From the hip.

I sat down with the idea of taking my turn beating the
crap out of our thoroughly disgraced and shamefully
pompous attorney general. He was embarrassing. It
was aggravating to watch. What a complete dickhead.

What I’m about to say may shock you.

So what?

Without a doubt, this guy is a fucking clown. He’ll
lose his job, be publicly disgraced and fade into the
ether. After a time he’ll land some six or seven
figure gig and none if it will matter, at least not
to him.

Today at least, I feel I have bigger fish to fry.

So, I was gathering steam, CNN was on in the
background, sound very low, as is my wont. A story
appeared that has been tugging at my rage for a few
days and I just couldn’t let it go any longer. It’s
an issue that is very close to my heart. The story
was about one Michael Vick and the “sport” of dog

I could not stand to watch even fifteen seconds.

I’ve always regarded the idea that what separates
humans from animals is the ability to reason, as a
rather obtuse one. If that were true, my cat wouldn’t
consistently shit in the designated shit box, dogs
would spend all day looking for the food bowl and
gorillas wouldn’t gain remarkable proficiency in
things like sign language.

For a while, I held that the difference between us and
them is simply art. Creativity and an impetus or
inspiration for the aesthetic. Then some chimp
painted or something and I realized that my cat at the
the time had a sense of humor.

So much for that.

For some time now, I’ve owned that what indeed is the
distinction between human and animal, is innocence.
They have it in as pure and pristine a form as
exists. We do not. We are born with it, but by the
time we learn to walk, it has already begun to

Now, I don’t know if this guy is guilty or not, but it
sure looks like it. It occurred on his property,
under the guise of a business he owned, a kennel run
by both he and his relatives.

I don’t know that he did it. I didn’t even know who
he was until the story broke last week. I’m willing
to wait to find out.

If convicted, he faces as much as six years in prison,
a loss of some twenty five million dollars in annual
income and public humiliation.

Ha, motherfucker. Not nearly enough. Not even close. If this man
is guilty, there is no ring of hell appropriate for
such a human piece of shit.

I would suggest he deserves far more than to taste his own
blood. If his guilt is proven, I would recommend a
beat down with crowbars, baseball bats and claw
hammers until near death. Then, let him heal. Once he’s
ambulatory, repeat. And repeat. Over, and over, and
over again. I’d be happy to participate.

I am not fucking kidding.

You see, humans at least have the capacity to
understand what’s happening to them in any given
shitstorm. All animals know is pain and fear and they
don’t know why.

A similiar story comes on Anderson Cooper 360 as I
write this. I cannot watch it. I change the channel.

How could any human participate in such a barbaric and
elaborately premeditated undertaking? It would have
to be a being in possession of an entirely dark soul.
One utterly lacking compassion and decency. One
abundant in cruelty and viciousness. Depraved.
Stinking and rotting.

Domesticated animals, if provided with the merest
modicum of care and affection respond with
unconditional love.

This man if guilty, is culpable of more than violent
vivisection, he is responsible for robbing potentially
loving animals of their innocence and therefore, their

If he’s guilty, then fuck this piece of shit. No fate
is bad enough. A stain on humankind.

I would gleefully dance on a man’s head and sing, were that man just stupid enough to abuse an animal in front of me.

Try me.

Drinks for my friends.

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