Only In America

This will be my last missive on this so called campaign.

Indulge my catharsis one last time. I absolutely must get this out of my system.  After this, I swear, nothing but navel gazing, introspective fluff until after the election for which all Americans share a single common denominator.


That such a disgusting pig could prevail fair and square for the presidential nomination from a party that has for so long has wholesaled principle and morality as their trademark, leaves me reeling and numb.

No matter how much bigotry and hatred he foments, no matter how inconsistent and clueless he is regarding matters of policy and issues of import, the great unwashed can’t be bothered.

No matter how bad it gets, despite the daily avalanche of incontrovertible proof, evidence, corroboration and testimony that Donald Trump is some brand of creepy neanderthal preying on women, there are still tens of millions of men and women sucking at the surface of a stagnant lagoon, bleating his defense with self righteous indignation from the maws of wall eyed carp.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

On the other hand, I’m sick and fucking tired of mainstream media’s attempts to shame those of us with a conscience for understanding that Hillary is guilty of way too much of what she stands accused.  I loathe them for trying to sell us the bullshit rationale that we’re too ignorant to distinguish truth from the low brow mendacity manufactured by the right wing ministry of hate.

The “liberal media” does exist and the agency with which they pursue this obfuscation is the same one that labored on her behalf in the democratic primary.  Media yes.  Progressive not.  Neoliberal without a doubt.

That so many democrats allow themselves to take pride in a candidate so obviously flawed as Hillary for being able to best the most despicable and disgusting candidate to ever run for president under the aegis of moral or ethical exceptionalism is baffling.

No matter how inconsistent she’s been on matters of policy and issues of import, self described feminists, fiscal progressives, human rights advocates and environmentalists can’t be bothered to give a shit.

If it wasn’t for the fecal hurricane of Trump, Hillary would be caught hoarding flotation devices and kicking the elderly and infirm out of lifeboats.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

For this, liberals have no excuse.

For fuck’s sake yes, Hillary is the lesser of two evils but I wouldn’t be caught dead celebrating it.

The disgustingly prurient nature of this campaign is exactly what we asked for.  It is absolutely what we wanted.  We couldn’t wait for it.

And now everyone is sickened by it?

Hillary will be our next president and that’s not  a win by any means.

If you’re not ashamed, you’re not paying attention.

Fuck this shit.

Drinks for my friends.

* The Missiles Of October appeared on the schedule one day at the behest of the legendary David Anderle.  Because of the name of the band, I assumed it was yet another punk band.

At that point in my career as an assistant engineer, I’d worked with the best of the best.  The finest musicians money could afford.  By the end of that first day with this band, I realized we were recording and producing musicians, artists, that were more seasoned, more skilled and more in touch with their art and reason for creating than any of the big names I’d ever worked with.

They were easily fifteen years older than us but unburdened by fame and somehow we earned their trust and and confidence.  

The first time I ever recorded a tuba.  

Together we made one of the best records I ever had anything to do with.  I am as proud of this record as anything my name ever went on.  I love every man who played on it.*

5 Responses to “Only In America”

  • Hi Michael, thanks for posting this… even though we disagree about HRC

    • Sorry, pushed the wrong button … although we disagree about HRC, I have to tell you I just love your writing and I appreciate very much the fact that we can agree to disagree … thanks for all you do and the way you do it …

  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    I have worried myself sick about this. My vote. My voice.
    Too damn sick to take advantage of early voting.
    I cannot vote for Drumpf.
    I don’t want to vote for Clinton.
    NC recognizes only Libertarian, as a possible third option.
    Write in votes are not counted.

    My vote. My voice. I am watching this country sliding into the abyss. I reckon that I will go out screaming.

    We are going to need those drinks.

  • Shane (America 1st):

    Fuck off idiot!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    • I want to thank you for your valuable, insightful and intelligent contribution here. It’s always important and indeed vital for dumbass mouth breathers to wade in on such serious issues if only to contribute something as salient and germane as the empty headed slogans and developmentally challenged rhetoric you’ve been so generous as to supply us with here.

      I commend you on your thoughtfulness and generosity in sharing your support of a racist, bigoted, misogynistic goddamn blowhard. Thank you so much for exemplifying the relative level of intelligence of someone who would support such a simple minded orangutan.

      Congratulations to you.

      Make America great again you fucking moron.

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