democrats and complete assholes narrows by the hour.  Democrats are fond of seeming to stand for something while vehemently pontificating in favor thereof.  Yet they’re infamous for caving and compromising to gain nothing while willingly playing a zero sum game and selling out or at the very least acting worthless and weak.  Stumbling leadership.  Wholesale lack of efficacy.  Disorganization.  Absence of conviction or courage.  Embarrassing inability to legislate with even a modicum of authority despite a majority in both houses and the presidency.

Losers.  Punks.  Low T.

Okay, that’s not entirely true but perception is nine tenths of reality because Democrats couldn’t sell ears to the deaf.

Republicans on the other hand are consistently able to be stupid, contradictory and hypocritical.  Yet they still steer wheel with foot firmly on the gas of our national agenda.  Republicans routinely sell binoculars and telescopes to the blind.  They blaspheme in unison.  They applaud each other and delight in doing so.  It’s like they know they suck and they don’t care.

Democrats suck but at least they make a show of giving a shit.

Are Americans stupid?  Yes.  Are we fools?  Yes.  Are we paying attention?  I seriously doubt it.  Do we believe just about everything we see, hear or read?  Apparently.

What’s that spell?

Campaign finance reform.

What if each and every candidate had the same amount to spend, the same amount of media access and were somehow held more culpable for the truth of their message?  Could a fortuitous artifact of that be the great unwashed being forced to be more accountable and responsible for their own opinions?  What if it forced them a little further down the lane of paying attention?  Like reading and understanding The Constitution before claiming to be all about it while demonstrating abject ignorance of it to the obvious end of actually denigrating it?

What if all the lobbyists lost their jobs?

That wouldn’t suck.

What if it forced a potential player into some amount of shoe gazing introspection about qualification and intention?  At the very least it just might preclude the Meg Whitmans from the already vulgar burlesque.

What if the media was somehow inspired to be more, dare I say, fair and balanced?

I have this Utopian notion about a Utopian notion.

Like the media would take it upon itself to be a little less sensationally  streptococcus because  some sweeping new campaign finance reform passed.  I’ll be on the front porch carving my first name into my left foot ’cause I’m right handed.

The thing is, this issue of of campaign finance reform should be the issue of the day.  It is the antidote for at least a cod piece load of this bullshit.  The corruption and avarice of our elected mannequins won’t ever be eliminated but can it be mitigated?

It could be.  It has huge potential gravity for a following of the sensible but pissed off.  That would be me at least.  It really is of the nucleus of everything that’s jacked up about how we’re governed.


See, it just can’t be about wealth.  It can’t have anything to do with it.

Solve this one and it has tentacles.  Legs.

I’m waiting for monkey’s to emerge and then launch from my butt trailing fire and plumes, cackling and whooping.

C’mon.  Are you sick of this shit?  There are at least four health care lobbyists for every elected representative on the hill.  That’s just one of a myriad of special interests that are there to give anything but a mad fuck about what we Americans need and deserve.  There are tens of thousands of them.  I guess this all makes me a socialist.  Forgive me, I just don’t have a problem with that.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Junior's Ghost:

    Today is the day Obama lost the 2012 nomination.
    How dare anyone let this Republican run against Palin in 2012.
    It’s time to look to ourselves to fight.
    It’s time for a new American cause to fight for.
    You go Mike. How can I help?

    • Michael Douglass:

      I’m not necessarily anti-Obama, just profoundly disappointed. The fact remains that until we have meaningful campaign finance reform, no more how righteous our leaders are, their potential for success will be consistently undermined. It’s not a red blue, conservative liberal or a Democratic Republican issue. I believe most Americans share an underestimated quantity of common sense regardless of how they self identify. That common sense only stands a chance if if the power of of money is removed from the process.

  • Gaither:

    Great post. I’ve been shouting the same thing to anybody who isn’t sick of my shouting. I’m perplexed, though. Thoroughly boggled. How can we the people allow this to continue? Are we really not paying attention? Clearly the Republicans have figured out the math and the Democrats are just plain pussies. Or maybe I’m as brainwashed as the rest of the electorate into thinking the Democrats stand for the same things I do. But does anybody, outside of K street and the brainwashed, think our current campaign finance situation isn’t the root of our problems? If there are an entire nation of us who think the system is rigged and fucked why can’t we change it?

    Is it because forty percent are idiots, forty percent are ignorant and twenty percent are progressives who have been fooled by the Democratic Party into thinking there’s nothing we can do about it because the other eighty percent can’t be herded?

    I’m disgusted daily by this democracy game.

    But here’s my real question: how the fuck do we change this? Where’s Bulworth when you need him?

    • Michael Douglass:

      Change is only possible in this instance if it begins at the bottom and swells in altitude enough to efficaciously impact, beyond the mere periphery of the average American consciousness. Whether that’s possible or not I can’t say. I have my doubts. It occurs to me that things will have to get much worse for a catalyst to emerge and I fear that at that point it will be too late.

  • REIYA:


    • Michael Douglass:

      Well. You must vote. Even if it is the painful act of choosing the lesser of two evils. Sitting it out is not the answer and part of the problem. I understand your frustration but don’t fall into that trap; it’s what the assholes in black hats actively write letters to Santa about.

  • REIYA:

    I couldn’t bring myself to give a shit, and vote in the gubernatorial elections here in November. The Dem’s need to stop pandering to the right, and stand up and lead towards what is just and right. Jerry Brown has been a part of the problem although obviously he knows where all the bodies, are buried, perhaps he can skew the state budget back into working order. Hopefully he will appoint Judges who lean to the liberal left. And well, Meg Whitman reminded me of the Flinstones goes to Harvard persona; it made me laugh.

    The key board of which I am typing keeps oozing a sticky moisture onto my fingers, and there is red smudges as if to say I have blood on my hands.

  • Great blog. Just thought I’d stop in to get my blood pumping again…

    Here in Washington state we are fortunate to have two very good, very Democrat senators. Several of our Representatives are excellent also. BUT…campaign money DID play a huge role in the mid-terms here as elsewhere, and many of the lying, thieving right got elected and many more scared the hell out of thinking voters who BOTHER TO RESEARCH AND VOTE.

    Campaign finance reform? Shit man, the Teapublican assholes even block things that are their own ideas!

    Calling Obama a republican is reminiscent of Bill Clinton, who was one of the best republicans the Democratic party ever backed (WTO, free trade, etc etc et-goddamned-c). How about Obama turning the bully pulpit over to that scumbag pal of the Bush family?

    The Dems DID pass a LOT of important and necessary legislation in that last two years of dream time. Do we hear about it? NOPE

    If citizens were REQUIRED to register to vote (as in New Zealand), more might do some research and actually VOTE. What if we invented a remote voting gizmo to go onto a Nintendo machine or something?

  • Uhave2laff:

    Except where dems were significantly outnumbered in red states, Democrats and Independents lost the election because of a little thing the Supreme Court did earlier this year, making campaign finance reform more important than ever.

    Money won. The people lost.

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