They act like this is Rook to Queen.

An update of matters concerning inmate number 28301016

John Conyers from the 14th Congressional District of Michigan has announced that he will investigate the use/misuse of presidential powers of clemency. The republicans hate this guy. He knows all about Iowa and now he has juice.

This is about Dumbya taking Libby off the clothesline. It was gettin’ mighty windy, if Dumbya didn’t do something quick, Scooter’s head was gonna commence to whistle.

It’s great theater. Yesterday, tongues wagged and spittle flew. Today, Tony Snow danced like a corpse inhabited by a poltergeist. He called it “routine”. It was beyond ridiculous. Poor bastard.

The democrats have actually siezed on the one aspect so obviously germane to the big goddamn picture for once. Hillary, Dodd and Biden are all actually taking this head on. They say it ain’t right because Dumbya did it to save Cheney’s pork rind ass.

At first I was impressed, now I’m a little nonplussed. They couldn’t Man Up on war spending but they’re pissed about Scooter.

That’s kinda disingenuous. Hillary and Obama were among the handful who voted against the latest war funding bill. They just didn’t want anyone to know about it. I’m guessing both are afraid of being kicked in the vagina?

Maybe the blind, wet and shivering democrats are beginning to realize that the Machiavellian cancer in the corridors of White House power is one Richard Bruce Cheney. Just maybe, they now understand that he is therefore, the heel of Achilles.

Cut off the head and so dies the body.

I’m torn, I’m encouraged that they’ve grabbed this bull by the horns. Yet, it won’t suprise me to see them flopping in the soil because they never thought about digging in and hanging on.

Life imitates art; it’s Revenge of The Fucking Nerds.

Drinks for my friends.

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