Trump Derangement Syndrome

It’s reached the apogee of absurd. Morgan Freeman is schilling for the military industrial complex. Russia, Russia, Russia. Hello Marsha. Fuck me.  America is insane.

He says, “We have been attacked. We are at war.”  Bullshit.  He’s lying.

David Frum, Rob Reiner and Mr. Freeman have teamed up to sell us the euphoric nostalgia of red baiting and cold war paranoia.  Banging the drums for war.

There’s a huge, gaping, sucking chest wound of a problem with this narrative.  It’s not true. There is no evidence at all that Russia acted in concert with the Trump mob to influence the outcome of our election.

Putin sucks.

Trump is a fucking dickbag.

No evidence.

So now, these limousine liberals, these Hollywood elites are teaming up to sell us on this dastardly election intervention by the pinkos.  It’s a Bullwinkle cartoon.  I can’t stand it.  Nevermind what giant assholes Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman are for playing along.  It should scare the fuck out of you that there’s an effort this organized, on this level, with this singular mission of making you afraid of something you have no reason to fear.

It’s just not true.  This investigation is well over a year old and it’s produced exactly nothing in terms of proof or evidence.  Meanwhile, the proof and evidence that it’s complete bullshit is piling up despite MSM deliberate ignorance thereof.  If they had anything at all, they’d be dropping pamphlets from planes.

While it’s true that Clockwork Orangutan is a waste of oxygen, water and groceries, and while it’s true he’s inextricably mired in dirty financial conflicts with Russia and whatever other enemies of state would have him and his money, he’s too goddamn dumb to have actually coordinated any effort to collude with any entity, foreign or domestic, to alter the outcome of the election.  His son admitted as much.

It’s also true that democratic leaders are just as guilty of shady financial conflicts of interest as any given republican including Trump.  The Clintons would be at the top of that list as their dealings would include not just Russia, but Saudi Arabia, Israel and all the other usual suspects.

Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner possess a very rare gift and that gift comes with serious, sober responsibility.  I am profoundly disappointed and disgusted with how they’ve decided to leverage that gift.  I’m sick and fucking tired of celebrities fomenting neoliberal bullshit.

WMD’s were the biggest lie of the last decade.  Russian collusion and the existential threat it somehow makes them is a lie just as big and if we’re lucky, only as consequential.

We’re running out of luck.

Drinks for my friends.


3 Responses to “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  • Michael Hofmann:

    spot on

  • REIYA:

    That first sentence is excellent, as is the whole article, blog whatever. Sure the Russians, played with facebook, and propaganda type advertising. But what the Major News Networks and beyond did; for Donny Dumpy was blatant free advertising. You couldn’t listen to the News, without hearing about presidential candidate Donny Dumpy as if was actual news of significant importance.

    And the Dumpy has like zero command of the English language. Geez most Chinese, Germans, Koreans etc…, speak English better than Dumpy. Dumpy was making headlines for being an idiot, hysterical, white supremest moneyed, Clod! Oddly he resonated with a splatter of American voters, and a lot of that was due to the fact Dumpy would spiel trash talk and disdain for brown people & the usurpers from other lands. Oh sept for plastic Melenia or Ivanka, whatever his wife’s name is.

    The News media acted like they were trying to sell us slinky s, meanwhile Dumpy wasn’t even spending hoards advertising with mass media. He was bypassing the expensive advertising media by using Twitter. Anyone ever hear that term dump Twit? Well Dumpy fits that bill to the freaking T! Problem is so do we Americans. We are fucked, and just don’t seem to realize it.

    For being a serious threat to National Security, The Dope needs to be taken care of by the CIA, or Impeached, for starters.

    What or who takes care of the media, lets see Dictator, Nazi, China anyone? The media needs to have it’s ass handed to it, for insulting our ears and intelligence, with pre-President Dumpy’s babble.

  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    “We are running out of luck”.

    We are also running out of time. Time to actually address the very serious problems we face on the environmental front.
    Finite resources, infinite waste and greed.
    There are worse ways to die than a mushroom cloud, as horrendous as that possibility is.

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