The Liberal Media

One of the few differences remaining between democrats and republicans is that democrats tend to be suckered by intelligence, while republicans are consistently chumped by stupidity.

The dickheads and bubble headed bleach blonds over at FOX vomit falsehoods with the furious spittle of conviction because barely any of them even have a goddamn college degree. The willfully ignorant can’t get enough of their brand of confirmation bias.

So how is it the brain trust at MSNBC, advanced degrees, scholars, authors and seasoned inside political operatives, can be such brazen and shameful sellouts?  Such goddamn liars?  Intelligent and aware liberals can’t get enough of their brand of confirmation bias.

Russia Maddow was married years before Hillary stuck her finger in the wind and decided lesbians deserved rights and respect.  Dick goddamn Cheney supported gay marriage before Hillary did.  Yet, Maddow was so overtly in the tank for Clinton in the primary as well as the general, it was like watching her rub one out on live television.

I’m sure I’m better at watching television than most people but it’s a dubious distinction. MSNBC bests FOX only because it doesn’t have a culture of bigotry and sexism as far as we know.  Not because it tells more truth.

It’s ignorant fucks versus educated sellouts.

MSNBC competes to be the champion of fake news with FOX on a level playing field.  The information they supply is just as spun and just as much of an agenda minefield. They all lie and not only for ratings. Big pharma underwrites the news in America.  Most other countries have laws against it.  Look for 15 second spots about tactical nukes, cluster bombs and badass assault rifles soon.  Go Dow Chemical and Raytheon.

I imagine a back channel between the two.  Some sort of secret bat phone where they agree to spin the story of the latest breaking news event in opposite directions to obfuscate and distract from the salient or germane.

What amazes me is that this opinion lands me far outside of the mainstream.  Criticize Hillary and you’re a paid Trump troll.  Criticize Maddow and you’re a KGB era commie.  In either case you’re a mansplaining misogynist somehow.  Fuck me if there’s ever been weaker sauce.

Identical bullshit tactics timeworn by bible thumping redneck ultra emasculated paranoid mouth breathing hypocrite conservatives, voting themselves into extinction.  There’s a business model for ya.

America no longer recognizes or gives a shit about nuance or context.  Everything is knee jerk to binary. Left or right.  Democrat or republican.  Conservitard or libtard.  Sexist or feminist. It goes on and on.

Assemble a group of 50 of each and poll them on health care, war, Wall Street and even abortion. All individually and without hyperbole, and 65 to 90 of them will mostly agree.  Mix them together and introduce the same topics, seal the exits and add alcohol. They will beat the shit out of each other.

American media is killing it.

Drinks for my friends.


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