woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head……..

I’m pretty sure nougat is that stuff underneath the
peanuts and caramel in a Snickers bar. I just saw a
commercial with a cutaway of an actual Snickers bar.

Cutaways rock. Remember those ones of the Nina the
Pinta and the Santa Maria? Or a submarine? Remember
those life size plastic torsos with removable organs?


Everybody ok?


I like soup. The trortilla soup at CPK blows my skirt
up. Today I had the soup and the mixed green salad
with pears and walnuts. For five bucks I added
gorganzola AND shrimp.

I sat at the bar.

I had a glass of Nobilo sauvignon blanc.

I read the La Weekly and Valley Beat or whatever it’s
called. I wondered about all the pot clinics busted
this week and the ubiquitous ads they had already paid

Prior to that I dropped off my preamp with a bad
capacitor and a ridiculously expensive CD player at
the house of my audio dealer for repair. I also go
to therapy and wine tastings.

I’m one metrosexual that can kick yer fuckin ass.

I love going to this guys house. We turned out the
lights in the kitchen and watched the commie capacitor
arc in my naked preamp.

The Fish thinks we engage in dick mingling.

He can be a little cranky and he admonished me for not
knowing that preamp tubes don’t need to be biased.

Then we went down to the listening room. You should
see this room.

I’m a former studio rat and I liked my control room
cold and dark-the better to see all the pretty lights
on all the pretty gear and for me to stay alert.

Being the geek that I am, I’m always aware immediately
upon entering a room that’s had some acoustic
treatment. No weird reflections and an overall
anechoic effect. Odd harmonics at a minimum, you know.

Then there’s the gear. There’s a tube power amp on
the floor that I swear looks like a small block V8.
Four tubes exposed in their sockets on either side at
a forty five degree angle. Power chords as thick as
your wrist snake around the wooden floor.

Angular, pretty slabs of sophisticated electronics and really ugly stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in a mid twentieth century typing pool.
Like that ad agency where Darrin from Bewitched worked.

Dali Megalines, beautiful cabinetry, at least eight
feet tall, like fifteen drivers in each side. Ribbon
tweeters flanking what looks to be six inch cones
all the way down.

You should see these fucking speakers.

Elliot played me some Janis Ian on vinyl once on those
Dalis. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d
ever heard in my life. A gorgeous recording, rendered
three dimensional with all the texture and nuance my
brain had the capacity to distinguish. Awesome.

I love sound. I used to get paid for making it. I
own a pair of Dalis. Not the eight footers though.

Before that I got a haircut.

The same woman has been cutting my hair for almost
twenty years. There was a couple handfuls of Carson
City hopefuls in this big city back in the day and she
cut us all.

I’m the last one.

I see her once a month. I’d prefer every three weeks
but she’s semi retired and has two kids. She once
told me that “a vacation is a drink in your hand and
something pretty to look at”.

We talk about politics, who I’m banging if anyone, the
last time she was “on the pot”, whatever. I adore
her. I wonder if she knows how much I like getting my
hair cut in that bustling little shop.

Every once in awhile I show up hungover. Before she’s
done she let’s me know that she knows. Her name is
Suzanne. She’s a very good woman.

Before that I made time to read, have a smoke and
people watch at the Starbucks across the street.

There are two adorable and petite young barristas, one
white and one black, that always try to have my venti iced
coffee and venti iced water at the register by the
time I make it there to pay.

Before that I looked on craigslist for cool furniture;
I scored an awesome coffee table once. After that I sent
messages to a few hookers in hopes they’d write me

I took a shower.

I woke up around nine but had seven minute dreams for
the next hour between mashings of the snooze button.
I only set an alarm cause I had to get a goddamn

Your government is lying to you about everything.

Drinks for my friends.

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