Spiderman for President

So I posted a blog last week where I said I’d vote for Hillary.

It wasn’t easy.

I’ve been called a pussy, a faggot, a misogynist, seriously, a misogynist a coward, a traitor and a post op transsexual.  A Hillbot named Lisa Lindo, managed to disable one of my facebook accounts.   Two years, two thousand contacts.  Gone.  This after I’d already made it clear I intended vote for her favorite vagina.

Math. Bernie won’t run third party, you can’t write him in unless he consents to be a write in candidate and he’s not going to. The democratic primary was a carnival of deception and swindling fuckery.

Jill Stein doesn’t stand a chance.

Gary Johnson has stupid hair and he’s just a republican running for a different, greedy, racist party.

The fact that we’ve been cornered into making this choice leaves me furious now and desperate later. Barring any charges or indictments by our dickless criminal justice system, the corporate vixen is predetermined to be the only choice we have for battling the power in legislative and judicial corridors.

I don’t imagine it going well, but still.

I’m changing my vote to Spiderman.

Because Trump looks more like a democratic plant every day.  That he isn’t capable of any modicum of self control at all while competing for leader of the free world has begun to mess with my suspension of disbelief. The republican donor class infuses Hillary with cash. Surrogates of his primary competitors fill her coffers. He trips over his dick to be ever more offensive and moronic.  It gets harder and harder to believe that anyone who’s managed to get this close to the presidency is so lacking in discretion or humility.

He has virtually no ground game, just one field office in the most important swing state of Florida.  Campaign collateral in the form of signs, stickers etc. are all but unavailable.  He swings his dick with seismic vigor but won’t stop doubling down on flat earth stupidity.

His is a history of king hell blowhardism and sociopathic arrogance but something more is at work here.  I don’t recall him ever being as petulantly unhinged.  I’ve only watched a single season of reality television in my life and it was The Apprentice about a decade ago.  His personae on that show was docile relative to the toxically disordered personality on stage for this campaign.

Barely into the general and he’s whining about election fraud despite having won his party’s nomination equitably. He constantly threatens to bail on the RNC. He’s telegraphing excuses for losing by a landslide.  Methinks he doth protest too much.

What is most instructive here is Trump’s adamant refusal to actually campaign on Hillary’s loathsome performance as secretary of state and her record as a public servant in general.  There is so much “there” there, that willfully ignoring it all in favor of obtuse slogans and callow, incredulous lies is either breathtakingly stupid or a calculation to ensure an historic electoral ass beating.

I don’t believe such an orchestrated effort has ever been undertaken to convince me that a fascist, narcissistic dickhead is so much worse than a neoliberal, warmongering plutocrat.

Until now, I never would have imagined such a concerted offensive by the key holders to the universe to distract the American voter from the issues so salient and the policies so germane.

Drinks for my friends.


*This is the second song I’ve posted from the band “Missiles Of October”.  The interesting thing about is that it’s the mix I had up on the console to cut the lead vocal and therefore not a mix at all.   Right off the floor, No effects, no EQ, no compression and no fader moves straight to DAT.  It is completely raw and we never intended for a version like this to see the light of day.  We eventually re-cut the song at a studio in Laguna Beach because they changed the arrangement and added more of a shuffle beat.  The other version turned out really well and it’s the version we finished for the record, but we decided to stick this little gem at the end of the record as a sort of ghost track, unlisted in the liner notes, as was popular back in the day.*  


4 Responses to “Spiderman for President”

  • G.a. Underwood:

    “Until now, I never would have imagined such a concerted offensive by the key holders to the universe to distract the American voter from the issues so salient and the policies so germane.”

    Until now, Michael, I would never have imagined these tactics having succeeded with such widespread success, with almost half the nation emboldened to be self-righteously PROUD of their racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc. while the other half shrug their shoulders and shake their heads in “Whatcha gonna do about it?” mass concession. The funny thing is, many of us are angry about the same damned problems. It’s just that some are misdirecting their anger away from those actually responsible. With so many state and Congressional elections on the line, there are plenty of fingers pointing out where to fling blame.

    Trump a GOP plant? Someone once said, ‘Never attribute to malice what is adequately explained by carelessness.’ It’s more likely, imo, that Trump is just growing Trumpier under international gaze. I doubt his ego would allow even a deliberate loss, and his need for attention, for being ‘right’ borders on the psychotic.

    This is the first year the wealthy have openly, unabashedly selected our Commander-in-Chief for us, whichever way it goes. And what do we do? Nobody seems to know what to do or how to to stop this farce. This sick joke on us. The media’s crying out, “We were played!” – as if they’re just realizing what they’ve created when they’re just pre-constructing their defense.

    This whole election ought to go before the Supreme Court. But with only the eight justices, the 4/4 split (or worse) is too predictable. Let’s just get it over and done. Sadly, I don’t see a way to stop the Trump Train when its passengers don’t give the first damn about truth or facts or history. A candidate threatens to drop nukes on Europe, criticizes John McCain for being a prisoner of war, characterizes Mexicans as rapists, calls for banning Muslims from coming into the country, picks a fight with a Gold Star family, urges Russia to hack his political opponent and invites gun nuts to ‘take care of’ his opposition – and they STILL stand behind him? I can’t describe how much faith I’ve lost in fellow Americans. Trump could drown a litter of puppies on live TV and they’d cheer, “He didn’t mean to!”

    The only way to prevent a recurrence down the road is to educate voters, to open their minds. But when the appeal is directed toward their lowest, most vile parts of their psyche, there’s a jam against the door to overcome.

    This year we’re observing “The Election Reality Show”, brought to you by the wealthy – the major media who have allowed the lies to go unchecked for higher views, their advertisers who willingly paid even higher fees to allowed this to continue unquestioned, every politician who promotes such hatred and especially, every Republican who is endorsing the Orange Day-Glo Beast through their tightly-clenched teeth because “Screw the nation! Screw our constituents! Party and Power Over Everything!”

  • reiya:

    I’ve been convinced Trump is a plant, for some time. When it’s all one team there is no question for the plutocrat’s. Hellary is part of the new world order…she is a murderous psychopath. Jill Stein doesn’t have a chance; if you allow mass media to convince you of that.

  • Pam Veselinovic:

    What G.A Underwood said.

  • Teresa Lee:

    Omg, love it. You described Trump to a “T”.

    Apparently Miss Lisa doesn’t agree with the Freedom of Speech regardless of government intervention or not.

    Keep writing the truth Michael…it’s appreciated!

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