Boris And Natasha Help The Children

I see no profit in the experience of this election.

Apparently, the complete fiction that Russia and Trump colluded to alter the outcome in some meaningful way has taken hold.  Now it’s all irrational fear, distraction from vital issues and the ugly hysteria of nationalism.

Courtesy of the reckless and irresponsible malpractice of American journalism.

Is that true, or did you hear it on CNN?

Hey Russia Maddow, the 60’s called and it wants its paranoia back.

There are so many people so seriously invested in it that a sex tape starring Putin and Hillary dominating Trump with gigantic steel dildos wouldn’t change their minds. They don’t just want to believe it, they need to. It justifies the perceived illegitimacy of the president and supplies yet another excuse for Hillary’s loss.

Trump won his primary the old fashioned way. Against a bag of hammers, but still.  He won the general by the same rules every candidate has for 250 years. Half of us didn’t vote.  He prevailed with less than one quarter of eligible voters.


Anybody still believing it was Russia that brung us Trump is listening to the sigh of their very own brain rot.  Investigations started a year ago and there is plenty of testimony citing anonymous or confidential sources but not one single speck of actual evidence. Sure, Clockwork Orangutan’s campaign probably conspired in concealing his business ties to those goddamn commie pinkos.  Fiscal impropriety and financial conflicts of interest that likely pale in comparison to those of the Clinton or Bush gangster dynasties.

At least one of them is paying their debts.

The irony is that while democrats are agog and agape, it was the Clinton campaign that foisted Donny Tiny Hands upon us and then unleashed the red scare when he beat her ass.  The irony is the actual evidence that the Clinton campaign conspired with the DNC and the media to rig the primary and orchestrate the demise of Sanders.  Election fraud  admitted to in open court by DNC lawyers as a defense for the fuckery engaged toward this very end.

Donald Trump is a reprehensibly despicable and lamentably stupid sonafabitch.  What he’s not, is an evil genius.  He’s a greedy, ignorant fuck.  Nothing more.  He surprised both parties including himself when he won.  Now he’s going to feed his ego and milk it for all it’s worth because that’s all he knows.

Six days ago, I offered a $100 reward for evidence supporting any of this contrived nonsense on social media. People got positively apoplectic.  Candidates for the nervous hospital came out of the woodwork. As of yet, no one has claimed the prize.   Despite every official report, every news story, exactly zero evidence has been offered by any entity.

A lie that keeps the rotting zombie establishment democrats walking and talking.  A lie that keeps the military industrial complex earning.  A lie that in the end, furnishes Trump with credibility.

Remember when they used to at least manufacture evidence?

Drinks for my friends.






5 Responses to “Boris And Natasha Help The Children”

  • reiya:

    Your full of Poop; Boris and Natasha my stomach hurts. this is Funny; I must need a laxative or something.

  • The Dems are a giant bag of FUCKERY! The idiocy of this organization is astounding. They lost by hoisting an immensely qualified, potential revolutionary first female candidate with a “Republican lite” platform. No surprise because Hillary is exactly that. They lost amidst the laxative induced 28-million-dollar campaign in Georgia because Osoff took the same “Republican lite platform”. A party that continually apologies for any progressive ideals in a pussy platform to appeal to big brother conservative’s voters. The alt-right’s entire agenda is destroying anything Obama accomplished. It’s clean and simple, uncluttered by any true need to govern and right in line with the Koch Bros and the big industries agenda’s. They are unabashed about it. What the “other side” wants is the same simple message. Bernie did just that and the Dems “colluded” to stop him to at the behest of big moneyed interests who preferred Hillary or Trump over a true uncluttered progressive platform. The only way another party (other than the ever more insular Alt Right) will win the next round of elections is to proudly to be progressive. A clear agenda vehemently designed for the Middle Class 1). Universal Health Care 2) Universal Free College Tuition 3). Gun Regulations 4). Retraining the Work force 4), Environmental – Financially Regulations. 5)Taxing the Wealthy and the Corporations to pay for all of this, The Alt -Left has to be as unabashed and clear as the Alt Right. Otherwise we get Bill Clinton militating the police forces of American to show the Conservatives that Liberals are also tough on crime. How’s that working out for America?

    • reiya:

      GOOD CALL; Mr.Casey. Onto another subject,do you believe in Karma? You may have observed I used a slang word affiliated with S.H.I.T., in Michaels excellent blog. I must apologize for stupping crudely down the standards on this blog. Karma came calling, as the building I live in has developed a sewer line break, and does it smell bad! On top of the horrible smell, the maintenance man shows up to work every day dressed entirely in white, socks, tennis shoes,shorts and sniffs around saying there is nothing wrong.

      Meanwhile I live on a creek, near the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, so I suspect we are polluting the creek with human waste. Mind you my name is Rain, and we are fouling the water source. This has forced me to think twice about saying crude things. I realize this makes little sense to you, I thank you for hearing me.

  • Delilah:

    How are two different people mentioning laxatives in the comments?
    Nevermind. Great article. Russia Maddow and Clockwork Orangutan, man. What ever happened to her, anyway? I used to listen and she was great. Really smart, informed. I don’t watch TV so when I got wind of her Russia obsession I was kind of amazed. She’s intelligent enough (surely?) to understand that …oh never mind.
    I have the same problem with people. I fear my dem friends have lost their minds. But it’s more likely they’re just raising their kids, with one ear on the news, listening to their favorite personalities, and believing what they say.
    People don’t have time to dig for info, but it seems so obvious to me that it matters what the DNC did, and you can’t be mad about Russia supposedly influencing our election, when we have our own electoral problems.
    It doesn’t seem like brain surgery to me so lately I am pretty alienated.

  • This is a truly inane website with, as far as I can tell, not one single redeeming value. The basic mistake of course is that the media made the assertions about the Russians interfering with the elections, attacking several key areas, but generally speaking, favoring the Trump campaign.

    This was definitively stated as fact by U.S. Intelligence, confirmed by the DSI. So, this whole post is a reckless piece of crap. I suppose if you have a bunch of brain-dead racist morons as your audience, then you can get away with it. i doubt, however, that even for at least half of Republicans this is pretty sketchy and for about a third of them never return to this trash dump.

    The reason why this is so important (not to this blogger who seems to be a part, if a relatively insignificant one–of the Neo-Fascists behind Trump) is that elections are the way we run society. In Florida, elderly people and poor people are being slowly driven to destitution by the policies of a Governor who was elected despite the fact that he paid a $100 million dollar fine BEFORE he was elected for cheating Mediare out of billions of dollars. He barely stayed out of jail, but with huge financial support from other hospital and health insurance interests, went on to be elected governor of Florida, do away with Medicaid for the poor and esepecially the elderly poor (dual eligibles…people with Medicare but with SSI so low that they are basically homeless…) who cannot afford even minimal Medicare charges.

    Or in Kansas, the worst state in the union, where the debt in billions, just keeps piling up while the Koch Brothers keep funding lies in massive television campaigns that kept Kansans voting for Sam Browmback while he has bankrupted the state to give hundreds of millions in tax breaks to the Koch Brothers huge corporate complex headquartered in Kansas. The schools are deplorable, farming interests are beginning to suffer, roads go unrepaired, tens of millions have been cut from the University of Kansas and other institutions and Kansas, unlike almost every other state in the nation, has lost jobs while the nation is increasing jobs at its most rapid rate in nearly ten years.

    Those are just two examples, and even then only partial examples, of what the Republicans and ALEC are doing tot he country. This author is either too stupid or too complicit to get it.

    Whoever this author is…this blog is a piece of shit. Everyone should do what I intend to do, go away and ignore it.

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