I like her. I can’t help it.

She’s just so bold.  Brash.  Fearless.  She calls ’em like she sees ’em and she’s just so authentically American.

I like how big politicians don’t intimidate her.

All the Republicans fear her.

And she’s a fighter.  Not afraid of a dust up.  Never walks away from a fight or even entertains the notion of apologizing.  She’s got a winning smile and a pit bull wit.  A folksy, classy charisma.  When she enters the room, she controls the oxygen.  I’ve only ever seen her on the TV but you can see people running out of air.  And you can see other folks all puffy with too much of the air.

She doesn’t care about the status quo.  She’s got talent and she’s not embarrassed to know she’s right.  She says and does unpopular things but she knows she’s right.  I admire her certainty.

She has moxie and confidence.

She could be our next President of The United States.  She’s running you know.  They keep showing her dodging the question.  I think she’s just being coy.  Noncommittal.  But I heard her say it tonight.  I think.  On the TV.

There was a Vanity Fair article about fifteen years ago where she said she liked having her hair pulled while she got fucked in the ass.

Roseanne Barr.

Drinks for my friends.

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