Mission Impossible

To survive the gauntlet of nomination for national office, you absolutely must be some fucking kind of clown.

Bernie proved that it’s possible to be viable without corporate lucre, but then there was corporate media and corporate campaign infrastructure.  Sanders managed to dominate one leg of the tripod so the system demonstrated that two legs are better than one.

We need a third party, a fourth and probably a fifth.  More parties are the answer. More parties are only possible with campaign finance reform.  We must limit our election cycle and mandate that they are publicly funded exclusively, without exception.

If we can’t accomplish this much, we’re fucked no matter what.

I am done being a democrat either way.

We have two parties wholly owned by corporations that are recognized by the supreme court as people.

The nadir of this symbiosis is Clinton and Trump.

Chew on this for a minute.  The republicans have conducted a far more representative and democratic primary than we have.  The evidence is a lying gasbag of a narcissist who beat the living shit out of seventeen other candidates because of the stink of establishment corruption seeping from their pores and because he ultimately knows no uncouth.  It was a breathtakingly stupid decision but it was completely congruent with the will of the majority of republican Americans capable only of breathing through their cake holes.

Our presidential primary on the other hand was not representative of the will of the people at all.  It ignored the overt election fraud, disenfranchisement and purging.  Closed primaries in key states.  Super delegates. It acknowledges that the goal is to select rather than elect a candidate.  That’s some real bullshit right there.

Is it irony that the republicans are way more indignant about it than we are?

Nothing changes until this does.

The liberal media is nonplussed at the fact that Jeb basically said they both suck so bad he can’t have anything to do with either of them. They just don’t get it. I think this was my favorite Jeb performance.  He killed it.  He didn’t have a goddamn thing to lose.  He explained himself fairly well. I’d vote for him over these two losers.

Thing one and thing two.

They don’t get that we’re pissed off about the choice.  The elites are much happier than the rest of us. Clinton has her hand on the brass ring. Goddamn these people are organized. We sell hope and they sell fear.  So we start using fear to sell hope.

I won’t be a part of it any more.

The whole strategy consists of making us so afraid of chronic loser Trump, we vote for serial liar Clinton.  This is why I’m furious.

There are people who think this shit is funny.

Drinks for my friends.

*The band is The Phenobarbidols, it’s a crazy record.  “Fish Lounge”, named after the lounge at A&M with the giant saltwater tank in the wall.  Eclectic.  The singer Betsy, slept in the studio for much of the project.  She made tea in the mornings and flirted with me by giving head to a banana in the evenings.  The label was Sympathy For The Record Industry which means only Long Gone John ever listened to it.  Brought to you by Studio Motherfucking C and at least one Neve 8 channel broadcast console.   A good time was had by all and thanks to Alex Reed,  because he had some idea what we we’re doing when I had none. Special shout out to Michael Whitaker who shared a vision I just wasn’t privy to at the time. There are some spectacular songs on this record.  Beautiful ones, that I didn’t really appreciate until fifteen years after we made it.  I recorded the fuck out of it.  Alex Reed did everything else.  And I mean everything.*    





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  • CH:

    fucking hell mike the end is near is never close enough
    love that song have that cd wish you the best in the coming shitstorm named america
    ps of course love your writing

  • Kal:


  • reiya:


  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    I have a permanent hard knot of worry these days.
    Sometimes in my gut. Sometimes in my head.
    People who are having tough times haven’t seen nothing yet.
    People who have been enjoying a modest middle class life are going to start sliding into tough times.
    Young people, who have mortgaged their very future for an education will not find a robust job market.
    The rich will get richer.
    The earth will continue to be abused.
    I wish I could get this hard knot excised.

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